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func CloudProfileConfigFromCluster

func CloudProfileConfigFromCluster(cluster *controller.Cluster) (*api.CloudProfileConfig, error)

CloudProfileConfigFromCluster decodes the provider specific cloud profile configuration for a cluster

func ControlPlaneConfigFromClusterShootSpec added in v0.15.5

func ControlPlaneConfigFromClusterShootSpec(cluster *controller.Cluster) (*api.ControlPlaneConfig, error)

ControlPlaneConfigFromClusterShootSpec extracts the ControlPlaneConfig from the shoot spec of a given cluster.

func ControlPlaneConfigFromControlPlane

func ControlPlaneConfigFromControlPlane(cp *extensionsv1alpha1.ControlPlane) (*api.ControlPlaneConfig, error)

ControlPlaneConfigFromControlPlane extracts the ControlPlaneConfig from the ProviderConfig section of the given ControlPlane.

func DecodeCloudProfileConfig

func DecodeCloudProfileConfig(cloudProfile *gardencorev1beta1.CloudProfile) (*api.CloudProfileConfig, error)

DecodeCloudProfileConfig decodes the cloud profile config

func DecodeRawExtension added in v0.20.0

func DecodeRawExtension[T runtime.Object](extension *runtime.RawExtension, object T, decoder runtime.Decoder) error

DecodeRawExtension decodes a raw extension into an object

func EncodeRawExtension added in v0.20.0

func EncodeRawExtension(from runtime.Object) (*runtime.RawExtension, error)

EncodeRawExtension encodes an object into a raw extension

func FindMachineImage

func FindMachineImage(machineImages []metal.MachineImage, name, version string) (*metal.MachineImage, error)

FindMachineImage takes a list of machine images and tries to find the first entry whose name, version, and zone matches with the given name, version, and zone. If no such entry is found then an error will be returned.

func FindMetalControlPlane added in v0.15.1

func FindMetalControlPlane(cloudProfileConfig *metal.CloudProfileConfig, partition string) (*metal.MetalControlPlane, *metal.Partition, error)

FindMetalControlPlane returns the metal control plane from a given cluster spec

func GetLatestSSHSecret added in v0.19.0

func GetLatestSSHSecret(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, namespace string) (*corev1.Secret, error)

func GetLatestSecret added in v0.20.3

func GetLatestSecret(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, namespace string, name string) (*corev1.Secret, error)

func GetNodeCIDR added in v0.20.9

func GetNodeCIDR(infrastructure *extensionsv1alpha1.Infrastructure, cluster *extensionscontroller.Cluster) (string, error)

GetNodeCIDR returns the node cidr from the shoot spec. if this is not yet set, it returns the node cidr from the infrastructure status. if it's set nowhere, it returns an error.

func ImagePullPolicyFromString added in v0.20.8

func ImagePullPolicyFromString(policy string) corev1.PullPolicy

ImagePullPolicyFromString returns an image pull policy from string If the pull policy is unknown it returns "IfNotPresent"

func InfrastructureConfigFromInfrastructure

func InfrastructureConfigFromInfrastructure(infra *extensionsv1alpha1.Infrastructure) (*api.InfrastructureConfig, error)

InfrastructureConfigFromInfrastructure extracts the InfrastructureConfig from the ProviderConfig section of the given Infrastructure.


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