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var (
	ErrInvalidCredentials = echo.NewHTTPError(http.StatusUnauthorized, "Username or password does not exist")

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type Auth

type Auth struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Auth represents auth application service

func Initialize

func Initialize(db *pg.DB, j TokenGenerator, sec Securer, rbac RBAC) *Auth

Initialize initializes auth application service

func New

func New(db *pg.DB, udb UserDB, j TokenGenerator, sec Securer, rbac RBAC) *Auth

New creates new iam service

func (*Auth) Authenticate

func (a *Auth) Authenticate(c echo.Context, user, pass string) (*gorsk.AuthToken, error)

Authenticate tries to authenticate the user provided by username and password

func (*Auth) Me

func (a *Auth) Me(c echo.Context) (*gorsk.User, error)

Me returns info about currently logged user

func (*Auth) Refresh

func (a *Auth) Refresh(c echo.Context, token string) (*gorsk.RefreshToken, error)

Refresh refreshes jwt token and puts new claims inside

type RBAC

type RBAC interface {
	User(echo.Context) *gorsk.AuthUser

RBAC represents role-based-access-control interface

type Securer

type Securer interface {
	HashMatchesPassword(string, string) bool
	Token(string) string

Securer represents security interface

type Service

type Service interface {
	Authenticate(echo.Context, string, string) (*gorsk.AuthToken, error)
	Refresh(echo.Context, string) (*gorsk.RefreshToken, error)
	Me(echo.Context) (*gorsk.User, error)

Service represents auth service interface

type TokenGenerator

type TokenGenerator interface {
	GenerateToken(*gorsk.User) (string, string, error)

TokenGenerator represents token generator (jwt) interface

type UserDB

type UserDB interface {
	View(orm.DB, int) (*gorsk.User, error)
	FindByUsername(orm.DB, string) (*gorsk.User, error)
	FindByToken(orm.DB, string) (*gorsk.User, error)
	Update(orm.DB, *gorsk.User) error

UserDB represents user repository interface

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