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const (
	DockerImageScheme = "docker-image"
	GitScheme         = "git"
	LocalScheme       = "local"
	HTTPScheme        = "http"
	HTTPSScheme       = "https"


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type GitIdentifier

type GitIdentifier struct {
	Remote           string
	Ref              string
	Subdir           string
	KeepGitDir       bool
	AuthTokenSecret  string
	AuthHeaderSecret string
	MountSSHSock     string
	KnownSSHHosts    string

func NewGitIdentifier

func NewGitIdentifier(remoteURL string) (*GitIdentifier, error)

func (*GitIdentifier) ID

func (i *GitIdentifier) ID() string

type HTTPIdentifier added in v0.8.0

type HTTPIdentifier struct {
	TLS      bool
	URL      string
	Checksum digest.Digest
	Filename string
	Perm     int
	UID      int
	GID      int

func NewHTTPIdentifier added in v0.8.0

func NewHTTPIdentifier(str string, tls bool) (*HTTPIdentifier, error)

func (*HTTPIdentifier) ID added in v0.8.0

func (*HTTPIdentifier) ID() string

type Identifier

type Identifier interface {
	ID() string // until sources are in process this string comparison could be avoided

func FromLLB

func FromLLB(op *pb.Op_Source, platform *pb.Platform) (Identifier, error)

func FromString

func FromString(s string) (Identifier, error)

type ImageIdentifier

type ImageIdentifier struct {
	Reference   reference.Spec
	Platform    *specs.Platform
	ResolveMode ResolveMode
	RecordType  client.UsageRecordType

func NewImageIdentifier

func NewImageIdentifier(str string) (*ImageIdentifier, error)

func (*ImageIdentifier) ID

func (*ImageIdentifier) ID() string

type LocalIdentifier

type LocalIdentifier struct {
	Name            string
	SessionID       string
	IncludePatterns []string
	ExcludePatterns []string
	FollowPaths     []string
	SharedKeyHint   string
	Differ          fsutil.DiffType

func NewLocalIdentifier

func NewLocalIdentifier(str string) (*LocalIdentifier, error)

func (*LocalIdentifier) ID

func (*LocalIdentifier) ID() string

type Manager

type Manager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewManager

func NewManager() (*Manager, error)

func (*Manager) Register

func (sm *Manager) Register(src Source)

func (*Manager) Resolve

func (sm *Manager) Resolve(ctx context.Context, id Identifier, sessM *session.Manager, vtx solver.Vertex) (SourceInstance, error)

type ResolveMode

type ResolveMode int
const (
	ResolveModeDefault ResolveMode = iota

func ParseImageResolveMode

func ParseImageResolveMode(v string) (ResolveMode, error)

func (ResolveMode) String

func (r ResolveMode) String() string

type Source

type Source interface {
	ID() string
	Resolve(ctx context.Context, id Identifier, sm *session.Manager, vtx solver.Vertex) (SourceInstance, error)

type SourceInstance

type SourceInstance interface {
	CacheKey(ctx context.Context, g session.Group, index int) (string, solver.CacheOpts, bool, error)
	Snapshot(ctx context.Context, g session.Group) (cache.ImmutableRef, error)


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