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type Diff

type Diff map[Type][]string

Diff format of a diff

func CompareConfigs

func CompareConfigs(old, new *ucfg.Config, opts ...ucfg.Option) Diff

CompareConfigs takes two configuration and return the difference between the defined keys

func (Diff) GoStringer

func (d Diff) GoStringer() string

GoStringer implement the GoStringer interface

func (*Diff) HasChanged

func (d *Diff) HasChanged() bool

HasChanged returns true if we have remove of added new elements in the graph

func (*Diff) HasKeyAdded

func (d *Diff) HasKeyAdded() bool

HasKeyAdded returns true if key were added in the new configuration

func (*Diff) HasKeyRemoved

func (d *Diff) HasKeyRemoved() bool

HasKeyRemoved returns true if not all keys are present in both configuration

func (Diff) String

func (d Diff) String() string

String return a human friendly format of the diff

type Type

type Type int

Type custom type to identify what was added, remove or keep in the configuration

const (
	// Remove keys no longer present in the config
	Remove Type = iota

	// Add keys added from the first config

	// Keep keys present in both config

func (Type) String

func (dt Type) String() string

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