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Published: Dec 6, 2016 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 0




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const (
	Rump = "rump"


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var (
	//available compilers
	RUMP_C_XEN        = compilerName("rump", "c", "xen")
	RUMP_C_AWS        = compilerName("rump", "c", "aws")
	RUMP_C_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("rump", "c", "virtualbox")
	RUMP_C_VSPHERE    = compilerName("rump", "c", "vsphere")
	RUMP_C_QEMU       = compilerName("rump", "c", "qemu")
	RUMP_C_PHOTON     = compilerName("rump", "c", "photon")
	RUMP_C_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("rump", "c", "openstack")

	RUMP_GO_XEN        = compilerName("rump", "go", "xen")
	RUMP_GO_AWS        = compilerName("rump", "go", "aws")
	RUMP_GO_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("rump", "go", "virtualbox")
	RUMP_GO_VSPHERE    = compilerName("rump", "go", "vsphere")
	RUMP_GO_QEMU       = compilerName("rump", "go", "qemu")
	RUMP_GO_PHOTON     = compilerName("rump", "go", "photon")
	RUMP_GO_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("rump", "go", "openstack")
	RUMP_GO_GCLOUD     = compilerName("rump", "go", "gcloud")

	RUMP_NODEJS_XEN        = compilerName("rump", "nodejs", "xen")
	RUMP_NODEJS_AWS        = compilerName("rump", "nodejs", "aws")
	RUMP_NODEJS_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("rump", "nodejs", "virtualbox")
	RUMP_NODEJS_VSPHERE    = compilerName("rump", "nodejs", "vsphere")
	RUMP_NODEJS_QEMU       = compilerName("rump", "nodejs", "qemu")
	RUMP_NODEJS_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("rump", "nodejs", "openstack")

	RUMP_PYTHON_XEN        = compilerName("rump", "python", "xen")
	RUMP_PYTHON_AWS        = compilerName("rump", "python", "aws")
	RUMP_PYTHON_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("rump", "python", "virtualbox")
	RUMP_PYTHON_VSPHERE    = compilerName("rump", "python", "vsphere")
	RUMP_PYTHON_QEMU       = compilerName("rump", "python", "qemu")
	RUMP_PYTHON_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("rump", "python", "openstack")

	RUMP_JAVA_XEN        = compilerName("rump", "java", "xen")
	RUMP_JAVA_AWS        = compilerName("rump", "java", "aws")
	RUMP_JAVA_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("rump", "java", "virtualbox")
	RUMP_JAVA_VSPHERE    = compilerName("rump", "java", "vsphere")
	RUMP_JAVA_QEMU       = compilerName("rump", "java", "qemu")
	RUMP_JAVA_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("rump", "java", "openstack")

	OSV_JAVA_XEN        = compilerName("osv", "java", "xen")
	OSV_JAVA_AWS        = compilerName("osv", "java", "aws")
	OSV_JAVA_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("osv", "java", "virtualbox")
	OSV_JAVA_VSPHERE    = compilerName("osv", "java", "vsphere")
	OSV_JAVA_QEMU       = compilerName("osv", "java", "qemu")
	OSV_JAVA_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("osv", "java", "openstack")

	INCLUDEOS_CPP_QEMU       = compilerName("includeos", "cpp", "qemu")
	INCLUDEOS_CPP_XEN        = compilerName("includeos", "cpp", "xen")
	INCLUDEOS_CPP_VIRTUALBOX = compilerName("includeos", "cpp", "virtualbox")
	INCLUDEOS_CPP_OPENSTACK  = compilerName("includeos", "cpp", "openstack")

	MIRAGE_OCAML_XEN  = compilerName("mirage", "ocaml", "xen")
	MIRAGE_OCAML_UKVM = compilerName("mirage", "ocaml", "ukvm")
	MIRAGE_OCAML_QEMU = compilerName("mirage", "ocaml", "qemu")


func BuildBootableImage

func BuildBootableImage(kernel, cmdline string, usePartitionTables, noCleanup bool) (string, error)


type Compiler

type Compiler interface {
	CompileRawImage(params types.CompileImageParams) (*types.RawImage, error)

type CompilerType

type CompilerType string

func ValidateCompiler

func ValidateCompiler(base, language, provider string) (CompilerType, error)

func (CompilerType) Base

func (c CompilerType) Base() string

func (CompilerType) Language

func (c CompilerType) Language() string

func (CompilerType) Provider

func (c CompilerType) Provider() string

func (CompilerType) String

func (c CompilerType) String() string


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