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const DefaultConfigFile = "~/.qingcloud/config.yaml"

DefaultConfigFile is the default config file.

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const DefaultConfigFileContent = `` /* 317-byte string literal not displayed */

DefaultConfigFileContent is the default config file content.


This section is empty.


func GetUserConfigFilePath

func GetUserConfigFilePath() string

GetUserConfigFilePath returns the user config file path.

func InstallDefaultUserConfig

func InstallDefaultUserConfig() error

InstallDefaultUserConfig install the default user config file.


type Config

type Config struct {
	AccessKeyID     string `yaml:"qy_access_key_id"`
	SecretAccessKey string `yaml:"qy_secret_access_key"`

	Host              string `yaml:"host"`
	Port              int    `yaml:"port"`
	Protocol          string `yaml:"protocol"`
	URI               string `yaml:"uri"`
	ConnectionRetries int    `yaml:"connection_retries"`
	ConnectionTimeout int    `yaml:"connection_timeout"`

	LogLevel string `yaml:"log_level"`

	Zone string `yaml:"zone"`

	CredentialProxyProtocol string `yaml:"credential_proxy_protocol"`
	CredentialProxyHost     string `yaml:"credential_proxy_host"`
	CredentialProxyPort     int    `yaml:"credential_proxy_port"`
	CredentialProxyURI      string `yaml:"credential_proxy_uri"`

	Token      string
	Expiration int64

	Connection *http.Client

A Config stores a configuration of this sdk.

func New

func New(accessKeyID, secretAccessKey string) (*Config, error)

New create a Config with given AccessKeyID and SecretAccessKey.

func NewDefault

func NewDefault() (*Config, error)

NewDefault create a Config with default configuration.

func NewWithEndpoint

func NewWithEndpoint(accessKeyID, secretAccessKey, endpoint string) (*Config, error)

NewWithEndpoint create a Config with given AccessKeyID, SecretAccessKey and endpoint

func (*Config) LoadConfigFromContent

func (c *Config) LoadConfigFromContent(content []byte) error

LoadConfigFromContent loads configuration from a given byte slice. It returns error if yaml decode failed.

func (*Config) LoadConfigFromFilepath

func (c *Config) LoadConfigFromFilepath(filepath string) error

LoadConfigFromFilepath loads configuration from a specified local path. It returns error if file not found or yaml decode failed.

func (*Config) LoadDefaultConfig

func (c *Config) LoadDefaultConfig() error

LoadDefaultConfig loads the default configuration for Config. It returns error if yaml decode failed.

func (*Config) LoadUserConfig

func (c *Config) LoadUserConfig() error

LoadUserConfig loads user configuration in ~/.qingcloud/config.yaml for Config. It returns error if file not found.

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