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  • concurrent.Map: backport sync.Map for go below 1.9
  • concurrent.Executor: goroutine with explicit ownership and cancellable


because sync.Map is only available in go 1.9, we can use concurrent.Map to make code portable

m := concurrent.NewMap()
m.Store("hello", "world")
elem, found := m.Load("hello")
// elem will be "world"
// found will be true


executor := concurrent.NewUnboundedExecutor()
executor.Go(func(ctx context.Context) {
    everyMillisecond := time.NewTicker(time.Millisecond)
    for {
        select {
        case <-ctx.Done():
            fmt.Println("goroutine exited")
        case <-everyMillisecond.C:
            // do something
fmt.Println("executor stopped")

attach goroutine to executor instance, so that we can

  • cancel it by stop the executor with Stop/StopAndWait/StopAndWaitForever
  • handle panic by callback: the default behavior will no longer crash your application





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var ErrorLogger = log.New(os.Stderr, "", 0)

    ErrorLogger is used to print out error, can be set to writer other than stderr

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    var GlobalUnboundedExecutor = NewUnboundedExecutor()

      GlobalUnboundedExecutor has the life cycle of the program itself any goroutine want to be shutdown before main exit can be started from this executor GlobalUnboundedExecutor expects the main function to call stop it does not magically knows the main function exits

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      var HandlePanic = func(recovered interface{}, funcName string) {
      	ErrorLogger.Println(fmt.Sprintf("%s panic: %v", funcName, recovered))

        HandlePanic logs goroutine panic by default

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        var InfoLogger = log.New(ioutil.Discard, "", 0)

          InfoLogger is used to print informational message, default to off


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          type Executor

          type Executor interface {
          	// Go starts a new goroutine controlled by the context
          	Go(handler func(ctx context.Context))

            Executor replace go keyword to start a new goroutine the goroutine should cancel itself if the context passed in has been cancelled the goroutine started by the executor, is owned by the executor we can cancel all executors owned by the executor just by stop the executor itself however Executor interface does not Stop method, the one starting and owning executor should use the concrete type of executor, instead of this interface.

            type Map

            type Map struct {

              Map is a wrapper for sync.Map introduced in go1.9

              func NewMap

              func NewMap() *Map

                NewMap creates a thread safe Map

                type UnboundedExecutor

                type UnboundedExecutor struct {
                	HandlePanic func(recovered interface{}, funcName string)
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  UnboundedExecutor is a executor without limits on counts of alive goroutines it tracks the goroutine started by it, and can cancel them when shutdown

                  func NewUnboundedExecutor

                  func NewUnboundedExecutor() *UnboundedExecutor

                    NewUnboundedExecutor creates a new UnboundedExecutor, UnboundedExecutor can not be created by &UnboundedExecutor{} HandlePanic can be set with a callback to override global HandlePanic

                    func (*UnboundedExecutor) Go

                    func (executor *UnboundedExecutor) Go(handler func(ctx context.Context))

                      Go starts a new goroutine and tracks its lifecycle. Panic will be recovered and logged automatically, except for StopSignal

                      Example (Panic)

                      func (*UnboundedExecutor) Stop

                      func (executor *UnboundedExecutor) Stop()

                        Stop cancel all goroutines started by this executor without wait

                        func (*UnboundedExecutor) StopAndWait

                        func (executor *UnboundedExecutor) StopAndWait(ctx context.Context)

                          StopAndWait cancel all goroutines started by this executor and wait. Wait can be cancelled by the context passed in.

                          func (*UnboundedExecutor) StopAndWaitForever

                          func (executor *UnboundedExecutor) StopAndWaitForever()

                            StopAndWaitForever cancel all goroutines started by this executor and wait until all goroutines exited

                            goroutine exited
                            executor stopped