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Package websocket implements websocket communication with the aria2 daemon



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func NewAdapter

func NewAdapter(address, secret string) (a rpc.Adapter, err error)

NewAdapter creates a Caller with the websocket.DefaultDialer

func NewClient

func NewClient(address, secret string) (argo.Client, error)

NewClient creates a Client with the http.DefaultClient


type Emitter

type Emitter struct {

Emitter allows to receive notifications from an URL

func NewEmitter

func NewEmitter(add string) (j *Emitter, err error)

NewEmitter creates a NotificationEmitter with the websocket.DefaultDialer

func (Emitter) Emit

func (j Emitter) Emit() (notif argo.Notification, err error)

Emit a notification (as soon as one is read via websocket)

type Poster

type Poster struct {

Poster allows to send rpc.Request via Websocket

func NewPoster

func NewPoster(add string) (j *Poster, err error)

NewPoster creates a Poster with the websocket.DefaultDialer

func (Poster) Post

func (j Poster) Post(v rpc.Request) (reply rpc.Response, err error)

Post performs the Request

type Websocket

type Websocket struct {
	Conn      *websocket.Conn
	WriteWait time.Duration

Websocket represent a closable websocket connection

func NewWebsocket

func NewWebsocket(add string) (w *Websocket, err error)

NewWebsocket creates a closable websocket with the websocket.DefaultDialer

func (*Websocket) Close

func (w *Websocket) Close() (err error)

Close gracefully closes the connection (with a CloseMessage)

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