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This is protobuf code generation for go-micro. We use protoc-gen-micro to reduce boilerplate code.


go get

Also required:


Define your service as greeter.proto

syntax = "proto3";

service Greeter {
	rpc Hello(Request) returns (Response) {}

message Request {
	string name = 1;

message Response {
	string msg = 1;

Generate the code

protoc --proto_path=$GOPATH/src:. --micro_out=. --go_out=. greeter.proto

Your output result should be:

    greeter.proto	# original protobuf file
    greeter.pb.go	# auto-generated by protoc-gen-go
    greeter.micro.go	# auto-generated by protoc-gen-micro

The micro generated code includes clients and handlers which reduce boiler plate code


Register the handler with your micro server

type Greeter struct{}

func (g *Greeter) Hello(ctx context.Context, req *proto.Request, rsp *proto.Response) error {
	rsp.Msg = "Hello " + req.Name
	return nil

proto.RegisterGreeterHandler(service.Server(), &Greeter{})

Create a service client with your micro client

client := proto.NewGreeterService("greeter", service.Client())

If you see an error about protoc-gen-micro not being found or executable, it's likely your environment may not be configured correctly. If you've already installed protoc, protoc-gen-go, and protoc-gen-micro ensure you've included $GOPATH/bin in your PATH.

Alternative specify the Go plugin paths as arguments to the protoc command

protoc --plugin=protoc-gen-go=$GOPATH/bin/protoc-gen-go --plugin=protoc-gen-micro=$GOPATH/bin/protoc-gen-micro --proto_path=$GOPATH/src:. --micro_out=. --go_out=. greeter.proto

Add a micro API endpoint which routes directly to an RPC method


  1. Clone to use this feature as it requires http annotations.
  2. The protoc command must include -I$GOPATH/src/ for the annotations import.
syntax = "proto3";

import "google/api/annotations.proto";

service Greeter {
	rpc Hello(Request) returns (Response) {
		option (google.api.http) = { post: "/hello"; body: "*"; };

message Request {
	string name = 1;

message Response {
	string msg = 1;

The proto generates a RegisterGreeterHandler function with a api.Endpoint.

func RegisterGreeterHandler(s server.Server, hdlr GreeterHandler, opts ...server.HandlerOption) error {
	type greeter interface {
		Hello(ctx context.Context, in *Request, out *Response) error
	type Greeter struct {
	h := &greeterHandler{hdlr}
	opts = append(opts, api.WithEndpoint(&api.Endpoint{
		Name:    "Greeter.Hello",
		Path:    []string{"/hello"},
		Method:  []string{"POST"},
		Handler: "rpc",
	return s.Handle(s.NewHandler(&Greeter{h}, opts...))


protoc-gen-micro is a liberal reuse of protoc-gen-go hence we maintain the original license



protoc-gen-micro is a plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler to generate Go code. Run it by building this program and putting it in your path with the name


That word 'micro' at the end becomes part of the option string set for the protocol compiler, so once the protocol compiler (protoc) is installed you can run

protoc --micro_out=output_directory --go_out=output_directory input_directory/file.proto

to generate go-micro code for the protocol defined by file.proto. With that input, the output will be written to


The generated code is documented in the package comment for the library.

See the README and documentation for protocol buffers to learn more:


Path Synopsis
The code generator for the plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler.
The code generator for the plugin for the Google protocol buffer compiler.

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