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const (
	// BuildTriggerImageEdgeKind is an edge from an ImageStream to a BuildConfig that
	// represents a trigger connection. Changes to the ImageStream will trigger a new build
	// from the BuildConfig.
	BuildTriggerImageEdgeKind = "BuildTriggerImage"

	// BuildInputImageEdgeKind is  an edge from an ImageStream to a BuildConfig, where the
	// ImageStream is the source image for the build (builder in S2I builds, FROM in Docker builds,
	// custom builder in Custom builds). The same ImageStream can also have a trigger
	// relationship with the BuildConfig, but not necessarily.
	BuildInputImageEdgeKind = "BuildInputImage"

	// BuildOutputEdgeKind is an edge from a BuildConfig to an ImageStream. The ImageStream will hold
	// the ouptut of the Builds created with that BuildConfig.
	BuildOutputEdgeKind = "BuildOutput"

	// BuildInputEdgeKind is an edge from a source repository to a BuildConfig. The source repository is the
	// input source for the build.
	BuildInputEdgeKind = "BuildInput"

	// BuildEdgeKind goes from a BuildConfigNode to a BuildNode and indicates that the buildConfig owns the build
	BuildEdgeKind = "Build"


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func AddAllBuildEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddAllBuildEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

AddAllBuildEdges adds build edges to all BuildConfig nodes in the given graph

func AddAllInputOutputEdges

func AddAllInputOutputEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

AddAllInputOutputEdges adds input and output edges for all BuildConfigs in the given graph

func AddBuildEdges added in v1.0.2

func AddBuildEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *buildgraph.BuildConfigNode)

AddBuildEdges adds edges that connect a BuildConfig to Builds to the given graph

func AddInputEdges added in v1.0.5

func AddInputEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *buildgraph.BuildConfigNode)

AddInputEdges links the build config to its input image and source nodes.

func AddInputOutputEdges

AddInputOutputEdges links the build config to other nodes for the images and source repositories it depends on.

func AddOutputEdges added in v1.0.5

func AddOutputEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *buildgraph.BuildConfigNode)

AddOutputEdges links the build config to its output image node.

func AddTriggerEdges added in v1.0.5

func AddTriggerEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *buildgraph.BuildConfigNode)

AddTriggerEdges links the build config to its trigger input image nodes.

func BuildConfigsForTag added in v1.3.0

func BuildConfigsForTag(g osgraph.Graph, istag graph.Node) []*buildgraph.BuildConfigNode

BuildConfigsForTag returns the buildConfig that points to the provided imageStreamTag.

func GetLatestBuild added in v1.3.0

func GetLatestBuild(g osgraph.Graph, bc graph.Node) *buildgraph.BuildNode

GetLatestBuild returns the latest build for the provided buildConfig.

func RelevantBuilds added in v1.0.2

RelevantBuilds returns the lastSuccessful build, lastUnsuccessful build, and a list of active builds


type RecentBuildReferences

type RecentBuildReferences []*buildgraph.BuildNode

func (RecentBuildReferences) Len

func (m RecentBuildReferences) Len() int

func (RecentBuildReferences) Less

func (m RecentBuildReferences) Less(i, j int) bool

func (RecentBuildReferences) Swap

func (m RecentBuildReferences) Swap(i, j int)


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