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const (
	LabelExecutor            = labelPrefix + "executor"    // "oci" or "containerd"
	LabelSnapshotter         = labelPrefix + "snapshotter" // containerd snapshotter name ("overlay", "native", ...)
	LabelHostname            = labelPrefix + "hostname"
	LabelContainerdUUID      = labelPrefix + "containerd.uuid"      // containerd worker: containerd UUID
	LabelContainerdNamespace = labelPrefix + "containerd.namespace" // containerd worker: containerd namespace

Pre-defined label keys


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func NewCacheResultStorage

func NewCacheResultStorage(wc *Controller) solver.CacheResultStorage

func NewWorkerRefResult

func NewWorkerRefResult(ref cache.ImmutableRef, worker Worker) solver.Result


type Controller

type Controller struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller holds worker instances. Currently, only local workers are supported.

func (*Controller) Add

func (c *Controller) Add(w Worker) error

Add adds a local worker. The first worker becomes the default.

Add is not thread-safe.

func (*Controller) Get

func (c *Controller) Get(id string) (Worker, error)

func (*Controller) GetDefault

func (c *Controller) GetDefault() (Worker, error)

GetDefault returns the default local worker

func (*Controller) List

func (c *Controller) List(filterStrings ...string) ([]Worker, error)

List lists workers

func (*Controller) WorkerInfos

func (c *Controller) WorkerInfos() []client.WorkerInfo

WorkerInfos returns slice of WorkerInfo. The first item is the default worker.

type Infos added in v0.8.0

type Infos interface {
	GetDefault() (Worker, error)
	WorkerInfos() []client.WorkerInfo

type Worker

type Worker interface {
	// ID needs to be unique in the cluster
	ID() string
	Labels() map[string]string
	Platforms(noCache bool) []specs.Platform

	GCPolicy() []client.PruneInfo
	LoadRef(ctx context.Context, id string, hidden bool) (cache.ImmutableRef, error)
	// ResolveOp resolves Vertex.Sys() to Op implementation.
	ResolveOp(v solver.Vertex, s frontend.FrontendLLBBridge, sm *session.Manager) (solver.Op, error)
	ResolveImageConfig(ctx context.Context, ref string, opt llb.ResolveImageConfigOpt, sm *session.Manager, g session.Group) (digest.Digest, []byte, error)
	DiskUsage(ctx context.Context, opt client.DiskUsageInfo) ([]*client.UsageInfo, error)
	Exporter(name string, sm *session.Manager) (exporter.Exporter, error)
	Prune(ctx context.Context, ch chan client.UsageInfo, opt ...client.PruneInfo) error
	FromRemote(ctx context.Context, remote *solver.Remote) (cache.ImmutableRef, error)
	PruneCacheMounts(ctx context.Context, ids []string) error
	ContentStore() content.Store
	Executor() executor.Executor
	CacheManager() cache.Manager
	MetadataStore() *metadata.Store

type WorkerRef

type WorkerRef struct {
	ImmutableRef cache.ImmutableRef
	Worker       Worker

func (*WorkerRef) GetRemote added in v0.8.0

func (wr *WorkerRef) GetRemote(ctx context.Context, createIfNeeded bool, compressionType compression.Type, forceCompression bool, g session.Group) (*solver.Remote, error)

GetRemote method abstracts ImmutableRef's GetRemote to allow a Worker to override. This is needed for moby integration. Use this method instead of calling ImmutableRef.GetRemote() directly.

func (*WorkerRef) ID

func (wr *WorkerRef) ID() string


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