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Telemetry Data

Telemetry is first collected by retrieving prometheus data from a Gatherer. Next, the collected data is filtered by matching a subset of prometheus families. Finally, the data is transmitted to a prometheus push gateway handler.

The handler enriches the metrics with the timestamp when the data is received.




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const (
	// DefaultTimeout is the length of time servicing the metrics before canceling.
	DefaultTimeout = 10 * time.Second
	// DefaultMaxBytes is the largest request body read.
	DefaultMaxBytes = 1024000


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var (
	// ErrMetricsTimestampPresent is returned when the prometheus metrics has timestamps set.
	// Not sure why, but, pushgateway does not allow timestamps.
	ErrMetricsTimestampPresent = fmt.Errorf("pushed metrics must not have timestamp")


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type AddTimestamps

type AddTimestamps struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AddTimestamps enriches prometheus metrics by adding timestamps.

func (*AddTimestamps) Transform

func (a *AddTimestamps) Transform(mfs []*dto.MetricFamily) []*dto.MetricFamily

Transform adds now as a timestamp to all metrics.

type LogStore

type LogStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LogStore logs data written to the store.

func NewLogStore

func NewLogStore(log *zap.Logger) *LogStore

func (*LogStore) WriteMessage

func (s *LogStore) WriteMessage(ctx context.Context, data []byte) error

WriteMessage logs data at Info level.

type PushGateway

type PushGateway struct {
	Timeout  time.Duration // handler returns after this duration with an error; defaults to 5 seconds
	MaxBytes int64         // maximum number of bytes to read from the body; defaults to 1024000

	Store        Store
	Transformers []prometheus.Transformer

	Encoder prometheus.Encoder
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PushGateway handles receiving prometheus push metrics and forwards them to the Store. If Format is not set, the format of the inbound metrics are used.

func NewPushGateway

func NewPushGateway(log *zap.Logger, store Store, xforms ...prometheus.Transformer) *PushGateway

NewPushGateway constructs the PushGateway.

func (*PushGateway) Handler

func (p *PushGateway) Handler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

Handler accepts prometheus metrics send via the Push client and sends those metrics into the store.

type Pusher

type Pusher struct {
	URL        string
	Gather     prometheus.Gatherer
	Client     *http.Client
	PushFormat expfmt.Format

Pusher pushes metrics to a prometheus push gateway.

func NewPusher

func NewPusher(g prometheus.Gatherer) *Pusher

NewPusher sends usage metrics to a prometheus push gateway.

func (*Pusher) Push

func (p *Pusher) Push(ctx context.Context) error

Push POSTs prometheus metrics in protobuf delimited format to a push gateway.

type Reporter

type Reporter struct {
	Pusher *Pusher

	Interval time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Reporter reports telemetry metrics to a prometheus push gateway every interval.

func NewReporter

func NewReporter(log *zap.Logger, g prometheus.Gatherer) *Reporter

NewReporter reports telemetry every 24 hours.

func (*Reporter) Report

func (r *Reporter) Report(ctx context.Context)

Report starts periodic telemetry reporting each interval.

type Store

type Store interface {
	// WriteMessage stores data into the store.
	WriteMessage(ctx context.Context, data []byte) error

Store records usage data.

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