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Package server provides a proxy for ARI calls. It is usable via the client/nc Client and can use any given ari.Client



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type Handler

type Handler func(subj string, request []byte, reply Reply)

Handler is left for compat

type Handler2

type Handler2 func(msg *session.Message, reply Reply)

A Handler2 is a function which provides a session-aware request-response for nats

type Options

type Options struct {
	URL string

	Logger log15.Logger
	Parent context.Context

Options are the group of options for the ari-proxy server

type Reply

type Reply func(interface{}, error)

Reply is a function which, when called, replies to the request via the response object or error.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// Application is the name of the ARI application of this server
	Application string

	// AsteriskID is the unique identifier for the Asterisk box
	// to which this server is connected.
	AsteriskID string

	// NATSPrefix is the string which should be prepended to all NATS subjects, sending and receiving.  It defaults to "ari.".
	NATSPrefix string

	// Dialog is the dialog manager
	Dialog dialog.Manager

	// Log is the log15.Logger for the service.  You may replace or call SetHandler() on this at any time to change the logging of the service.
	Log log15.Logger
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server describes the asterisk-facing ARI proxy server

func New

func New() *Server

New returns a new Server

func (*Server) Listen

func (s *Server) Listen(ctx context.Context, ariOpts *native.Options, natsURI string) (err error)

Listen runs the given server, listening to ARI and NATS, as specified

func (*Server) ListenOn

func (s *Server) ListenOn(ctx context.Context, a ari.Client, n *nats.EncodedConn) error

ListenOn runs the given server, listening on the provided ARI and NATS connections

func (*Server) Ready

func (s *Server) Ready() <-chan struct{}

Ready returns a channel which is closed when the Server is ready


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