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const TestEnvVar = "PACKER_ACC"

TestEnvVar must be set to a non-empty value for acceptance tests to run.


This section is empty.


func Test

func Test(t TestT, c TestCase)

Test performs an acceptance test on a backend with the given test case.

Tests are not run unless an environmental variable "PACKER_ACC" is set to some non-empty value. This is to avoid test cases surprising a user by creating real resources.

Tests will fail unless the verbose flag (`go test -v`, or explicitly the "-test.v" flag) is set. Because some acceptance tests take quite long, we require the verbose flag so users are able to see progress output.


type TestCase

type TestCase struct {
	// Precheck, if non-nil, will be called once before the test case
	// runs at all. This can be used for some validation prior to the
	// test running.
	PreCheck func()

	// Builder is the Builder that will be tested. It will be available
	// as the "test" builder in the template.
	Builder packer.Builder

	// Template is the template contents to use.
	Template string

	// Check is called after this step is executed in order to test that
	// the step executed successfully. If this is not set, then the next
	// step will be called
	Check TestCheckFunc

	// Teardown will be called before the test case is over regardless
	// of if the test succeeded or failed. This should return an error
	// in the case that the test can't guarantee all resources were
	// properly cleaned up.
	Teardown TestTeardownFunc

	// If SkipArtifactTeardown is true, we will not attempt to destroy the
	// artifact created in this test run.
	SkipArtifactTeardown bool

TestCase is a single set of tests to run for a backend. A TestCase should generally map 1:1 to each test method for your acceptance tests.

type TestCheckFunc

type TestCheckFunc func([]packer.Artifact) error

TestCheckFunc is the callback used for Check in TestStep.

type TestT

type TestT interface {
	Error(args ...interface{})
	Fatal(args ...interface{})
	Skip(args ...interface{})

TestT is the interface used to handle the test lifecycle of a test.

Users should just use a *testing.T object, which implements this.

type TestTeardownFunc

type TestTeardownFunc func() error

TestTeardownFunc is the callback used for Teardown in TestCase.

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