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func Create

func Create(name string, parameters map[string]interface{}) (storagedriver.StorageDriver, error)

Create a new storagedriver.StorageDriver with the given name and parameters. To use a driver, the StorageDriverFactory must first be registered with the given name. If no drivers are found, an InvalidStorageDriverError is returned

func Register

func Register(name string, factory StorageDriverFactory)

Register makes a storage driver available by the provided name. If Register is called twice with the same name or if driver factory is nil, it panics.


type InvalidStorageDriverError

type InvalidStorageDriverError struct {
	Name string

InvalidStorageDriverError records an attempt to construct an unregistered storage driver

func (InvalidStorageDriverError) Error

func (err InvalidStorageDriverError) Error() string

type StorageDriverFactory

type StorageDriverFactory interface {
	// Create returns a new storagedriver.StorageDriver with the given parameters
	// Parameters will vary by driver and may be ignored
	// Each parameter key must only consist of lowercase letters and numbers
	Create(parameters map[string]interface{}) (storagedriver.StorageDriver, error)

StorageDriverFactory is a factory interface for creating storagedriver.StorageDriver interfaces Storage drivers should call Register() with a factory to make the driver available by name

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