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golang terminal helper functions




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var BoxPromptTemplate = `` /* 303-byte string literal not displayed */
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var DeltaTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgwhite"}}△{{ ansi ""}}{{.}}
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var ErrorLineTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgred"}}☠{{ ansi ""}}{{.}}
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var ErrorMessageTemplate = `` /* 298-byte string literal not displayed */
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var HRTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgcyan"}}{{.}}{{ ansi ""}}
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var InformationTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgcyan"}}✓{{ ansi ""}}{{.}}
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var NoticeTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgmagenta"}}▶{{ ansi ""}}{{.}}
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var PromptTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgwhite"}}◀{{ ansi ""}}{{.}}
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var ResponseTemplate = `
{{ ansi "fgwhite"}}▶{{ ansi ""}}{{.}}


func AnsiCode

func AnsiCode(code string) string

AnsiCode outputs the ansi codes for changing terminal colors and behaviors.

func BoxPromptBool

func BoxPromptBool(title string, message string) bool

Input Prompt Bool

func BoxPromptString

func BoxPromptString(title string, message string) string

Input Prompt String

func Delta

func Delta(message string)

func ErrorLine

func ErrorLine(message string)

func HR

func HR()

func Information

func Information(message string)

func Notice

func Notice(message string)

func PrintAnsi

func PrintAnsi(templ string, data interface{})

func Prompt

func Prompt(message string)

func PromptBool

func PromptBool(message string) bool

func PromptInt

func PromptInt(message string, max int) int

func PromptPassword

func PromptPassword(message string) string

func PromptString

func PromptString(message string) string

func Response

func Response(message string)

func ShowErrorMessage

func ShowErrorMessage(title string, message string)

Error Message


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