Parses Terraform modules extracting useful information to use as documentation


modules, err := tf.ParseModules("path/to/my/modules")

How it Works


Looks for a comment on line 1 of a .tf file that starts with the module name (directory name):

# moduleName does this...
# also does this
\* moduleName does a bunch of things

Takes the variable name, type and description. If the default is present then extracted too. A required field is calculated based on whether a default is available.

variable "name" {
  type        = "type"
  description = "description"
  default     = "default" # optional

The name and description of outputs are extracted

output "name" {
  description = "description"
  value       = "value"
Modules and Resources

Leading comments (on the line preceding the declaration of the module/resource) are used as descriptions.

// describe this resource
resource "type" "name" {

The type and name of the resource are extracted.

resource "name" "type {

The name and source of the modules are extracted.

module "name" {
  source = "source"
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const (
	VARIABLE = "variable"
	OUTPUT   = "output"
	MODULE   = "module"
	RESOURCE = "resource"


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func ListModuleFiles

func ListModuleFiles(directory string) ([]string, error)

    listModuleFiles returns a list ouf files with a .tf extension within a directory.


    type Comment

    type Comment struct {
    	Text string
    	Col  int
    	Line int

    type Module

    type Module struct {
    	Name        string
    	Description string
    	Source      string

    type Output

    type Output struct {
    	Description string
    	Name        string

    type Resource

    type Resource struct {
    	Type        string
    	Name        string
    	Description string

    type TFModule

    type TFModule struct {
    	Path        string
    	Title       string
    	Link        string
    	Variables   []*Variable
    	Outputs     []*Output
    	Resources   []*Resource
    	Modules     []*Module
    	Description string

    func FindAndParse

    func FindAndParse(directory string) ([]*TFModule, error)

      FindAndParse finds all of the modules within a directory and parses them all.

      func Parse

      func Parse(hclText []string, moduleName string) (*TFModule, error)

        Parse generates a TFModule given a number of Terraform files (as strings) as input

        type Value

        type Value struct {
        	Key     map[string][]string
        	Val     map[string]string
        	Comment Comment

        type Variable

        type Variable struct {
        	Name        string
        	Type        string
        	Description string
        	Default     string
        	Required    bool

        Source Files