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type Favourite

type Favourite struct {
	User   User
	UserID uint `gorm:"primary_key"`

	ImageName string `gorm:"primary_key" sql:"REFERENCES images(name) ON DELETE RESTRICT"`

Favourite is an image that a user wanted to keep track of

type Image

type Image struct {
	// Fields managed by gorm
	Name            string    `gorm:"primary_key" json:"-"`
	Status          string    `json:"-"`
	Featured        bool      `json:"-"`
	Latest          string    `sql:"REFERENCES image_versions(sha) ON DELETE RESTRICT" json:"LatestSHA"`
	BadgeCount      int       `json:"-"` // Number of badges we can generate for this image
	AuthToken       string    `json:"-"`
	WebhookURL      string    `gorm:"column:web_hook_url" json:",omitempty"`
	CreatedAt       time.Time `json:"-"`         // Auto-updated
	UpdatedAt       time.Time `json:"UpdatedAt"` // Auto-updated - This is used to show when we last inspected the image
	Description     string    `json:",omitempty"`
	IsPrivate       bool      `json:"-"`
	IsAutomated     bool      `json:"-"`
	LastUpdated     time.Time `json:",omitempty"` // This is what the hub API tells us
	BadgesInstalled int       `json:"-"`          // Number of badges for this image we have found (so far we only look on Docker Hub)
	PullCount       int
	StarCount       int

	// Gorm auto-updating doesn't work well as we have our own primary key, so we handle this ourselves
	Versions []ImageVersion `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`

	// These are json-only fields that are copied from the latest version
	// TODO We could move more of these to ImageVersion
	ID           string            `gorm:"-" json:"Id,omitempty"` // SHA from latest version
	ImageName    string            `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`   // Name but with library removed for base images
	ImageURL     string            `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	Author       string            `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	LayerCount   int               `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	DownloadSize int64             `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	Labels       map[string]string `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	LatestTag    string            `gorm:"-" json:"LatestVersion,omitempty"`

Image is an image

type ImageInfo

type ImageInfo struct {
	ImageName string
	Status    string
	IsPrivate bool

ImageInfo has summary info for display

type ImageInfoList

type ImageInfoList struct {
	CurrentPage int
	PageCount   int
	ImageCount  int
	Images      []ImageInfo

ImageInfo returns lists of images with pagination

type ImageLayer

type ImageLayer struct {
	BlobSum      string `gorm:"-"` // TODO! We need this in API for calculating hashes, but we don't want it travelling on the API
	Command      string `gorm:"-" json:"Command"`
	DownloadSize int64  `gorm:"-" json:"DownloadSize"`

ImageLayer is the detail of layers that make up an image version. TODO!! Consider storing these so we can pull them and store the details

type ImageList

type ImageList struct {
	CurrentPage int      `json:",omitempty"`
	PageCount   int      `json:",omitempty"`
	ImageCount  int      `json:",omitempty"`
	Images      []string `json:",omitempty"`

ImageList is used to send a list of images on the API. TODO We should probably move everything to use ImageInfoList

type ImageVersion

type ImageVersion struct {
	SHA            string            `gorm:"primary_key"`
	Tags           []Tag             `json:"Tags"`
	ImageName      string            `gorm:"primary_key" sql:"REFERENCES images(name) ON DELETE RESTRICT"`
	Author         string            ``
	Labels         string            `json:"-"`
	LabelMap       map[string]string `gorm:"-" json:"Labels,omitempty"`
	LayerCount     int               `sql:"DEFAULT:0"`
	DownloadSize   int64             `sql:"DEFAULT:0"`
	Created        time.Time         // From Registry, tells us when this image version was created
	Layers         string            `json:"-"`
	LayersArray    []ImageLayer      `gorm:"-" json:"Layers,omitempty"`
	Manifest       string            `json:"-"`
	Hash           string            `gorm:"index" json:"-"` // Hash of the layers in this image
	Parents        []ImageVersion    `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	Identical      []ImageVersion    `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	MicrobadgerURL string            `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`

	// JSON only fields for data parsed from the labels.
	License        *License        `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`
	VersionControl *VersionControl `gorm:"-" json:",omitempty"`

ImageVersion is a version of an image

type IsFavourite

type IsFavourite struct {
	IsFavourite bool

type IsNotification

type IsNotification struct {
	NotificationCount int
	NotificationLimit int
	Notification      Notification

IsNotification returns whether a notification exists as well as the current count and limit

type License

type License struct {
	Code string `json:"Code,omitempty"`
	URL  string `json:"URL,omitempty"`

License is parsed from the org.label-schema.license label.

type Notification

type Notification struct {
	ID           uint                  `json:",omitempty", gorm:"primary_key"`
	UserID       uint                  `json:"-" gorm:"ForeignKey:UserID" sql:"REFERENCES users(id) ON DELETE RESTRICT"`
	ImageName    string                `json:",omitempty" gorm:"ForeignKey:ImageName" sql:"REFERENCES images(name) ON DELETE RESTRICT"`
	WebhookURL   string                `json:",omitempty"`
	PageURL      string                `json:",omitempty" gorm: "-"`
	HistoryArray []NotificationMessage `json:"History,omitempty", gorm:"-"`

Notification is an image that a user wants to be notified when it changes

type NotificationList

type NotificationList struct {
	NotificationCount int                  `gorm:"-"`
	NotificationLimit int                  `gorm:"-"`
	Notifications     []NotificationStatus `gorm:"-"`

NotificationList is a list of notifications with the count and limit for this user

type NotificationMessage

type NotificationMessage struct {
	gorm.Model     `json:"-"`
	NotificationID uint   `json:"-" gorm:"ForeignKey:NotificationID" sql:"REFERENCES notifications(id) ON DELETE RESTRICT"`
	ImageName      string `json:"-"`
	WebhookURL     string
	Message        PostgresJSON `gorm:"type:jsonb"`
	Attempts       int
	StatusCode     int
	Response       string
	SentAt         time.Time

NotificationMessage is a message sent to a webhook

type NotificationMessageChanges

type NotificationMessageChanges struct {
	Text        string `json:"text"`
	ImageName   string `json:"image_name"`
	NewTags     []Tag  `json:"new_tags"`
	ChangedTags []Tag  `json:"changed_tags"`
	DeletedTags []Tag  `json:"deleted_tags"`

type NotificationStatus

type NotificationStatus struct {
	ID         int
	ImageName  string
	WebhookURL string
	Message    PostgresJSON
	StatusCode int
	Response   string
	SentAt     time.Time

NotificationStatus is a notification with its most recently sent message

type PgDB

type PgDB struct {
	SessionStore *gormstore.Store
	SiteURL      string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PgDB is our postgres database

func GetDB

func GetDB() (db PgDB, err error)

GetDB returns a database connection.

func GetPostgres

func GetPostgres(host string, user string, dbname string, password string, debug bool) (db PgDB, err error)

GetPostgres opens a database connection

func (*PgDB) CheckUserHasImagePermission

func (d *PgDB) CheckUserHasImagePermission(u *User, i *Image) (bool, error)

CheckUserHasImagePermission checks whether the user has access

func (*PgDB) CheckUserImagePermission

func (d *PgDB) CheckUserImagePermission(u *User, imageName string) (result bool, err error)

TODO!! Can we get to not needing this? CheckUserImagePermission checks whether the user has access

func (*PgDB) CheckUserInspectionStatus

func (d *PgDB) CheckUserInspectionStatus(userID uint, namespace string, images []hub.ImageInfo) ([]hub.ImageInfo, error)

CheckUserInspectionStatus checks whether the images in this namespace have been inspected TODO!! Needs renaming as inspected is a bad name. Changed to enabled /disabled in the UI

func (*PgDB) CreateNotification

func (d *PgDB) CreateNotification(user User, notify Notification) (Notification, error)

CreateNotification creates it

func (*PgDB) CreateNotificationMessage

func (d *PgDB) CreateNotificationMessage(msg *NotificationMessage) error

CreateNotificationMessage saves whether a notification was sent successfully

func (*PgDB) DeleteFavourite

func (d *PgDB) DeleteFavourite(user User, image string) error

DeleteFavourite deletes a favourite, returning an error if it doesn't exist

func (*PgDB) DeleteImage

func (d *PgDB) DeleteImage(image string) (err error)

DeleteImage deletes it including all versions and tags

func (*PgDB) DeleteNotification

func (d *PgDB) DeleteNotification(user User, id int) error

DeleteNotification deletes a notification, returning an error if it doesn't exist

func (*PgDB) DeleteUserImagePermission

func (d *PgDB) DeleteUserImagePermission(userID uint, image string) (err error)

DeleteUserImagePermission deletes it and the image if its not enabled by any other users TODO Will need updating when registry is added to images

func (*PgDB) DeleteUserRegistryCredential

func (d *PgDB) DeleteUserRegistryCredential(registryID string, userID uint) (err error)

DeleteUserRegistryCredential deletes it and removes permission to all images TODO Will need updating when registry is added to images

func (*PgDB) Exec

func (d *PgDB) Exec(cmd string, params ...interface{})

Exec does a raw SQL command on the database

func (*PgDB) FeatureImage

func (d *PgDB) FeatureImage(image string, featured bool) (err error)

func (*PgDB) GetAllImageVersions

func (d *PgDB) GetAllImageVersions(img Image) (ivlist []ImageVersion, err error)

GetAllImageVersions returns all versions for this image, tagged or not

func (*PgDB) GetAllImageVersionsWithManifests

func (d *PgDB) GetAllImageVersionsWithManifests(img Image) (ivlist []ImageVersion, err error)

GetAllImageVersionsWithManifests returns all versions for this image, tagged or not if they have manifest data. The manifest data is cleared once it has been processed.

func (*PgDB) GetBadgesInstalledCount

func (d *PgDB) GetBadgesInstalledCount() (badges int, images int, err error)

GetBadgesInstalledCount tells us how many badges are installed, and how many images have badges installed. At the moment these are only taken from the full descriptions in Docker Hub. Badges for automated images are counted twice because they also appear in the user's GitHub readme.

func (*PgDB) GetFavourite

func (d *PgDB) GetFavourite(user User, image string) (bool, error)

GetFavourite returns true if this user favourited this image

func (*PgDB) GetFavourites

func (d *PgDB) GetFavourites(user User) ImageList

GetFavourites returns a slice of image names that are favourites for this user

func (*PgDB) GetFeaturedImages

func (d *PgDB) GetFeaturedImages() ImageList

GetFeaturedImages returns a list of images with the featured flag set

func (*PgDB) GetImage

func (d *PgDB) GetImage(image string) (img Image, err error)

GetImage gets an image from the database. Error if it's not there Use GetImageForUser unless you are very sure this is what you want

func (*PgDB) GetImageForUser

func (d *PgDB) GetImageForUser(image string, u *User) (img Image, permission bool, err error)

GetImageForUser gets an image from the database, checking that the user has permission. Error if it's not there

func (*PgDB) GetImageVersionBySHA

func (d *PgDB) GetImageVersionBySHA(SHA string, image string, isPrivate bool) (iv ImageVersion, err error)

func (*PgDB) GetImageVersionByTag

func (d *PgDB) GetImageVersionByTag(image string, tag string) (iv ImageVersion, err error)

func (*PgDB) GetImageVersions

func (d *PgDB) GetImageVersions(img Image) (ivlist []ImageVersion, err error)

GetImageVersions only returns versions that have a tag

func (*PgDB) GetImageVersionsByHash

func (d *PgDB) GetImageVersionsByHash(hash string, SHA string, imageName string) (ivs []ImageVersion, err error)

GetImageVersionsByHash returns image versions that match this hash but not this SHA or image name

func (*PgDB) GetLabelSchemaImageCount

func (d *PgDB) GetLabelSchemaImageCount() int

func (*PgDB) GetLabelSchemaImages

func (d *PgDB) GetLabelSchemaImages(pageNum int) ImageList

func (*PgDB) GetNotification

func (d *PgDB) GetNotification(user User, id int) (notify Notification, err error)

GetNotification returns an image notification for this user

func (*PgDB) GetNotificationCount

func (d *PgDB) GetNotificationCount(user User) (count int, err error)

GetNotificationCount returns the number of notifications for a a user

func (*PgDB) GetNotificationForUser

func (d *PgDB) GetNotificationForUser(user User, image string) (bool, Notification)

GetNotificationForUser returns true and the notification if it exists for this user and image

func (*PgDB) GetNotificationHistory

func (d *PgDB) GetNotificationHistory(id int, image string, count int) (history []NotificationMessage, err error)

GetNotificationHistory returns a slice of the most recent notification messages

func (*PgDB) GetNotificationMessage

func (d *PgDB) GetNotificationMessage(id uint) (NotificationMessage, error)

GetNotificationMessage saves whether a notification was sent successfully

func (*PgDB) GetNotifications

func (d *PgDB) GetNotifications(user User) (list NotificationList, err error)

GetNotifications gets all image notifications for a user along with the most recently sent message

func (*PgDB) GetNotificationsForImage

func (d *PgDB) GetNotificationsForImage(imageName string) (n []Notification, err error)

GetNotificationsForImage gets a list of notifications we need to make for this image

func (*PgDB) GetOrCreateImage

func (d *PgDB) GetOrCreateImage(image string) (img Image, err error)

GetOrCreateImage makes sure it's there

func (*PgDB) GetOrCreateUser

func (d *PgDB) GetOrCreateUser(existingUser User, gothUser goth.User) (u User, err error)

GetOrCreateUser adds a user if they don't already exist TODO!! Finish and test adding multiple providers to the same user ID

func (*PgDB) GetOrCreateUserImagePermission

func (d *PgDB) GetOrCreateUserImagePermission(userID uint, imageName string) (uip UserImagePermission, err error)

GetOrCreateUserImagePermission makes sure it's there

func (*PgDB) GetOrCreateUserRegistryCredential

func (d *PgDB) GetOrCreateUserRegistryCredential(registryID string, userID uint) (urc UserRegistryCredential, err error)

GetOrCreateUserRegistryCredential makes sure it's there

func (*PgDB) GetPageURL

func (d *PgDB) GetPageURL(image Image) (pageURL string)

GetPageURL returns the URL for the image on the MicroBadger site. TODO Support non Docker Hub registries

func (*PgDB) GetRecentImages

func (d *PgDB) GetRecentImages() ImageList

GetRecentImages returns a list of public images with badges created in the last so-many days

func (*PgDB) GetRegistry

func (d *PgDB) GetRegistry(id string) (reg *Registry, err error)

func (*PgDB) GetRegistryCredentialsForImage

func (d *PgDB) GetRegistryCredentialsForImage(imageName string) (registryCreds []UserRegistryCredential, err error)

GetRegistryCredentialsForImage gets auth creds for this image so it can be inspected

func (*PgDB) GetTags

func (d *PgDB) GetTags(iv *ImageVersion) (tags []Tag, err error)

func (*PgDB) GetTagsList

func (d *PgDB) GetTagsList(iv *ImageVersion) (tags []Tag, err error)

GetTagsList only fills in the tag name, so that when we pass the structure on the API it only includes the tags

func (*PgDB) GetUserEnabledImageCount

func (d *PgDB) GetUserEnabledImageCount(userID uint) (count int, err error)

GetUserEnabledImageCount returns how many enabled private images the user has

func (*PgDB) GetUserImagePermission

func (d *PgDB) GetUserImagePermission(userID uint, imageName string) (uip UserImagePermission, err error)

GetUserImagePermission gets it

func (*PgDB) GetUserRegistries

func (d *PgDB) GetUserRegistries(userID uint) (registries []Registry, err error)

GetUserRegistries returns all registries and whether the user has saved credentials

func (*PgDB) GetUserRegistryCredential

func (d *PgDB) GetUserRegistryCredential(registryID string, userID uint) (urc UserRegistryCredential, err error)

GetUserRegistryCredential gets it

func (*PgDB) GetUserSetting

func (d *PgDB) GetUserSetting(user User) (us UserSetting, err error)

GetUserSetting returns extra user data that is not stored on the session.

func (*PgDB) ImageSearch

func (d *PgDB) ImageSearch(search string) (images []string, err error)

ImageSearch returns the first 10 matching images ordered by number of pulls.

func (*PgDB) ImageVersionNeedsSizeOrLayers

func (d *PgDB) ImageVersionNeedsSizeOrLayers(iv *ImageVersion) bool

Return true if either download size is 0 or layers is ” or the hash has not yet been calculated

func (*PgDB) PutFavourite

func (d *PgDB) PutFavourite(user User, image string) (fav Favourite, err error)

PutFavourite saves it

func (*PgDB) PutImage

func (d *PgDB) PutImage(img Image) (nmc NotificationMessageChanges, err error)

PutImage saves an image and its related image versions & tags

func (*PgDB) PutImageOnly

func (d *PgDB) PutImageOnly(img Image) error

PutImageOnly saves just the image, none of its related image versions or tags

func (*PgDB) PutImageVersion

func (d *PgDB) PutImageVersion(iv ImageVersion) (err error)

func (*PgDB) PutRegistry

func (d *PgDB) PutRegistry(reg *Registry) error

func (*PgDB) PutUserRegistryCredential

func (d *PgDB) PutUserRegistryCredential(urc UserRegistryCredential) (err error)

PutUserRegistryCredential saves it

func (*PgDB) PutUserSetting

func (d *PgDB) PutUserSetting(us UserSetting) (err error)

PutUserSetting saves the extra user data

func (*PgDB) SaveNotificationMessage

func (d *PgDB) SaveNotificationMessage(nm *NotificationMessage) error

SaveNotificationMessage updates an existing notification message

func (*PgDB) UpdateNotification

func (d *PgDB) UpdateNotification(user User, id int, input Notification) (Notification, error)

UpdateNotification updates it

type PostgresJSON

type PostgresJSON struct {

Implement sql.Scanner interface to save a json.RawMessage to the database

func (*PostgresJSON) Scan

func (j *PostgresJSON) Scan(src interface{}) error

func (PostgresJSON) Value

func (j PostgresJSON) Value() (driver.Value, error)

type Registry

type Registry struct {
	ID              string `gorm:"primary_key"`
	Name            string
	Url             string
	CredentialsName string `gorm:"-"`

Registry is a supported docker registry

func (Registry) TableName

func (r Registry) TableName() string

TableName for Registry

type RegistryList

type RegistryList struct {
	UserID            uint
	EnabledImageCount int
	Registries        []Registry

RegistryList lists the registries

type Tag

type Tag struct {
	Tag       string `gorm:"primary_key" json:"tag"`
	ImageName string `gorm:"primary_key" json:"-" sql:"REFERENCES images(name) ON DELETE RESTRICT" `
	SHA       string `gorm:"index" json:",omitempty" sql:"REFERENCES image_versions(sha) on DELETE RESTRICT"`

Tag is assigned to an image version

type User

type User struct {
	gorm.Model  `json:"-"`
	Name        string       `json:",omitempty"`
	Email       string       `json:",omitempty"`
	AvatarURL   string       `json:",omitempty"`
	Auths       []UserAuth   `json:"-" gorm:"ForeignKey:UserID"`
	UserSetting *UserSetting `gorm:"ForeignKey:UserID" json:",omitempty"`

User is a user, and has to refer to potentially multiple authorizations

type UserAuth

type UserAuth struct {
	UserID uint `gorm:"primary_key"`

	Provider         string `gorm:"primary_key"`
	NameFromAuth     string
	IDFromAuth       string
	NicknameFromAuth string

UserAuth is the identify of this user for an OAuth provider

type UserImagePermission

type UserImagePermission struct {
	UserID    uint   `gorm:"primary_key"`
	ImageName string `gorm:"primary_key"`

	CreatedAt time.Time `json:"-"` // Auto-updated
	UpdatedAt time.Time `json:"-"` // Auto-updated

UserImagePermission holds permissions for user access to private images

type UserRegistryCredential

type UserRegistryCredential struct {
	RegistryID string `gorm:"primary_key"`
	UserID     uint   `gorm:"primary_key"`

	User              string
	Password          string `gorm:"-"`
	EncryptedPassword string `json:"-"`
	EncryptedKey      string `json:"-"`

	CreatedAt time.Time `json:"-"` // Auto-updated
	UpdatedAt time.Time `json:"-"` // Auto-updated

UserRegistryCredential holds credentials for accessing private images

type UserSetting

type UserSetting struct {
	gorm.Model `json:"-"`
	UserID     uint `gorm:"primary_key" json:"-"`

	NotificationLimit         int  `json:",omitempty"`
	HasPrivateRegistrySupport bool `json:",omitempty"`

UserSetting holds additional data that is not stored on the session.

type VersionControl

type VersionControl struct {
	Type   string
	URL    string
	Commit string

VersionControl is parsed from the org.label-schema.vcs-* labels.

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