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Stackdriver Monitor (Internal Use)



Package sdmon is the singleton for internal monitor to cloud operation




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func Close

func Close()

Close closes clients

func Init

func Init(googleProjectID, serviceName, googleServiceAccountJSON string)

Init inits stack driver monitor

func Log

func Log(severity Severity, payload interface{})

Log logs payload, payload can be string or can marshal into json

func LogCritical

func LogCritical(payload interface{})

LogCritical logs payload with critical severity

func LogCriticalf

func LogCriticalf(s string, v ...interface{})

LogCriticalf logs string with critical severity

func LogDebug

func LogDebug(payload interface{})

LogDebug logs payload with debug severity

func LogDebugf

func LogDebugf(s string, v ...interface{})

LogDebugf logs string with debug severity

func LogError

func LogError(payload interface{})

LogError logs payload with error severity

func LogErrorf

func LogErrorf(s string, v ...interface{})

LogErrorf logs string with error severity

func LogInfo

func LogInfo(payload interface{})

LogInfo logs payload with info severity

func LogInfof

func LogInfof(s string, v ...interface{})

LogInfof logs string with info severity

func LogWarning

func LogWarning(payload interface{})

LogWarning logs payload with warning severity

func LogWarningf

func LogWarningf(s string, v ...interface{})

LogWarningf logs string with warning severity

func Logf

func Logf(severity Severity, s string, v ...interface{})

Logf logs string

func Report

func Report(err interface{}, r *http.Request, user string, stack []byte)

Report reports error (non-blocking) request, user, stack can be empty

func Reportf

func Reportf(format string, v ...interface{})

Reportf reports error (non-blocking) using fmt.Errorf

func Trace

func Trace(samplingProbability float64) func(h http.Handler) http.Handler

Trace returns trace middleware with given sampling probability (0-1)


type Severity

type Severity logging.Severity

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