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DevP2P Node Scrapper

Connects as a peer of the devp2p network, storing information of the visited peers into the DB.

Useful if you want to have your service of status of the network, or if you want to keep your table of byzantium-fork nodes.

Very Quick Start

You need to give it:

  • devp2p nodes to bootstrap the network (we are providing you with a file, ./services/bootnodes-devp2p)
  • How to reach your redis DB.

Then, from the root of this very repository

make devp2p-node-scrapper && ./build/bin/devp2p-node-scrapper --devp2p-bootnodes ./services/bootnodes-devp2p

you may want to get yourself the go dependencies f you don't have them. Quick and dirty is

go get ./...

from the root directory.

Useful debugging options

More Tracing with debug

./build/bin/devp2p-node-scrapper --devp2p-bootnodes ./services/bootnodes-devp2p --debug

EVEN MORE Tracing. Add --devp2p-lib-debug. Will show you what the go-ethereum/p2p library is doing.

./build/bin/devp2p-node-scrapper --devp2p-bootnodes ./services/bootnodes-devp2p --debug --devp2p-lib-debug


The schema in the redis database is very simple

  • devp2p-scrapped-peers:all: A set containing all the scrapped peers.
  • devp2p-byzantium-peers:all: A set containing all peers who passed the byzantium fork test.
  • devp2p-non-byzantium-peers:all: A set containing all peers who failed the byzantium fork test.
  • devp2p-peerstatus:<peerid>: A set containing all the recorded statuses for peer <peerid>.


You can extract information from the redis database to csv files, using the following convenience scripts located at /services/scripts

Will give you all scrapped nodes and their last recorded status.

Will give you a list of the discovered byzantium fork peers.

Will give you a list of peers discovered that fail the byzantium fork test.


At this stage, this is a very experimental package.

Documentation is in code. If you want to contribute to this application, don't be shy to be verbose: Reading another person's code is where we spend the more time. Let's make that easier for everybody.


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