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Published: May 14, 2019 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 16 Imported by: 1




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var (
	ErrUnsupportedProvider = errors.New("provider not supported")
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var (
	ErrWrongAuthentication = errors.New("wrong or missing authentication token")


func AuthMiddleware

func AuthMiddleware(t uuid.UUID) gin.HandlerFunc

func Authenticate

func Authenticate(c *gin.Context) bool

func GetOptions

func GetOptions(c *gin.Context) core.Options

func KnownBrowserHandler

func KnownBrowserHandler(c *gin.Context)

func NewBrowserHandler

func NewBrowserHandler(c *gin.Context)

func OptionsMiddleware

func OptionsMiddleware(o *core.Options) gin.HandlerFunc

func Random

func Random(n int) string

func SetupRouter

func SetupRouter(options *core.Options) *gin.Engine

func StatusHandler

func StatusHandler(c *gin.Context)


type InstrumentationJob

type InstrumentationJob struct {
	ID       string `json:"id"`
	Provider string `json:"provider"`
	Context  context.Context

this goes in the Sync.Map jobs

type InstrumentationRequest

type InstrumentationRequest struct {
	Provider      string `json:"provider" binding:"required"`
	DebuggingPort int    `json:"debugPort" binding:"required"`

	// classic credentials including 2fa token if any
	Username string `json:"username"`
	Password string `json:"password"`
	Token    string `json:"token"`

	// authenticated session cookie retrieved from Hive which allows for direct
	// session riding without the need to authenticate via credentials
	SessionCookies []zombie.SessionCookie `json:"sessionCookies"`

	// keywords to search through emails or in general search bars
	// for example: password, credentials, access, https://, vpn, certificate, credit card, etc..
	Keywords []string `json:"keywords"`

type KnownBrowserRequest

type KnownBrowserRequest struct {
	JobID    string `json:"jobId" binding:"required"`
	URL      string `json:"url"`
	Selector string `json:"selector"`

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