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func New

func New(limit int, expiresAfter time.Duration) *limiterManager

New returns a limiter manager, this is thread safe but does not lock keys like transactions would.

limit: 			how many unexpired entries a key can have
expiresAfter: 	how long before an entry expires for a key
gcInterval: 	the interval when the underlying cache
				should remove expired keys


type Limiter

type Limiter interface {
	// IsLimited checks if the given key is limited
	IsLimited(key interface{}) bool
	// Increment increments the counter
	Increment(key interface{})
	// Remove clears key from all limits
	Remove(key interface{})
	// Count returns the total amount of values
	// that are not expired
	Count(key interface{}) int

Limiter is an interface to the limiterManager structure. use New(int, time.Duration) to instantiate a new limiter. See limiterManager (scroll down) for more information.

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