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var (

	// DefaultAddOptions are the default DefaultAddArgs for AddToManager.
	DefaultAddOptions = AddOptions{
		HealthCheckDefaults: healthcheck.DefaultAddArgs{
			HealthCheckConfig: healthcheckconfig.HealthCheckConfig{SyncPeriod: metav1.Duration{Duration: defaultSyncPeriod}},


func AddToManager

func AddToManager(mgr manager.Manager) error

AddToManager adds a controller with the default Options.

func CheckDuros added in v0.17.1

func CheckDuros(durosResourceName string) healthcheck.HealthCheck

CheckDuros is a healthCheck function to check Duross

func DurosIsHealthy added in v0.17.1

func DurosIsHealthy(duros *durosv1.Duros) (bool, error)

func RegisterHealthChecks

func RegisterHealthChecks(mgr manager.Manager, opts AddOptions) error

RegisterHealthChecks registers health checks for each extension resource


type AddOptions

type AddOptions struct {
	ControllerConfig config.ControllerConfiguration

	HealthCheckDefaults healthcheck.DefaultAddArgs

type DurosHealthChecker added in v0.17.1

type DurosHealthChecker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DurosHealthChecker contains all the information for the Duros HealthCheck

func (*DurosHealthChecker) Check added in v0.17.1

Check executes the health check

func (*DurosHealthChecker) DeepCopy added in v0.17.1

func (healthChecker *DurosHealthChecker) DeepCopy() healthcheck.HealthCheck

DeepCopy clones the healthCheck struct by making a copy and returning the pointer to that new copy

func (*DurosHealthChecker) InjectSeedClient added in v0.17.1

func (healthChecker *DurosHealthChecker) InjectSeedClient(seedClient client.Client)

InjectSeedClient injects the seed client

func (*DurosHealthChecker) SetLoggerSuffix added in v0.17.1

func (healthChecker *DurosHealthChecker) SetLoggerSuffix(provider, extension string)

SetLoggerSuffix injects the logger

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