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package mutagen

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Published: Nov 17, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:



const (
	// VersionMajor represents the current major version of Mutagen.
	VersionMajor = 0
	// VersionMinor represents the current minor version of Mutagen.
	VersionMinor = 2
	// VersionPatch represents the current patch version of Mutagen.
	VersionPatch = 0
const LegalNotice = "" /* 16817 byte string literal not displayed */

LegalNotice provides license notices for Mutagen itself and any third-party dependencies.


var Version string

func ReceiveAndCompareVersion

func ReceiveAndCompareVersion(reader io.Reader) (bool, error)

func ReceiveVersion

func ReceiveVersion(reader io.Reader) (uint32, uint32, uint32, error)

func SendVersion

func SendVersion(writer io.Writer) error
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