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func ControllerSwitchOptions

func ControllerSwitchOptions() *controllercmd.SwitchOptions

ControllerSwitchOptions are the controllercmd.SwitchOptions for the provider controllers.

func WebhookSwitchOptions

func WebhookSwitchOptions() *webhookcmd.SwitchOptions

WebhookSwitchOptions are the webhookcmd.SwitchOptions for the provider webhooks.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// Config is the controller configuration.
	Config *config.ControllerConfiguration

Config is a completed controller configuration.

func (*Config) Apply

func (c *Config) Apply(cfg *config.ControllerConfiguration)

Apply sets the values of this Config in the given config.ControllerConfiguration.

func (*Config) ApplyControllerConfig added in v0.15.1

func (c *Config) ApplyControllerConfig(controllerConfig *config.ControllerConfiguration)

ApplyControllerConfig sets the given controller configuration to that of this Config.

func (*Config) ApplyETCD added in v0.15.1

func (c *Config) ApplyETCD(etcd *config.ETCD)

ApplyETCD sets the given etcd configuration to that of this Config.

func (*Config) ApplyHealthCheckConfig added in v0.15.1

func (c *Config) ApplyHealthCheckConfig(config *healthcheckconfig.HealthCheckConfig)

ApplyHealthCheckConfig applies the HealthCheckConfig to the config

func (*Config) ApplyMachineImages

func (c *Config) ApplyMachineImages(machineImages *[]config.MachineImage)

ApplyMachineImages sets the given machine images to those of this Config.

func (*Config) Options

func (c *Config) Options() config.ControllerConfiguration

Options initializes empty config.ControllerConfiguration, applies the set values and returns it.

type ConfigOptions

type ConfigOptions struct {
	// Kubeconfig is the path to a kubeconfig.
	ConfigFilePath string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigOptions are command line options that can be set for config.ControllerConfiguration.

func (*ConfigOptions) AddFlags

func (c *ConfigOptions) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags implements Flagger.AddFlags.

func (*ConfigOptions) Complete

func (c *ConfigOptions) Complete() error

Complete implements RESTCompleter.Complete.

func (*ConfigOptions) Completed

func (c *ConfigOptions) Completed() *Config

Completed returns the completed Config. Only call this if `Complete` was successful.

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