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Published: Aug 28, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



const (

func CreatedWithData

func CreatedWithData(data interface{}, c echo.Context) error

CreatedWithData response

func Fail

func Fail(c echo.Context) error

Fail response

func FailDetailedwithCode

func FailDetailedwithCode(code int, data interface{}, message string, c echo.Context) error

FailDetailedwithCode response

func FailWithDataMessage

func FailWithDataMessage(data interface{}, message string, c echo.Context) error

FailWithDataMessage response

func FailWithDetailed

func FailWithDetailed(status string, data interface{}, message string, c echo.Context) error

FailWithDetailed response

func FailWithMessage

func FailWithMessage(message string, c echo.Context) error

FailWithMessage response

func FailWithMessageWithCode

func FailWithMessageWithCode(code int, message string, c echo.Context) error

FailWithMessageWithCode response

func OKWithMesssage

func OKWithMesssage(msg string, c echo.Context) error

OKWithMesssage response

func Ok

func Ok(c echo.Context) error

Ok response

func OkDetailed

func OkDetailed(data interface{}, message string, c echo.Context) error

OkDetailed response

func OkWithData

func OkWithData(data interface{}, c echo.Context) error

OkWithData response

func Result

func Result(httpStatus int, status string, data interface{}, msg string, c echo.Context) error

Result response

type Response

type Response struct {
	Message string      `json:"message"`
	Result  interface{} `json:"result"`

Response type

type RootResponse

type RootResponse struct {
	Status     string     `json:"status"`
	Response   Response   `json:"response"`
	ServerInfo ServerInfo `json:"serverInfo"`

RootResponse type

type ServerInfo

type ServerInfo struct {
	ServerTime string `json:"serverTime"`

ServerInfo type

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