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func ApplyToSource

func ApplyToSource(fileExtension string,
	ignoredGlobs []string,
	commandParts ...string) error

ApplyToSource is a mage compatible function that applies a command to your source tree

func Delete

func Delete() error

Delete deletes the given service

func Describe

func Describe() error

Describe deploys the given service

func Explore

func Explore() error

Explore opens up the terminal GUI

func Log

func Log(formatSpecifier string, args ...interface{})

Log is a mage verbose aware log function

func Provision

func Provision() error

Provision deploys the given service

func Script

func Script(commands [][]string) error

Script is a 2d array of commands to run as a script

func SpartaCommand

func SpartaCommand(commandParts ...string) error

SpartaCommand issues a go run command that encapsulates resolving global env vars that can be translated into Sparta command line options

func Status

func Status(plaintext ...bool) error

Status returns a report for the given status

func Test

func Test() error

Test runs the tests in verbose mode

func Version

func Version() error

Version returns version information about the service and embedded Sparta version


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