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const Avx512ServerUID = 16

Avx512ServerUID - Do not start at 0 but next multiple of 16 so as to be able to differentiate with default initialiation value of 0

const BlockSize = 64

BlockSize - The blocksize of SHA256 in bytes.

const Size = 32

Size - The size of a SHA256 checksum in bytes.

func New

func New() hash.Hash

New returns a new hash.Hash computing the SHA256 checksum.

func NewAvx512

func NewAvx512(a512srv *Avx512Server) hash.Hash

NewAvx512 - initialize sha256 Avx512 implementation.

func Sum256

func Sum256(data []byte) (result [Size]byte)

Sum256 - single caller sha256 helper

type Avx512Digest

type Avx512Digest struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Avx512Digest - Type for computing SHA256 using Avx512

func (Avx512Digest) BlockSize

func (d Avx512Digest) BlockSize() int

BlockSize - Return blocksize of checksum

func (*Avx512Digest) Reset

func (d *Avx512Digest) Reset()

Reset - reset sha digest to its initial values

func (*Avx512Digest) Size

func (d *Avx512Digest) Size() int

Size - Return size of checksum

func (*Avx512Digest) Sum

func (d *Avx512Digest) Sum(in []byte) (result []byte)

Sum - Return sha256 sum in bytes

func (*Avx512Digest) Write

func (d *Avx512Digest) Write(p []byte) (nn int, err error)

Write to digest

type Avx512LaneInfo

type Avx512LaneInfo struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Avx512LaneInfo - Info for each lane

type Avx512Server

type Avx512Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Avx512Server - Type to implement 16x parallel handling of SHA256 invocations

func NewAvx512Server

func NewAvx512Server() *Avx512Server

NewAvx512Server - Create new object for parallel processing handling

func (*Avx512Server) Process

func (a512srv *Avx512Server) Process()

Process - Sole handler for reading from the input channel

func (*Avx512Server) Sum

func (a512srv *Avx512Server) Sum(uid uint64, p []byte) [32]byte

Sum - return sha256 sum in bytes for a given sum id.

func (*Avx512Server) Write

func (a512srv *Avx512Server) Write(uid uint64, p []byte) (nn int, err error)

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