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Tests that run on Travis have been split into jobs that run in their own VM in parallel. This reduces the overall running time but also is allowing recycling of a job when we get a flapper as opposed to have to recycle the whole test suite.

JetStream Tests

For JetStream tests, we need to observe a naming convention so that no tests are omitted when running on Travis.

The script will run a given job based on the definition found in ".travis.yml".

As for the naming convention:

  • All JetStream tests name should start with TestJetStream
  • Cluster tests should go into jetstream_cluster_test.go and start with TestJetStreamCluster
  • Super-cluster tests should go into jetstream_super_cluster_test.go and start with TestJetStreamSuperCluster

Not following this convention means that some tests may not be executed on Travis.




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const (
	AuthCalloutSubject    = "$SYS.REQ.USER.AUTH"
	AuthRequestSubject    = "nats-authorization-request"
	AuthRequestXKeyHeader = "Nats-Server-Xkey"
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const (
	// CLIENT is an end user.
	CLIENT = iota
	// ROUTER represents another server in the cluster.
	// GATEWAY is a link between 2 clusters.
	// SYSTEM is an internal system client.
	// LEAF is for leaf node connections.
	// JETSTREAM is an internal jetstream client.
	// ACCOUNT is for the internal client for accounts.

Type of client connection.

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const (
	// If the connection is not a CLIENT connection.
	NON_CLIENT = iota
	// Regular NATS client.
	// MQTT client.
	// Websocket client.

Extended type of a CLIENT connection. This is returned by c.clientType() and indicate what type of client connection we are dealing with. If invoked on a non CLIENT connection, NON_CLIENT type is returned.

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const (
	// ClientProtoZero is the original Client protocol from 2009.
	ClientProtoZero = iota
	// ClientProtoInfo signals a client can receive more then the original INFO block.
	// This can be used to update clients on other cluster members, etc.
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const (
	ClientClosed = ClosedState(iota + 1)
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const (
	CommandStop   = Command("stop")
	CommandQuit   = Command("quit")
	CommandReopen = Command("reopen")
	CommandReload = Command("reload")

Valid Command values.

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const (
	// VERSION is the current version for the server.
	VERSION = "2.10.6"

	// PROTO is the currently supported protocol.
	// 0 was the original
	// 1 maintains proto 0, adds echo abilities for CONNECT from the client. Clients
	// should not send echo unless proto in INFO is >= 1.
	PROTO = 1

	// DEFAULT_PORT is the default port for client connections.

	// RANDOM_PORT is the value for port that, when supplied, will cause the
	// server to listen on a randomly-chosen available port. The resolved port
	// is available via the Addr() method.

	// DEFAULT_HOST defaults to all interfaces.

	// MAX_CONTROL_LINE_SIZE is the maximum allowed protocol control line size.
	// 4k should be plenty since payloads sans connect/info string are separate.

	// MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE is the maximum allowed payload size. Should be using
	// something different if > 1MB payloads are needed.
	MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE = (1024 * 1024)

	// MAX_PAYLOAD_MAX_SIZE is the size at which the server will warn about
	// max_payload being too high. In the future, the server may enforce/reject
	// max_payload above this value.
	MAX_PAYLOAD_MAX_SIZE = (8 * 1024 * 1024)

	// MAX_PENDING_SIZE is the maximum outbound pending bytes per client.
	MAX_PENDING_SIZE = (64 * 1024 * 1024)

	// DEFAULT_MAX_CONNECTIONS is the default maximum connections allowed.

	// TLS_TIMEOUT is the TLS wait time.
	TLS_TIMEOUT = 2 * time.Second

	// time for the server to wait for the TLS handshake with a client to
	// be initiated before falling back to sending the INFO protocol first.
	// See TLSHandshakeFirst and TLSHandshakeFirstFallback options.

	// AUTH_TIMEOUT is the authorization wait time.
	AUTH_TIMEOUT = 2 * time.Second

	// DEFAULT_PING_INTERVAL is how often pings are sent to clients, etc...
	DEFAULT_PING_INTERVAL = 2 * time.Minute

	// DEFAULT_PING_MAX_OUT is maximum allowed pings outstanding before disconnect.

	// CR_LF string
	CR_LF = "\r\n"

	// LEN_CR_LF hold onto the computed size.
	LEN_CR_LF = len(CR_LF)

	// DEFAULT_FLUSH_DEADLINE is the write/flush deadlines.
	DEFAULT_FLUSH_DEADLINE = 10 * time.Second

	// DEFAULT_HTTP_PORT is the default monitoring port.

	// DEFAULT_HTTP_BASE_PATH is the default base path for monitoring.

	// ACCEPT_MIN_SLEEP is the minimum acceptable sleep times on temporary errors.
	ACCEPT_MIN_SLEEP = 10 * time.Millisecond

	// ACCEPT_MAX_SLEEP is the maximum acceptable sleep times on temporary errors
	ACCEPT_MAX_SLEEP = 1 * time.Second

	// DEFAULT_ROUTE_CONNECT Route solicitation intervals.
	DEFAULT_ROUTE_CONNECT = 1 * time.Second

	// DEFAULT_ROUTE_RECONNECT Route reconnect intervals.

	// DEFAULT_ROUTE_DIAL Route dial timeout.
	DEFAULT_ROUTE_DIAL = 1 * time.Second

	// DEFAULT_ROUTE_POOL_SIZE Route default pool size

	// DEFAULT_LEAF_NODE_RECONNECT LeafNode reconnect interval.

	// DEFAULT_LEAF_TLS_TIMEOUT TLS timeout for LeafNodes

	// PROTO_SNIPPET_SIZE is the default size of proto to print on parse errors.

	// MAX_CONTROL_LINE_SNIPPET_SIZE is the default size of proto to print on max control line errors.

	// MAX_MSG_ARGS Maximum possible number of arguments from MSG proto.

	// MAX_RMSG_ARGS Maximum possible number of arguments from RMSG proto.

	// MAX_HMSG_ARGS Maximum possible number of arguments from HMSG proto.

	// MAX_PUB_ARGS Maximum possible number of arguments from PUB proto.

	// MAX_HPUB_ARGS Maximum possible number of arguments from HPUB proto.

	// DEFAULT_MAX_CLOSED_CLIENTS is the maximum number of closed connections we hold onto.

	// DEFAULT_LAME_DUCK_DURATION is the time in which the server spreads
	// the closing of clients when signaled to go in lame duck mode.

	// DEFAULT_LAME_DUCK_GRACE_PERIOD is the duration the server waits, after entering
	// lame duck mode, before starting closing client connections.

	// DEFAULT_LEAFNODE_INFO_WAIT Route dial timeout.

	// DEFAULT_LEAFNODE_PORT is the default port for remote leafnode connections.

	// DEFAULT_CONNECT_ERROR_REPORTS is the number of attempts at which a
	// repeated failed route, gateway or leaf node connection is reported.
	// This is used for initial connection, that is, when the server has
	// never had a connection to the given endpoint. Once connected, and
	// if a disconnect occurs, DEFAULT_RECONNECT_ERROR_REPORTS is used
	// instead.
	// The default is to report every 3600 attempts (roughly every hour).

	// DEFAULT_RECONNECT_ERROR_REPORTS is the default number of failed
	// attempt to reconnect a route, gateway or leaf node connection.
	// The default is to report every attempt.

	// DEFAULT_RTT_MEASUREMENT_INTERVAL is how often we want to measure RTT from
	// this server to clients, routes, gateways or leafnode connections.

	// DEFAULT_ALLOW_RESPONSE_MAX_MSGS is the default number of responses allowed
	// for a reply subject.

	// DEFAULT_ALLOW_RESPONSE_EXPIRATION is the default time allowed for a given
	// dynamic response permission.

	// DEFAULT_SERVICE_EXPORT_RESPONSE_THRESHOLD is the default time that the system will
	// expect a service export response to be delivered. This is used in corner cases for
	// time based cleanup of reverse mapping structures.

	// DEFAULT_SERVICE_LATENCY_SAMPLING is the default sampling rate for service
	// latency metrics



	// DEFAULT_FETCH_TIMEOUT is the default time that the system will wait for an account fetch to return.
	DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_FETCH_TIMEOUT = 1900 * time.Millisecond
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const (
	JSPullRequestPendingMsgs  = "Nats-Pending-Messages"
	JSPullRequestPendingBytes = "Nats-Pending-Bytes"

Headers sent with Request Timeout

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const (
	// JsAckWaitDefault is the default AckWait, only applicable on explicit ack policy consumers.
	JsAckWaitDefault = 30 * time.Second
	// JsDeleteWaitTimeDefault is the default amount of time we will wait for non-durable
	// consumers to be in an inactive state before deleting them.
	JsDeleteWaitTimeDefault = 5 * time.Second
	// JsFlowControlMaxPending specifies default pending bytes during flow control that can be
	// outstanding.
	JsFlowControlMaxPending = 32 * 1024 * 1024
	// JsDefaultMaxAckPending is set for consumers with explicit ack that do not set the max ack pending.
	JsDefaultMaxAckPending = 1000
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const (
	NoDelete deleteType = iota
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const (

	// Metafiles for streams and consumers.
	JetStreamMetaFile    = "meta.inf"
	JetStreamMetaFileSum = "meta.sum"
	JetStreamMetaFileKey = "meta.key"

	// FileStoreMinBlkSize is minimum size we will do for a blk size.
	FileStoreMinBlkSize = 32 * 1000 // 32kib
	// FileStoreMaxBlkSize is maximum size we will do for a blk size.
	FileStoreMaxBlkSize = maxBlockSize
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const (
	// JetStreamStoreDir is the prefix we use.
	JetStreamStoreDir = "jetstream"
	// JetStreamMaxStoreDefault is the default disk storage limit. 1TB
	JetStreamMaxStoreDefault = 1024 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024
	// JetStreamMaxMemDefault is only used when we can't determine system memory. 256MB
	JetStreamMaxMemDefault = 1024 * 1024 * 256
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const (
	JSApiPrefix = "$JS.API"

	// JSApiAccountInfo is for obtaining general information about JetStream for this account.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiAccountInfo = "$JS.API.INFO"

	// JSApiTemplateCreate is the endpoint to create new stream templates.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSApiTemplates is the endpoint to list all stream template names for this account.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSApiTemplateInfo is for obtaining general information about a named stream template.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSApiTemplateDelete is the endpoint to delete stream templates.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSApiStreamCreate is the endpoint to create new streams.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamCreate  = "$JS.API.STREAM.CREATE.*"
	JSApiStreamCreateT = "$JS.API.STREAM.CREATE.%s"

	// JSApiStreamUpdate is the endpoint to update existing streams.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamUpdate  = "$JS.API.STREAM.UPDATE.*"
	JSApiStreamUpdateT = "$JS.API.STREAM.UPDATE.%s"

	// JSApiStreams is the endpoint to list all stream names for this account.
	// Will return JSON response.
	// JSApiStreamList is the endpoint that will return all detailed stream information
	JSApiStreamList = "$JS.API.STREAM.LIST"

	// JSApiStreamInfo is for obtaining general information about a named stream.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamInfo  = "$JS.API.STREAM.INFO.*"
	JSApiStreamInfoT = "$JS.API.STREAM.INFO.%s"

	// JSApiStreamDelete is the endpoint to delete streams.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamDelete  = "$JS.API.STREAM.DELETE.*"
	JSApiStreamDeleteT = "$JS.API.STREAM.DELETE.%s"

	// JSApiStreamPurge is the endpoint to purge streams.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamPurge  = "$JS.API.STREAM.PURGE.*"
	JSApiStreamPurgeT = "$JS.API.STREAM.PURGE.%s"

	// JSApiStreamSnapshot is the endpoint to snapshot streams.
	// Will return a stream of chunks with a nil chunk as EOF to
	// the deliver subject. Caller should respond to each chunk
	// with a nil body response for ack flow.
	JSApiStreamSnapshot  = "$JS.API.STREAM.SNAPSHOT.*"
	JSApiStreamSnapshotT = "$JS.API.STREAM.SNAPSHOT.%s"

	// JSApiStreamRestore is the endpoint to restore a stream from a snapshot.
	// Caller should respond to each chunk with a nil body response.
	JSApiStreamRestore  = "$JS.API.STREAM.RESTORE.*"
	JSApiStreamRestoreT = "$JS.API.STREAM.RESTORE.%s"

	// JSApiMsgDelete is the endpoint to delete messages from a stream.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSApiMsgGet is the template for direct requests for a message by its stream sequence number.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSDirectMsgGet is the template for non-api layer direct requests for a message by its stream sequence number or last by subject.
	// Will return the message similar to how a consumer receives the message, no JSON processing.
	// If the message can not be found we will use a status header of 404. If the stream does not exist the client will get a no-responders or timeout.
	JSDirectMsgGet  = "$JS.API.DIRECT.GET.*"
	JSDirectMsgGetT = "$JS.API.DIRECT.GET.%s"

	// This is a direct version of get last by subject, which will be the dominant pattern for KV access once 2.9 is released.
	// The stream and the key will be part of the subject to allow for no-marshal payloads and subject based security permissions.
	JSDirectGetLastBySubject  = "$JS.API.DIRECT.GET.*.>"
	JSDirectGetLastBySubjectT = "$JS.API.DIRECT.GET.%s.%s"

	// JSApiConsumerCreate is the endpoint to create consumers for streams.
	// This was also the legacy endpoint for ephemeral consumers.
	// It now can take consumer name and optional filter subject, which when part of the subject controls access.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiConsumerCreate    = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.CREATE.*"
	JSApiConsumerCreateT   = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.CREATE.%s"
	JSApiConsumerCreateEx  = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.CREATE.*.>"
	JSApiConsumerCreateExT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.CREATE.%s.%s.%s"

	// JSApiDurableCreate is the endpoint to create durable consumers for streams.
	// You need to include the stream and consumer name in the subject.

	// JSApiConsumers is the endpoint to list all consumer names for the stream.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiConsumers  = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.NAMES.*"
	JSApiConsumersT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.NAMES.%s"

	// JSApiConsumerList is the endpoint that will return all detailed consumer information
	JSApiConsumerList  = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.LIST.*"
	JSApiConsumerListT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.LIST.%s"

	// JSApiConsumerInfo is for obtaining general information about a consumer.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiConsumerInfo  = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.INFO.*.*"
	JSApiConsumerInfoT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.INFO.%s.%s"

	// JSApiConsumerDelete is the endpoint to delete consumers.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiConsumerDelete  = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.DELETE.*.*"
	JSApiConsumerDeleteT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.DELETE.%s.%s"

	// JSApiRequestNextT is the prefix for the request next message(s) for a consumer in worker/pull mode.
	JSApiRequestNextT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.MSG.NEXT.%s.%s"

	// JSApiStreamRemovePeer is the endpoint to remove a peer from a clustered stream and its consumers.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamRemovePeer  = "$JS.API.STREAM.PEER.REMOVE.*"
	JSApiStreamRemovePeerT = "$JS.API.STREAM.PEER.REMOVE.%s"

	// JSApiStreamLeaderStepDown is the endpoint to have stream leader stepdown.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiStreamLeaderStepDown  = "$JS.API.STREAM.LEADER.STEPDOWN.*"

	// JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDown is the endpoint to have consumer leader stepdown.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDown  = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.LEADER.STEPDOWN.*.*"
	JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDownT = "$JS.API.CONSUMER.LEADER.STEPDOWN.%s.%s"

	// JSApiLeaderStepDown is the endpoint to have our metaleader stepdown.
	// Only works from system account.
	// Will return JSON response.

	// JSApiRemoveServer is the endpoint to remove a peer server from the cluster.
	// Only works from system account.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiRemoveServer = "$JS.API.SERVER.REMOVE"

	// JSApiAccountPurge is the endpoint to purge the js content of an account
	// Only works from system account.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiAccountPurge  = "$JS.API.ACCOUNT.PURGE.*"
	JSApiAccountPurgeT = "$JS.API.ACCOUNT.PURGE.%s"

	// JSApiServerStreamMove is the endpoint to move streams off a server
	// Only works from system account.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiServerStreamMove  = "$JS.API.ACCOUNT.STREAM.MOVE.*.*"
	JSApiServerStreamMoveT = "$JS.API.ACCOUNT.STREAM.MOVE.%s.%s"

	// JSApiServerStreamCancelMove is the endpoint to cancel a stream move
	// Only works from system account.
	// Will return JSON response.
	JSApiServerStreamCancelMove  = "$JS.API.ACCOUNT.STREAM.CANCEL_MOVE.*.*"
	JSApiServerStreamCancelMoveT = "$JS.API.ACCOUNT.STREAM.CANCEL_MOVE.%s.%s"

	// JSAdvisoryPrefix is a prefix for all JetStream advisories.
	JSAdvisoryPrefix = "$JS.EVENT.ADVISORY"

	// JSMetricPrefix is a prefix for all JetStream metrics.
	JSMetricPrefix = "$JS.EVENT.METRIC"

	// JSMetricConsumerAckPre is a metric containing ack latency.

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerMaxDeliveryExceedPre is a notification published when a message exceeds its delivery threshold.

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerMsgNakPre is a notification published when a message has been naked

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerMsgTerminatedPre is a notification published when a message has been terminated.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamCreatedPre notification that a stream was created.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamDeletedPre notification that a stream was deleted.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamUpdatedPre notification that a stream was updated.

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerCreatedPre notification that a template created.

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerDeletedPre notification that a template deleted.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamSnapshotCreatePre notification that a snapshot was created.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamSnapshotCompletePre notification that a snapshot was completed.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamRestoreCreatePre notification that a restore was start.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamRestoreCompletePre notification that a restore was completed.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamLeaderElectedPre notification that a replicated stream has elected a leader.

	// JSAdvisoryStreamQuorumLostPre notification that a stream and its consumers are stalled.

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerLeaderElectedPre notification that a replicated consumer has elected a leader.

	// JSAdvisoryConsumerQuorumLostPre notification that a consumer is stalled.

	// JSAdvisoryServerOutOfStorage notification that a server has no more storage.

	// JSAdvisoryServerRemoved notification that a server has been removed from the system.

	// JSAuditAdvisory is a notification about JetStream API access.
	// FIXME - Add in details about who..

Request API subjects for JetStream.

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const (
	// ConnOpen filters on open clients.
	ConnOpen = ConnState(iota)
	// ConnClosed filters on closed clients.
	// ConnAll returns all clients.
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const (
	OCSPResponseCacheDefaultDir            = "_rc_"
	OCSPResponseCacheDefaultFilename       = "cache.json"
	OCSPResponseCacheDefaultTempFilePrefix = "ocsprc-*"
	OCSPResponseCacheMinimumSaveInterval   = 1 * time.Second
	OCSPResponseCacheDefaultSaveInterval   = 5 * time.Minute
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const (
	OP_START parserState = iota

Parser constants

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const (
	// RouteProtoZero is the original Route protocol from 2009.
	RouteProtoZero = iota
	// RouteProtoInfo signals a route can receive more then the original INFO block.
	// This can be used to update remote cluster permissions, etc...
	// RouteProtoV2 is the new route/cluster protocol that provides account support.
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const (
	ConProto  = "CONNECT %s" + _CRLF_
	InfoProto = "INFO %s" + _CRLF_

Route protocol constants

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const (
	CompressionNotSupported   = "not supported"
	CompressionOff            = "off"
	CompressionAccept         = "accept"
	CompressionS2Auto         = "s2_auto"
	CompressionS2Uncompressed = "s2_uncompressed"
	CompressionS2Fast         = "s2_fast"
	CompressionS2Better       = "s2_better"
	CompressionS2Best         = "s2_best"

Compression modes.

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const (
	RootPath         = "/"
	VarzPath         = "/varz"
	ConnzPath        = "/connz"
	RoutezPath       = "/routez"
	GatewayzPath     = "/gatewayz"
	LeafzPath        = "/leafz"
	SubszPath        = "/subsz"
	StackszPath      = "/stacksz"
	AccountzPath     = "/accountz"
	AccountStatzPath = "/accstatz"
	JszPath          = "/jsz"
	HealthzPath      = "/healthz"
	IPQueuesPath     = "/ipqueuesz"

HTTP endpoints

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const (
	// File specifies on disk, designated by the JetStream config StoreDir.
	FileStorage = StorageType(22)
	// MemoryStorage specifies in memory only.
	MemoryStorage = StorageType(33)
	// Any is for internals.
	AnyStorage = StorageType(44)
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const (
	// DiscardOld will remove older messages to return to the limits.
	DiscardOld = iota
	// DiscardNew will error on a StoreMsg call
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const (
	JSMsgId               = "Nats-Msg-Id"
	JSExpectedStream      = "Nats-Expected-Stream"
	JSExpectedLastSeq     = "Nats-Expected-Last-Sequence"
	JSExpectedLastSubjSeq = "Nats-Expected-Last-Subject-Sequence"
	JSExpectedLastMsgId   = "Nats-Expected-Last-Msg-Id"
	JSStreamSource        = "Nats-Stream-Source"
	JSLastConsumerSeq     = "Nats-Last-Consumer"
	JSLastStreamSeq       = "Nats-Last-Stream"
	JSConsumerStalled     = "Nats-Consumer-Stalled"
	JSMsgRollup           = "Nats-Rollup"
	JSMsgSize             = "Nats-Msg-Size"
	JSResponseType        = "Nats-Response-Type"

Headers for published messages.

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const (
	JSStream       = "Nats-Stream"
	JSSequence     = "Nats-Sequence"
	JSTimeStamp    = "Nats-Time-Stamp"
	JSSubject      = "Nats-Subject"
	JSLastSequence = "Nats-Last-Sequence"

Headers for republished messages and direct gets.

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const (
	JSMsgRollupSubject = "sub"
	JSMsgRollupAll     = "all"

Rollups, can be subject only or all messages.

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const (
	NoTransform int16 = iota

Enum for the subject mapping subjectTransform function types

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const AccountNumConnsMsgType = "io.nats.server.advisory.v1.account_connections"
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const ClientInfoHdr = "Nats-Request-Info"
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const ConnectEventMsgType = "io.nats.server.advisory.v1.client_connect"

ConnectEventMsgType is the schema type for ConnectEventMsg

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const DefaultConnListSize = 1024

DefaultConnListSize is the default size of the connection list.

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const DefaultSubListSize = 1024

DefaultSubListSize is the default size of the subscriptions list.

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const DisconnectEventMsgType = "io.nats.server.advisory.v1.client_disconnect"

DisconnectEventMsgType is the schema type for DisconnectEventMsg

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const (
	InboxPrefix = "$SYS._INBOX."

Copied from go client. We could use serviceReply here instead to save some code. I prefer these semantics for the moment, when tracing you know what this is.

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const JSAPIAuditType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.api_audit"
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const JSApiAccountInfoResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.account_info_response"
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const JSApiAccountPurgeResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.account_purge_response"
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const JSApiConsumerCreateResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.consumer_create_response"
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const JSApiConsumerDeleteResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.consumer_delete_response"
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const JSApiConsumerInfoResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.consumer_info_response"
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const JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDownResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.consumer_leader_stepdown_response"
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const JSApiConsumerListResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.consumer_list_response"
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const JSApiConsumerNamesResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.consumer_names_response"
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const JSApiLeaderStepDownResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.meta_leader_stepdown_response"
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const JSApiListLimit = 256
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const JSApiMetaServerRemoveResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.meta_server_remove_response"
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const JSApiMsgDeleteResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_msg_delete_response"
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const JSApiMsgGetResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_msg_get_response"
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const JSApiNamesLimit = 1024

JSApiNamesLimit is the maximum entries we will return for streams or consumers lists. TODO(dlc) - with header or request support could request chunked response.

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const JSApiOverloadedType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.system_overloaded"
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const JSApiStreamCreateResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_create_response"
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const JSApiStreamDeleteResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_delete_response"
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const JSApiStreamInfoResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_info_response"
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const JSApiStreamLeaderStepDownResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_leader_stepdown_response"
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const JSApiStreamListResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_list_response"
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const JSApiStreamNamesResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_names_response"
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const JSApiStreamPurgeResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_purge_response"
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const JSApiStreamRemovePeerResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_remove_peer_response"
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const JSApiStreamRestoreResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_restore_response"
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const JSApiStreamSnapshotResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_snapshot_response"
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const JSApiStreamTemplateCreateResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_template_create_response"
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const JSApiStreamTemplateDeleteResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_template_delete_response"
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const JSApiStreamTemplateInfoResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_template_info_response"
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const JSApiStreamTemplateNamesResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_template_names_response"
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const JSApiStreamUpdateResponseType = "io.nats.jetstream.api.v1.stream_update_response"
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const JSConsumerAckMetricType = "io.nats.jetstream.metric.v1.consumer_ack"

JSConsumerAckMetricType is the schema type for JSConsumerAckMetricType

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const JSConsumerActionAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.consumer_action"
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const JSConsumerDeliveryExceededAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.max_deliver"

JSConsumerDeliveryExceededAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSConsumerDeliveryExceededAdvisory

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const JSConsumerDeliveryNakAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.nak"

JSConsumerDeliveryNakAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSConsumerDeliveryNakAdvisory

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const JSConsumerDeliveryTerminatedAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.terminated"

JSConsumerDeliveryTerminatedAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSConsumerDeliveryTerminatedAdvisory

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const JSConsumerLeaderElectedAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.consumer_leader_elected"

JSConsumerLeaderElectedAdvisoryType is sent when the system elects a leader for a consumer.

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const JSConsumerQuorumLostAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.consumer_quorum_lost"

JSConsumerQuorumLostAdvisoryType is sent when the system detects a clustered consumer and is stalled and unable to make progress.

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const JSMaxDescriptionLen = 4 * 1024

JSMaxDescription is the maximum description length for streams and consumers.

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const JSMaxMetadataLen = 128 * 1024

JSMaxMetadataLen is the maximum length for streams an consumers metadata map. It's calculated by summing length of all keys an values.

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const JSMaxNameLen = 255

JSMaxNameLen is the maximum name lengths for streams, consumers and templates. Picked 255 as it seems to be a widely used file name limit

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const JSMaxSubjectDetails = 100_000

JSMaxSubjectDetails The limit of the number of subject details we will send in a stream info response.

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const JSRestoreCompleteAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.restore_complete"

JSRestoreCompleteAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory

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const JSRestoreCreateAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.restore_create"

JSRestoreCreateAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory

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const JSServerOutOfStorageAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.server_out_of_space"

JSServerOutOfStorageAdvisoryType is sent when the server is out of storage space.

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const JSServerRemovedAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.server_removed"

JSServerRemovedAdvisoryType is sent when the server has been removed and JS disabled.

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const JSSnapshotCompleteAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.snapshot_complete"

JSSnapshotCompleteAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory

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const JSSnapshotCreatedAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.snapshot_create"

JSSnapshotCreatedAdvisoryType is the schema type for JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory

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const JSStreamActionAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.stream_action"
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const JSStreamLeaderElectedAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.stream_leader_elected"

JSStreamLeaderElectedAdvisoryType is sent when the system elects a leader for a stream.

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const JSStreamQuorumLostAdvisoryType = "io.nats.jetstream.advisory.v1.stream_quorum_lost"

JSStreamQuorumLostAdvisoryType is sent when the system detects a clustered stream and its consumers are stalled and unable to make progress.

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const JSWaitQueueDefaultMax = 512

JSWaitQueueDefaultMax is the default max number of outstanding requests for pull consumers.

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const JsPullRequestRemainingBytesT = "NATS/1.0 409 Batch Completed\r\n%s: %d\r\n%s: %d\r\n\r\n"

Headers sent when batch size was completed, but there were remaining bytes.

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const MaxAccountCycleSearchDepth = 1024
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const OCSPPeerChainlinkInvalidEventMsgType = "io.nats.server.advisory.v1.ocsp_peer_link_invalid"

OCSPPeerChainlinkInvalidEventMsgType is the schema type for OCSPPeerChainlinkInvalidEventMsg

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const OCSPPeerRejectEventMsgType = "io.nats.server.advisory.v1.ocsp_peer_reject"

OCSPPeerRejectEventMsgType is the schema type for OCSPPeerRejectEventMsg

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const OK = "+OK"


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const ServiceLatencyType = "io.nats.server.metric.v1.service_latency"

ServiceLatencyType is the NATS Event Type for ServiceLatency

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const StreamDefaultDuplicatesWindow = 2 * time.Minute

StreamDefaultDuplicatesWindow default duplicates window.

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const (
	StreamMaxReplicas = 5

Replicas Range


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var (
	// Ack
	AckAck = []byte("+ACK") // nil or no payload to ack subject also means ACK
	AckOK  = []byte(OK)     // deprecated but +OK meant ack as well.

	// Nack
	AckNak = []byte("-NAK")
	// Progress indicator
	AckProgress = []byte("+WPI")
	// Ack + Deliver the next message(s).
	AckNext = []byte("+NXT")
	// Terminate delivery of the message.
	AckTerm = []byte("+TERM")

Ack responses. Note that a nil or no payload is same as AckAck

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var (
	// ErrConnectionClosed represents an error condition on a closed connection.
	ErrConnectionClosed = errors.New("connection closed")

	// ErrAuthentication represents an error condition on failed authentication.
	ErrAuthentication = errors.New("authentication error")

	// ErrAuthTimeout represents an error condition on failed authorization due to timeout.
	ErrAuthTimeout = errors.New("authentication timeout")

	// ErrAuthExpired represents an expired authorization due to timeout.
	ErrAuthExpired = errors.New("authentication expired")

	// ErrMaxPayload represents an error condition when the payload is too big.
	ErrMaxPayload = errors.New("maximum payload exceeded")

	// ErrMaxControlLine represents an error condition when the control line is too big.
	ErrMaxControlLine = errors.New("maximum control line exceeded")

	// ErrReservedPublishSubject represents an error condition when sending to a reserved subject, e.g. _SYS.>
	ErrReservedPublishSubject = errors.New("reserved internal subject")

	// ErrBadPublishSubject represents an error condition for an invalid publish subject.
	ErrBadPublishSubject = errors.New("invalid publish subject")

	// ErrBadSubject represents an error condition for an invalid subject.
	ErrBadSubject = errors.New("invalid subject")

	// ErrBadQualifier is used to error on a bad qualifier for a transform.
	ErrBadQualifier = errors.New("bad qualifier")

	// ErrBadClientProtocol signals a client requested an invalid client protocol.
	ErrBadClientProtocol = errors.New("invalid client protocol")

	// ErrTooManyConnections signals a client that the maximum number of connections supported by the
	// server has been reached.
	ErrTooManyConnections = errors.New("maximum connections exceeded")

	// ErrTooManyAccountConnections signals that an account has reached its maximum number of active
	// connections.
	ErrTooManyAccountConnections = errors.New("maximum account active connections exceeded")

	// ErrTooManySubs signals a client that the maximum number of subscriptions per connection
	// has been reached.
	ErrTooManySubs = errors.New("maximum subscriptions exceeded")

	// ErrTooManySubTokens signals a client that the subject has too many tokens.
	ErrTooManySubTokens = errors.New("subject has exceeded number of tokens limit")

	// ErrClientConnectedToRoutePort represents an error condition when a client
	// attempted to connect to the route listen port.
	ErrClientConnectedToRoutePort = errors.New("attempted to connect to route port")

	// ErrClientConnectedToLeafNodePort represents an error condition when a client
	// attempted to connect to the leaf node listen port.
	ErrClientConnectedToLeafNodePort = errors.New("attempted to connect to leaf node port")

	// ErrLeafNodeHasSameClusterName represents an error condition when a leafnode is a cluster
	// and it has the same cluster name as the hub cluster.
	ErrLeafNodeHasSameClusterName = errors.New("remote leafnode has same cluster name")

	// ErrLeafNodeDisabled is when we disable leafnodes.
	ErrLeafNodeDisabled = errors.New("leafnodes disabled")

	// ErrConnectedToWrongPort represents an error condition when a connection is attempted
	// to the wrong listen port (for instance a LeafNode to a client port, etc...)
	ErrConnectedToWrongPort = errors.New("attempted to connect to wrong port")

	// ErrAccountExists is returned when an account is attempted to be registered
	// but already exists.
	ErrAccountExists = errors.New("account exists")

	// ErrBadAccount represents a malformed or incorrect account.
	ErrBadAccount = errors.New("bad account")

	// ErrReservedAccount represents a reserved account that can not be created.
	ErrReservedAccount = errors.New("reserved account")

	// ErrMissingAccount is returned when an account does not exist.
	ErrMissingAccount = errors.New("account missing")

	// ErrMissingService is returned when an account does not have an exported service.
	ErrMissingService = errors.New("service missing")

	// ErrBadServiceType is returned when latency tracking is being applied to non-singleton response types.
	ErrBadServiceType = errors.New("bad service response type")

	// ErrBadSampling is returned when the sampling for latency tracking is not 1 >= sample <= 100.
	ErrBadSampling = errors.New("bad sampling percentage, should be 1-100")

	// ErrAccountValidation is returned when an account has failed validation.
	ErrAccountValidation = errors.New("account validation failed")

	// ErrAccountExpired is returned when an account has expired.
	ErrAccountExpired = errors.New("account expired")

	// ErrNoAccountResolver is returned when we attempt an update but do not have an account resolver.
	ErrNoAccountResolver = errors.New("account resolver missing")

	// ErrAccountResolverUpdateTooSoon is returned when we attempt an update too soon to last request.
	ErrAccountResolverUpdateTooSoon = errors.New("account resolver update too soon")

	// ErrAccountResolverSameClaims is returned when same claims have been fetched.
	ErrAccountResolverSameClaims = errors.New("account resolver no new claims")

	// ErrStreamImportAuthorization is returned when a stream import is not authorized.
	ErrStreamImportAuthorization = errors.New("stream import not authorized")

	// ErrStreamImportBadPrefix is returned when a stream import prefix contains wildcards.
	ErrStreamImportBadPrefix = errors.New("stream import prefix can not contain wildcard tokens")

	// ErrStreamImportDuplicate is returned when a stream import is a duplicate of one that already exists.
	ErrStreamImportDuplicate = errors.New("stream import already exists")

	// ErrServiceImportAuthorization is returned when a service import is not authorized.
	ErrServiceImportAuthorization = errors.New("service import not authorized")

	// ErrImportFormsCycle is returned when an import would form a cycle.
	ErrImportFormsCycle = errors.New("import forms a cycle")

	// ErrCycleSearchDepth is returned when we have exceeded our maximum search depth..
	ErrCycleSearchDepth = errors.New("search cycle depth exhausted")

	// ErrClientOrRouteConnectedToGatewayPort represents an error condition when
	// a client or route attempted to connect to the Gateway port.
	ErrClientOrRouteConnectedToGatewayPort = errors.New("attempted to connect to gateway port")

	// ErrWrongGateway represents an error condition when a server receives a connect
	// request from a remote Gateway with a destination name that does not match the server's
	// Gateway's name.
	ErrWrongGateway = errors.New("wrong gateway")

	// ErrNoSysAccount is returned when an attempt to publish or subscribe is made
	// when there is no internal system account defined.
	ErrNoSysAccount = errors.New("system account not setup")

	// ErrRevocation is returned when a credential has been revoked.
	ErrRevocation = errors.New("credentials have been revoked")

	// ErrServerNotRunning is used to signal an error that a server is not running.
	ErrServerNotRunning = errors.New("server is not running")

	// ErrBadMsgHeader signals the parser detected a bad message header
	ErrBadMsgHeader = errors.New("bad message header detected")

	// ErrMsgHeadersNotSupported signals the parser detected a message header
	// but they are not supported on this server.
	ErrMsgHeadersNotSupported = errors.New("message headers not supported")

	// ErrNoRespondersRequiresHeaders signals that a client needs to have headers
	// on if they want no responders behavior.
	ErrNoRespondersRequiresHeaders = errors.New("no responders requires headers support")

	// ErrClusterNameConfigConflict signals that the options for cluster name in cluster and gateway are in conflict.
	ErrClusterNameConfigConflict = errors.New("cluster name conflicts between cluster and gateway definitions")

	// ErrClusterNameRemoteConflict signals that a remote server has a different cluster name.
	ErrClusterNameRemoteConflict = errors.New("cluster name from remote server conflicts")

	// ErrMalformedSubject is returned when a subscription is made with a subject that does not conform to subject rules.
	ErrMalformedSubject = errors.New("malformed subject")

	// ErrSubscribePermissionViolation is returned when processing of a subscription fails due to permissions.
	ErrSubscribePermissionViolation = errors.New("subscribe permission violation")

	// ErrNoTransforms signals no subject transforms are available to map this subject.
	ErrNoTransforms = errors.New("no matching transforms available")

	// ErrCertNotPinned is returned when pinned certs are set and the certificate is not in it
	ErrCertNotPinned = errors.New("certificate not pinned")

	// ErrDuplicateServerName is returned when processing a server remote connection and
	// the server reports that this server name is already used in the cluster.
	ErrDuplicateServerName = errors.New("duplicate server name")

	// ErrMinimumVersionRequired is returned when a connection is not at the minimum version required.
	ErrMinimumVersionRequired = errors.New("minimum version required")

	// ErrInvalidMappingDestination is used for all subject mapping destination errors
	ErrInvalidMappingDestination = errors.New("invalid mapping destination")

	// ErrInvalidMappingDestinationSubject is used to error on a bad transform destination mapping
	ErrInvalidMappingDestinationSubject = fmt.Errorf("%w: invalid subject", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrMappingDestinationNotUsingAllWildcards is used to error on a transform destination not using all of the token wildcards
	ErrMappingDestinationNotUsingAllWildcards = fmt.Errorf("%w: not using all of the token wildcard(s)", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrUnknownMappingDestinationFunction is returned when a subject mapping destination contains an unknown mustache-escaped mapping function.
	ErrUnknownMappingDestinationFunction = fmt.Errorf("%w: unknown function", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrMappingDestinationIndexOutOfRange is returned when the mapping destination function is passed an out of range wildcard index value for one of it's arguments
	ErrMappingDestinationIndexOutOfRange = fmt.Errorf("%w: wildcard index out of range", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrMappingDestinationNotEnoughArgs is returned when the mapping destination function is not passed enough arguments
	ErrMappingDestinationNotEnoughArgs = fmt.Errorf("%w: not enough arguments passed to the function", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrMappingDestinationInvalidArg is returned when the mapping destination function is passed and invalid argument
	ErrMappingDestinationInvalidArg = fmt.Errorf("%w: function argument is invalid or in the wrong format", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrMappingDestinationTooManyArgs is returned when the mapping destination function is passed too many arguments
	ErrMappingDestinationTooManyArgs = fmt.Errorf("%w: too many arguments passed to the function", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)

	// ErrMappingDestinationNotSupportedForImport is returned when you try to use a mapping function other than wildcard in a transform that needs to be reversible (i.e. an import)
	ErrMappingDestinationNotSupportedForImport = fmt.Errorf("%w: the only mapping function allowed for import transforms is {{Wildcard()}}", ErrInvalidMappingDestination)
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var (
	ApiErrors = map[ErrorIdentifier]*ApiError{}/* 152 elements not displayed */

	// ErrJetStreamNotClustered Deprecated by JSClusterNotActiveErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamNotClustered = ApiErrors[JSClusterNotActiveErr]
	// ErrJetStreamNotAssigned Deprecated by JSClusterNotAssignedErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamNotAssigned = ApiErrors[JSClusterNotAssignedErr]
	// ErrJetStreamNotLeader Deprecated by JSClusterNotLeaderErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamNotLeader = ApiErrors[JSClusterNotLeaderErr]
	// ErrJetStreamConsumerAlreadyUsed Deprecated by JSConsumerNameExistErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamConsumerAlreadyUsed = ApiErrors[JSConsumerNameExistErr]
	// ErrJetStreamResourcesExceeded Deprecated by JSInsufficientResourcesErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamResourcesExceeded = ApiErrors[JSInsufficientResourcesErr]
	// ErrMemoryResourcesExceeded Deprecated by JSMemoryResourcesExceededErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrMemoryResourcesExceeded = ApiErrors[JSMemoryResourcesExceededErr]
	// ErrJetStreamNotEnabled Deprecated by JSNotEnabledErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamNotEnabled = ApiErrors[JSNotEnabledErr]
	// ErrStorageResourcesExceeded Deprecated by JSStorageResourcesExceededErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrStorageResourcesExceeded = ApiErrors[JSStorageResourcesExceededErr]
	// ErrJetStreamStreamAlreadyUsed Deprecated by JSStreamNameExistErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamStreamAlreadyUsed = ApiErrors[JSStreamNameExistErr]
	// ErrJetStreamStreamNotFound Deprecated by JSStreamNotFoundErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrJetStreamStreamNotFound = ApiErrors[JSStreamNotFoundErr]
	// ErrReplicasNotSupported Deprecated by JSStreamReplicasNotSupportedErr ApiError, use IsNatsError() for comparisons
	ErrReplicasNotSupported = ApiErrors[JSStreamReplicasNotSupportedErr]
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var (
	// ErrStoreClosed is returned when the store has been closed
	ErrStoreClosed = errors.New("store is closed")
	// ErrStoreMsgNotFound when message was not found but was expected to be.
	ErrStoreMsgNotFound = errors.New("no message found")
	// ErrStoreEOF is returned when message seq is greater than the last sequence.
	ErrStoreEOF = errors.New("stream store EOF")
	// ErrMaxMsgs is returned when we have discard new as a policy and we reached the message limit.
	ErrMaxMsgs = errors.New("maximum messages exceeded")
	// ErrMaxBytes is returned when we have discard new as a policy and we reached the bytes limit.
	ErrMaxBytes = errors.New("maximum bytes exceeded")
	// ErrMaxMsgsPerSubject is returned when we have discard new as a policy and we reached the message limit per subject.
	ErrMaxMsgsPerSubject = errors.New("maximum messages per subject exceeded")
	// ErrStoreSnapshotInProgress is returned when RemoveMsg or EraseMsg is called
	// while a snapshot is in progress.
	ErrStoreSnapshotInProgress = errors.New("snapshot in progress")
	// ErrMsgTooLarge is returned when a message is considered too large.
	ErrMsgTooLarge = errors.New("message to large")
	// ErrStoreWrongType is for when you access the wrong storage type.
	ErrStoreWrongType = errors.New("wrong storage type")
	// ErrNoAckPolicy is returned when trying to update a consumer's acks with no ack policy.
	ErrNoAckPolicy = errors.New("ack policy is none")
	// ErrInvalidSequence is returned when the sequence is not present in the stream store.
	ErrInvalidSequence = errors.New("invalid sequence")
	// ErrSequenceMismatch is returned when storing a raw message and the expected sequence is wrong.
	ErrSequenceMismatch = errors.New("expected sequence does not match store")
	// ErrCorruptStreamState
	ErrCorruptStreamState = errors.New("stream state snapshot is corrupt")
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var (
	ErrInvalidSubject    = errors.New("sublist: invalid subject")
	ErrNotFound          = errors.New("sublist: no matches found")
	ErrNilChan           = errors.New("sublist: nil channel")
	ErrAlreadyRegistered = errors.New("sublist: notification already registered")

Sublist related errors

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var ErrBadStreamStateEncoding = errors.New("bad stream state encoding")
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var IsPublicExport = []*Account(nil)

IsPublicExport is a placeholder to denote a public export.

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var OCSPResponseCacheTypeMap = map[string]OCSPResponseCacheType{
	"none":  NONE,
	"local": LOCAL,
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var OCSPResponseCacheUsage = `` /* 996-byte string literal not displayed */


func CommandToSignal added in v2.10.0

func CommandToSignal(command Command) (syscall.Signal, error)

Translates a command to a signal number

func ErrorIs added in v2.1.6

func ErrorIs(err, target error) bool

ErrorIs implements: go 1.13 errors.Is(err, target error) bool TODO replace with native code once we no longer support go1.12

func GatewayDoNotForceInterestOnlyMode added in v2.9.0

func GatewayDoNotForceInterestOnlyMode(doNotForce bool)

GatewayDoNotForceInterestOnlyMode is used ONLY in tests. DO NOT USE in normal code or if you embed the NATS Server.

func GenTLSConfig

func GenTLSConfig(tc *TLSConfigOpts) (*tls.Config, error)

GenTLSConfig loads TLS related configuration parameters.

func IsEncodedStreamState added in v2.10.0

func IsEncodedStreamState(buf []byte) bool

Determine if this is an encoded stream state.

func IsNatsErr added in v2.3.0

func IsNatsErr(err error, ids ...ErrorIdentifier) bool

IsNatsErr determines if an error matches ID, if multiple IDs are given if the error matches any of these the function will be true

func IsValidLiteralSubject

func IsValidLiteralSubject(subject string) bool

IsValidLiteralSubject returns true if a subject is valid and literal (no wildcards), false otherwise

func IsValidPublishSubject added in v2.1.0

func IsValidPublishSubject(subject string) bool

IsValidPublishSubject returns true if a subject is valid and a literal, false otherwise

func IsValidSubject

func IsValidSubject(subject string) bool

IsValidSubject returns true if a subject is valid, false otherwise

func NewErrorCtx added in v2.1.6

func NewErrorCtx(err error, format string, args ...interface{}) error

func NewSubjectTransform added in v2.10.0

func NewSubjectTransform(src, dest string) (*subjectTransform, error)

func NewSubjectTransformStrict added in v2.10.0

func NewSubjectTransformStrict(src, dest string) (*subjectTransform, error)

func NewSubjectTransformWithStrict added in v2.10.0

func NewSubjectTransformWithStrict(src, dest string, strict bool) (*subjectTransform, error)

func NoErrOnUnknownFields

func NoErrOnUnknownFields(noError bool)

NoErrOnUnknownFields can be used to change the behavior the processing of a configuration file. By default, an error is reported if unknown fields are found. If `noError` is set to true, no error will be reported if top-level unknown fields are found.

func PrintAndDie

func PrintAndDie(msg string)

PrintAndDie is exported for access in other packages.

func PrintServerAndExit

func PrintServerAndExit()

PrintServerAndExit will print our version and exit.

func PrintTLSHelpAndDie

func PrintTLSHelpAndDie()

PrintTLSHelpAndDie prints TLS usage and exits.

func ProcessCommandLineArgs

func ProcessCommandLineArgs(cmd *flag.FlagSet) (showVersion bool, showHelp bool, err error)

ProcessCommandLineArgs takes the command line arguments validating and setting flags for handling in case any sub command was present.

func ProcessSignal

func ProcessSignal(command Command, pidExpr string) error

ProcessSignal sends the given signal command to the given process. If pidStr is empty, this will send the signal to the single running instance of nats-server. If multiple instances are running, pidStr can be a globular expression ending with '*'. This returns an error if the given process is not running or the command is invalid.

func ReadOperatorJWT added in v2.0.2

func ReadOperatorJWT(jwtfile string) (*jwt.OperatorClaims, error)

ReadOperatorJWT will read a jwt file for an operator claim. This can be a decorated file.

func RemoveSelfReference

func RemoveSelfReference(clusterPort int, routes []*url.URL) ([]*url.URL, error)

RemoveSelfReference removes this server from an array of routes

func ResetGatewaysSolicitDelay

func ResetGatewaysSolicitDelay()

ResetGatewaysSolicitDelay resets the initial delay before gateways connections are initiated to its default values. Used by tests.

func ResponseHandler

func ResponseHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, data []byte)

ResponseHandler handles responses for monitoring routes.

func RoutesFromStr

func RoutesFromStr(routesStr string) []*url.URL

RoutesFromStr parses route URLs from a string

func Run

func Run(server *Server) error

Run starts the NATS server. This wrapper function allows Windows to add a hook for running NATS as a service.

func SetGatewaysSolicitDelay

func SetGatewaysSolicitDelay(delay time.Duration)

SetGatewaysSolicitDelay sets the initial delay before gateways connections are initiated. Used by tests.

func SetProcessName

func SetProcessName(name string)

SetProcessName allows to change the expected name of the process.

func SubjectsCollide added in v2.2.0

func SubjectsCollide(subj1, subj2 string) bool

SubjectsCollide will determine if two subjects could both match a single literal subject.

func UnpackIfErrorCtx added in v2.1.6

func UnpackIfErrorCtx(err error) string

UnpackIfErrorCtx return Error or, if type is right error and context

func ValidateMappingDestination added in v2.9.0

func ValidateMappingDestination(subject string) error

ValidateMappingDestination returns nil error if the subject is a valid subject mapping destination subject


type AccInfoEventOptions added in v2.2.0

type AccInfoEventOptions struct {
	// No actual options yet

Options for account Info

type Account

type Account struct {
	Name   string
	Nkey   string
	Issuer string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Account are subject namespace definitions. By default no messages are shared between accounts. You can share via Exports and Imports of Streams and Services.

func NewAccount

func NewAccount(name string) *Account

NewAccount creates a new unlimited account with the given name.

func (*Account) AddMappedStreamImport added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) AddMappedStreamImport(account *Account, from, to string) error

AddMappedStreamImport helper for AddMappedStreamImportWithClaim

func (*Account) AddMappedStreamImportWithClaim added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) AddMappedStreamImportWithClaim(account *Account, from, to string, imClaim *jwt.Import) error

AddMappedStreamImportWithClaim will add in the stream import from a specific account with optional token.

func (*Account) AddMapping added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) AddMapping(src, dest string) error

AddMapping adds in a simple route mapping from src subject to dest subject for inbound client messages.

func (*Account) AddServiceExport

func (a *Account) AddServiceExport(subject string, accounts []*Account) error

AddServiceExport will configure the account with the defined export.

func (*Account) AddServiceExportWithResponse added in v2.0.4

func (a *Account) AddServiceExportWithResponse(subject string, respType ServiceRespType, accounts []*Account) error

AddServiceExportWithResponse will configure the account with the defined export and response type.

func (*Account) AddServiceImport

func (a *Account) AddServiceImport(destination *Account, from, to string) error

AddServiceImport will add a route to an account to send published messages / requests to the destination account. From is the local subject to map, To is the subject that will appear on the destination account. Destination will need to have an import rule to allow access via addService.

func (*Account) AddServiceImportWithClaim

func (a *Account) AddServiceImportWithClaim(destination *Account, from, to string, imClaim *jwt.Import) error

AddServiceImportWithClaim will add in the service import via the jwt claim.

func (*Account) AddStreamExport

func (a *Account) AddStreamExport(subject string, accounts []*Account) error

AddStreamExport will add an export to the account. If accounts is nil it will signify a public export, meaning anyone can import.

func (*Account) AddStreamImport

func (a *Account) AddStreamImport(account *Account, from, prefix string) error

AddStreamImport will add in the stream import from a specific account.

func (*Account) AddStreamImportWithClaim

func (a *Account) AddStreamImportWithClaim(account *Account, from, prefix string, imClaim *jwt.Import) error

AddStreamImportWithClaim will add in the stream import from a specific account with optional token.

func (*Account) AddWeightedMappings added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) AddWeightedMappings(src string, dests ...*MapDest) error

AddWeightedMappings will add in a weighted mappings for the destinations.

func (*Account) DisableJetStream added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) DisableJetStream() error

DisableJetStream will disable JetStream for this account.

func (*Account) EnableJetStream added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) EnableJetStream(limits map[string]JetStreamAccountLimits) error

EnableJetStream will enable JetStream on this account with the defined limits. This is a helper for JetStreamEnableAccount.

func (*Account) GetName added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) GetName() string

GetName will return the accounts name.

func (*Account) Interest added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) Interest(subject string) int

Interest returns the number of subscriptions for a given subject that match.

func (*Account) IsExpired

func (a *Account) IsExpired() bool

IsExpired returns expiration status.

func (*Account) IsExportService added in v2.1.0

func (a *Account) IsExportService(service string) bool

IsExportService will indicate if this service exists. Will check wildcard scenarios.

func (*Account) IsExportServiceTracking added in v2.1.0

func (a *Account) IsExportServiceTracking(service string) bool

IsExportServiceTracking will indicate if given publish subject is an export service with tracking enabled.

func (*Account) JetStreamEnabled added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) JetStreamEnabled() bool

JetStreamEnabled is a helper to determine if jetstream is enabled for an account.

func (*Account) JetStreamIsConsumerLeader added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) JetStreamIsConsumerLeader(stream, consumer string) bool

func (*Account) JetStreamIsStreamLeader added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) JetStreamIsStreamLeader(stream string) bool

func (*Account) JetStreamUsage added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) JetStreamUsage() JetStreamAccountStats

JetStreamUsage reports on JetStream usage and limits for an account.

func (*Account) MaxActiveConnections

func (a *Account) MaxActiveConnections() int

MaxActiveConnections return the set limit for the account system wide for total number of active connections.

func (*Account) MaxActiveLeafNodes

func (a *Account) MaxActiveLeafNodes() int

MaxActiveLeafNodes return the set limit for the account system wide for total number of leavenode connections. NOTE: these are tracked separately.

func (*Account) MaxTotalConnectionsReached

func (a *Account) MaxTotalConnectionsReached() bool

MaxTotalConnectionsReached returns if we have reached our limit for number of connections.

func (*Account) MaxTotalLeafNodesReached

func (a *Account) MaxTotalLeafNodesReached() bool

MaxTotalLeafNodesReached returns if we have reached our limit for number of leafnodes.

func (*Account) NumConnections

func (a *Account) NumConnections() int

NumConnections returns active number of clients for this account for all known servers.

func (*Account) NumLeafNodes

func (a *Account) NumLeafNodes() int

NumLeafNodes returns the active number of local and remote leaf node connections.

func (*Account) NumLocalConnections

func (a *Account) NumLocalConnections() int

NumLocalConnections returns active number of clients for this account on this server.

func (*Account) NumPendingAllResponses added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) NumPendingAllResponses() int

NumPendingAllResponses return the number of all responses outstanding for service exports.

func (*Account) NumPendingResponses added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) NumPendingResponses(filter string) int

NumPendingResponses returns the number of responses outstanding for service exports on this account. An empty filter string returns all responses regardless of which export. If you specify the filter we will only return ones that are for that export. NOTE this is only for what this server is tracking.

func (*Account) NumPendingReverseResponses added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) NumPendingReverseResponses() int

NumPendingReverseResponses returns the number of response mappings we have for all outstanding requests for service imports.

func (*Account) NumRemoteConnections added in v2.1.0

func (a *Account) NumRemoteConnections() int

NumRemoteConnections returns the number of client or leaf connections that are not on this server.

func (*Account) NumRemoteLeafNodes

func (a *Account) NumRemoteLeafNodes() int

NumRemoteLeafNodes returns the active number of remote leaf node connections.

func (*Account) NumServiceImports added in v2.1.2

func (a *Account) NumServiceImports() int

NumServiceImports returns the number of service imports we have configured.

func (*Account) RemoveMapping added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) RemoveMapping(src string) bool

RemoveMapping will remove an existing mapping.

func (*Account) RestoreStream added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) RestoreStream(ncfg *StreamConfig, r io.Reader) (*stream, error)

RestoreStream will restore a stream from a snapshot.

func (*Account) RoutedSubs

func (a *Account) RoutedSubs() int

RoutedSubs returns how many subjects we would send across a route when first connected or expressing interest. Local client subs.

func (*Account) ServiceExportResponseThreshold added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) ServiceExportResponseThreshold(export string) (time.Duration, error)

ServiceExportResponseThreshold returns the current threshold.

func (*Account) SetServiceExportResponseThreshold added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) SetServiceExportResponseThreshold(export string, maxTime time.Duration) error

SetServiceExportResponseThreshold sets the maximum time the system will a response to be delivered from a service export responder.

func (*Account) SetServiceImportSharing added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) SetServiceImportSharing(destination *Account, to string, allow bool) error

SetServiceImportSharing will allow sharing of information about requests with the export account. Used for service latency tracking at the moment.

func (*Account) String added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) String() string

func (*Account) SubscriptionInterest added in v2.1.8

func (a *Account) SubscriptionInterest(subject string) bool

SubscriptionInterest returns true if this account has a matching subscription for the given `subject`.

func (*Account) TotalSubs

func (a *Account) TotalSubs() int

TotalSubs returns total number of Subscriptions for this account.

func (*Account) TrackServiceExport added in v2.1.0

func (a *Account) TrackServiceExport(service, results string) error

TrackServiceExport will enable latency tracking of the named service. Results will be published in this account to the given results subject.

func (*Account) TrackServiceExportWithSampling added in v2.1.0

func (a *Account) TrackServiceExportWithSampling(service, results string, sampling int) error

TrackServiceExportWithSampling will enable latency tracking of the named service for the given sampling rate (1-100). Results will be published in this account to the given results subject.

func (*Account) UnTrackServiceExport added in v2.1.0

func (a *Account) UnTrackServiceExport(service string)

UnTrackServiceExport will disable latency tracking of the named service.

func (*Account) UpdateJetStreamLimits added in v2.2.0

func (a *Account) UpdateJetStreamLimits(limits map[string]JetStreamAccountLimits) error

UpdateJetStreamLimits will update the account limits for a JetStream enabled account.

type AccountDetail added in v2.2.0

type AccountDetail struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`
	Id   string `json:"id"`
	Streams []StreamDetail `json:"stream_detail,omitempty"`

type AccountGatewayz

type AccountGatewayz struct {
	Name                  string `json:"name"`
	InterestMode          string `json:"interest_mode"`
	NoInterestCount       int    `json:"no_interest_count,omitempty"`
	InterestOnlyThreshold int    `json:"interest_only_threshold,omitempty"`
	TotalSubscriptions    int    `json:"num_subs,omitempty"`
	NumQueueSubscriptions int    `json:"num_queue_subs,omitempty"`

AccountGatewayz represents interest mode for this account

type AccountInfo added in v2.2.0

type AccountInfo struct {
	AccountName string               `json:"account_name"`
	LastUpdate  time.Time            `json:"update_time,omitempty"`
	IsSystem    bool                 `json:"is_system,omitempty"`
	Expired     bool                 `json:"expired"`
	Complete    bool                 `json:"complete"`
	JetStream   bool                 `json:"jetstream_enabled"`
	LeafCnt     int                  `json:"leafnode_connections"`
	ClientCnt   int                  `json:"client_connections"`
	SubCnt      uint32               `json:"subscriptions"`
	Mappings    ExtMap               `json:"mappings,omitempty"`
	Exports     []ExtExport          `json:"exports,omitempty"`
	Imports     []ExtImport          `json:"imports,omitempty"`
	Jwt         string               `json:"jwt,omitempty"`
	IssuerKey   string               `json:"issuer_key,omitempty"`
	NameTag     string               `json:"name_tag,omitempty"`
	Tags        jwt.TagList          `json:"tags,omitempty"`
	Claim       *jwt.AccountClaims   `json:"decoded_jwt,omitempty"`
	Vr          []ExtVrIssues        `json:"validation_result_jwt,omitempty"`
	RevokedUser map[string]time.Time `json:"revoked_user,omitempty"`
	Sublist     *SublistStats        `json:"sublist_stats,omitempty"`
	Responses   map[string]ExtImport `json:"responses,omitempty"`

type AccountNumConns

type AccountNumConns struct {
	Server ServerInfo `json:"server"`

AccountNumConns is an event that will be sent from a server that is tracking a given account when the number of connections changes. It will also HB updates in the absence of any changes.

type AccountResolver

type AccountResolver interface {
	Fetch(name string) (string, error)
	Store(name, jwt string) error
	IsReadOnly() bool
	Start(server *Server) error
	IsTrackingUpdate() bool
	Reload() error

AccountResolver interface. This is to fetch Account JWTs by public nkeys

type AccountStat added in v2.9.0

type AccountStat struct {
	Account       string    `json:"acc"`
	Conns         int       `json:"conns"`
	LeafNodes     int       `json:"leafnodes"`
	TotalConns    int       `json:"total_conns"`
	NumSubs       uint32    `json:"num_subscriptions"`
	Sent          DataStats `json:"sent"`
	Received      DataStats `json:"received"`
	SlowConsumers int64     `json:"slow_consumers"`

AccountStat contains the data common between AccountNumConns and AccountStatz

type AccountStatz added in v2.9.0

type AccountStatz struct {
	ID       string         `json:"server_id"`
	Now      time.Time      `json:"now"`
	Accounts []*AccountStat `json:"account_statz"`

Leafz represents detailed information on Leafnodes.

type AccountStatzEventOptions added in v2.9.0

type AccountStatzEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, AccountzEventOptions are options passed to Accountz

type AccountStatzOptions added in v2.9.0

type AccountStatzOptions struct {
	Accounts      []string `json:"accounts"`
	IncludeUnused bool     `json:"include_unused"`

LeafzOptions are options passed to Leafz

type Accountz added in v2.2.0

type Accountz struct {
	ID            string       `json:"server_id"`
	Now           time.Time    `json:"now"`
	SystemAccount string       `json:"system_account,omitempty"`
	Accounts      []string     `json:"accounts,omitempty"`
	Account       *AccountInfo `json:"account_detail,omitempty"`

type AccountzEventOptions added in v2.2.0

type AccountzEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, AccountzEventOptions are options passed to Accountz

type AccountzOptions added in v2.2.0

type AccountzOptions struct {
	// Account indicates that Accountz will return details for the account
	Account string `json:"account"`

AccountzOptions are options passed to Accountz

type AckPolicy added in v2.2.0

type AckPolicy int

AckPolicy determines how the consumer should acknowledge delivered messages.

const (
	// AckNone requires no acks for delivered messages.
	AckNone AckPolicy = iota
	// AckAll when acking a sequence number, this implicitly acks all sequences below this one as well.
	// AckExplicit requires ack or nack for all messages.

func (AckPolicy) MarshalJSON added in v2.2.0

func (ap AckPolicy) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (AckPolicy) String added in v2.2.0

func (a AckPolicy) String() string

func (*AckPolicy) UnmarshalJSON added in v2.2.0

func (ap *AckPolicy) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type ActionAdvisoryType added in v2.2.0

type ActionAdvisoryType string

ActionAdvisoryType indicates which action against a stream, consumer or template triggered an advisory

const (
	CreateEvent ActionAdvisoryType = "create"
	DeleteEvent ActionAdvisoryType = "delete"
	ModifyEvent ActionAdvisoryType = "modify"

type ApiError added in v2.2.0

type ApiError struct {
	Code        int    `json:"code"`
	ErrCode     uint16 `json:"err_code,omitempty"`
	Description string `json:"description,omitempty"`

ApiError is included in all responses if there was an error.

func NewJSAccountResourcesExceededError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSAccountResourcesExceededError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSAccountResourcesExceededError creates a new JSAccountResourcesExceededErr error: "resource limits exceeded for account"

func NewJSBadRequestError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSBadRequestError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSBadRequestError creates a new JSBadRequestErr error: "bad request"

func NewJSClusterIncompleteError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterIncompleteError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterIncompleteError creates a new JSClusterIncompleteErr error: "incomplete results"

func NewJSClusterNoPeersError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterNoPeersError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterNoPeersError creates a new JSClusterNoPeersErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSClusterNotActiveError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterNotActiveError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterNotActiveError creates a new JSClusterNotActiveErr error: "JetStream not in clustered mode"

func NewJSClusterNotAssignedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterNotAssignedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterNotAssignedError creates a new JSClusterNotAssignedErr error: "JetStream cluster not assigned to this server"

func NewJSClusterNotAvailError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterNotAvailError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterNotAvailError creates a new JSClusterNotAvailErr error: "JetStream system temporarily unavailable"

func NewJSClusterNotLeaderError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterNotLeaderError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterNotLeaderError creates a new JSClusterNotLeaderErr error: "JetStream cluster can not handle request"

func NewJSClusterPeerNotMemberError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterPeerNotMemberError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterPeerNotMemberError creates a new JSClusterPeerNotMemberErr error: "peer not a member"

func NewJSClusterRequiredError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterRequiredError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterRequiredError creates a new JSClusterRequiredErr error: "JetStream clustering support required"

func NewJSClusterServerNotMemberError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterServerNotMemberError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterServerNotMemberError creates a new JSClusterServerNotMemberErr error: "server is not a member of the cluster"

func NewJSClusterTagsError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterTagsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterTagsError creates a new JSClusterTagsErr error: "tags placement not supported for operation"

func NewJSClusterUnSupportFeatureError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSClusterUnSupportFeatureError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSClusterUnSupportFeatureError creates a new JSClusterUnSupportFeatureErr error: "not currently supported in clustered mode"

func NewJSConsumerAlreadyExistsError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerAlreadyExistsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerAlreadyExistsError creates a new JSConsumerAlreadyExists error: "consumer already exists"

func NewJSConsumerBadDurableNameError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerBadDurableNameError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerBadDurableNameError creates a new JSConsumerBadDurableNameErr error: "durable name can not contain '.', '*', '>'"

func NewJSConsumerConfigRequiredError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerConfigRequiredError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerConfigRequiredError creates a new JSConsumerConfigRequiredErr error: "consumer config required"

func NewJSConsumerCreateDurableAndNameMismatchError added in v2.9.1

func NewJSConsumerCreateDurableAndNameMismatchError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerCreateDurableAndNameMismatchError creates a new JSConsumerCreateDurableAndNameMismatch error: "Consumer Durable and Name have to be equal if both are provided"

func NewJSConsumerCreateError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerCreateError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerCreateError creates a new JSConsumerCreateErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSConsumerCreateFilterSubjectMismatchError added in v2.9.0

func NewJSConsumerCreateFilterSubjectMismatchError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerCreateFilterSubjectMismatchError creates a new JSConsumerCreateFilterSubjectMismatchErr error: "Consumer create request did not match filtered subject from create subject"

func NewJSConsumerDeliverCycleError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDeliverCycleError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDeliverCycleError creates a new JSConsumerDeliverCycleErr error: "consumer deliver subject forms a cycle"

func NewJSConsumerDeliverToWildcardsError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDeliverToWildcardsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDeliverToWildcardsError creates a new JSConsumerDeliverToWildcardsErr error: "consumer deliver subject has wildcards"

func NewJSConsumerDescriptionTooLongError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDescriptionTooLongError(max interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDescriptionTooLongError creates a new JSConsumerDescriptionTooLongErrF error: "consumer description is too long, maximum allowed is {max}"

func NewJSConsumerDirectRequiresEphemeralError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDirectRequiresEphemeralError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDirectRequiresEphemeralError creates a new JSConsumerDirectRequiresEphemeralErr error: "consumer direct requires an ephemeral consumer"

func NewJSConsumerDirectRequiresPushError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDirectRequiresPushError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDirectRequiresPushError creates a new JSConsumerDirectRequiresPushErr error: "consumer direct requires a push based consumer"

func NewJSConsumerDoesNotExistError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerDoesNotExistError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDoesNotExistError creates a new JSConsumerDoesNotExist error: "consumer does not exist"

func NewJSConsumerDuplicateFilterSubjectsError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerDuplicateFilterSubjectsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDuplicateFilterSubjectsError creates a new JSConsumerDuplicateFilterSubjects error: "consumer cannot have both FilterSubject and FilterSubjects specified"

func NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotInSubjectError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotInSubjectError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotInSubjectError creates a new JSConsumerDurableNameNotInSubjectErr error: "consumer expected to be durable but no durable name set in subject"

func NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotMatchSubjectError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotMatchSubjectError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotMatchSubjectError creates a new JSConsumerDurableNameNotMatchSubjectErr error: "consumer name in subject does not match durable name in request"

func NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotSetError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotSetError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerDurableNameNotSetError creates a new JSConsumerDurableNameNotSetErr error: "consumer expected to be durable but a durable name was not set"

func NewJSConsumerEmptyFilterError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerEmptyFilterError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerEmptyFilterError creates a new JSConsumerEmptyFilter error: "consumer filter in FilterSubjects cannot be empty"

func NewJSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableInSubjectError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableInSubjectError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableInSubjectError creates a new JSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableInSubjectErr error: "consumer expected to be ephemeral but detected a durable name set in subject"

func NewJSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableNameError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableNameError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableNameError creates a new JSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableNameErr error: "consumer expected to be ephemeral but a durable name was set in request"

func NewJSConsumerExistingActiveError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerExistingActiveError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerExistingActiveError creates a new JSConsumerExistingActiveErr error: "consumer already exists and is still active"

func NewJSConsumerFCRequiresPushError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerFCRequiresPushError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerFCRequiresPushError creates a new JSConsumerFCRequiresPushErr error: "consumer flow control requires a push based consumer"

func NewJSConsumerFilterNotSubsetError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerFilterNotSubsetError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerFilterNotSubsetError creates a new JSConsumerFilterNotSubsetErr error: "consumer filter subject is not a valid subset of the interest subjects"

func NewJSConsumerHBRequiresPushError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerHBRequiresPushError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerHBRequiresPushError creates a new JSConsumerHBRequiresPushErr error: "consumer idle heartbeat requires a push based consumer"

func NewJSConsumerInactiveThresholdExcessError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerInactiveThresholdExcessError(limit interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerInactiveThresholdExcessError creates a new JSConsumerInactiveThresholdExcess error: "consumer inactive threshold exceeds system limit of {limit}"

func NewJSConsumerInvalidDeliverSubjectError added in v2.6.6

func NewJSConsumerInvalidDeliverSubjectError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerInvalidDeliverSubjectError creates a new JSConsumerInvalidDeliverSubject error: "invalid push consumer deliver subject"

func NewJSConsumerInvalidPolicyError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerInvalidPolicyError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerInvalidPolicyError creates a new JSConsumerInvalidPolicyErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSConsumerInvalidSamplingError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerInvalidSamplingError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerInvalidSamplingError creates a new JSConsumerInvalidSamplingErrF error: "failed to parse consumer sampling configuration: {err}"

func NewJSConsumerMaxDeliverBackoffError added in v2.7.1

func NewJSConsumerMaxDeliverBackoffError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxDeliverBackoffError creates a new JSConsumerMaxDeliverBackoffErr error: "max deliver is required to be > length of backoff values"

func NewJSConsumerMaxPendingAckExcessError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSConsumerMaxPendingAckExcessError(limit interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxPendingAckExcessError creates a new JSConsumerMaxPendingAckExcessErrF error: "consumer max ack pending exceeds system limit of {limit}"

func NewJSConsumerMaxPendingAckPolicyRequiredError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerMaxPendingAckPolicyRequiredError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxPendingAckPolicyRequiredError creates a new JSConsumerMaxPendingAckPolicyRequiredErr error: "consumer requires ack policy for max ack pending"

func NewJSConsumerMaxRequestBatchExceededError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSConsumerMaxRequestBatchExceededError(limit interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxRequestBatchExceededError creates a new JSConsumerMaxRequestBatchExceededF error: "consumer max request batch exceeds server limit of {limit}"

func NewJSConsumerMaxRequestBatchNegativeError added in v2.7.0

func NewJSConsumerMaxRequestBatchNegativeError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxRequestBatchNegativeError creates a new JSConsumerMaxRequestBatchNegativeErr error: "consumer max request batch needs to be > 0"

func NewJSConsumerMaxRequestExpiresToSmallError added in v2.7.0

func NewJSConsumerMaxRequestExpiresToSmallError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxRequestExpiresToSmallError creates a new JSConsumerMaxRequestExpiresToSmall error: "consumer max request expires needs to be >= 1ms"

func NewJSConsumerMaxWaitingNegativeError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerMaxWaitingNegativeError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMaxWaitingNegativeError creates a new JSConsumerMaxWaitingNegativeErr error: "consumer max waiting needs to be positive"

func NewJSConsumerMetadataLengthError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerMetadataLengthError(limit interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMetadataLengthError creates a new JSConsumerMetadataLengthErrF error: "consumer metadata exceeds maximum size of {limit}"

func NewJSConsumerMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError creates a new JSConsumerMultipleFiltersNotAllowed error: "consumer with multiple subject filters cannot use subject based API"

func NewJSConsumerNameContainsPathSeparatorsError added in v2.9.0

func NewJSConsumerNameContainsPathSeparatorsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerNameContainsPathSeparatorsError creates a new JSConsumerNameContainsPathSeparatorsErr error: "Consumer name can not contain path separators"

func NewJSConsumerNameExistError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerNameExistError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerNameExistError creates a new JSConsumerNameExistErr error: "consumer name already in use"

func NewJSConsumerNameTooLongError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerNameTooLongError(max interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerNameTooLongError creates a new JSConsumerNameTooLongErrF error: "consumer name is too long, maximum allowed is {max}"

func NewJSConsumerNotFoundError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerNotFoundError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerNotFoundError creates a new JSConsumerNotFoundErr error: "consumer not found"

func NewJSConsumerOfflineError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSConsumerOfflineError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerOfflineError creates a new JSConsumerOfflineErr error: "consumer is offline"

func NewJSConsumerOnMappedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerOnMappedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerOnMappedError creates a new JSConsumerOnMappedErr error: "consumer direct on a mapped consumer"

func NewJSConsumerOverlappingSubjectFiltersError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSConsumerOverlappingSubjectFiltersError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerOverlappingSubjectFiltersError creates a new JSConsumerOverlappingSubjectFilters error: "consumer subject filters cannot overlap"

func NewJSConsumerPullNotDurableError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerPullNotDurableError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerPullNotDurableError creates a new JSConsumerPullNotDurableErr error: "consumer in pull mode requires a durable name"

func NewJSConsumerPullRequiresAckError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerPullRequiresAckError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerPullRequiresAckError creates a new JSConsumerPullRequiresAckErr error: "consumer in pull mode requires ack policy"

func NewJSConsumerPullWithRateLimitError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerPullWithRateLimitError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerPullWithRateLimitError creates a new JSConsumerPullWithRateLimitErr error: "consumer in pull mode can not have rate limit set"

func NewJSConsumerPushMaxWaitingError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerPushMaxWaitingError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerPushMaxWaitingError creates a new JSConsumerPushMaxWaitingErr error: "consumer in push mode can not set max waiting"

func NewJSConsumerReplacementWithDifferentNameError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerReplacementWithDifferentNameError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerReplacementWithDifferentNameError creates a new JSConsumerReplacementWithDifferentNameErr error: "consumer replacement durable config not the same"

func NewJSConsumerReplicasExceedsStreamError added in v2.8.3

func NewJSConsumerReplicasExceedsStreamError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerReplicasExceedsStreamError creates a new JSConsumerReplicasExceedsStream error: "consumer config replica count exceeds parent stream"

func NewJSConsumerReplicasShouldMatchStreamError added in v2.9.12

func NewJSConsumerReplicasShouldMatchStreamError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerReplicasShouldMatchStreamError creates a new JSConsumerReplicasShouldMatchStream error: "consumer config replicas must match interest retention stream's replicas"

func NewJSConsumerSmallHeartbeatError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerSmallHeartbeatError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerSmallHeartbeatError creates a new JSConsumerSmallHeartbeatErr error: "consumer idle heartbeat needs to be >= 100ms"

func NewJSConsumerStoreFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerStoreFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerStoreFailedError creates a new JSConsumerStoreFailedErrF error: "error creating store for consumer: {err}"

func NewJSConsumerWQConsumerNotDeliverAllError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerWQConsumerNotDeliverAllError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerWQConsumerNotDeliverAllError creates a new JSConsumerWQConsumerNotDeliverAllErr error: "consumer must be deliver all on workqueue stream"

func NewJSConsumerWQConsumerNotUniqueError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerWQConsumerNotUniqueError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerWQConsumerNotUniqueError creates a new JSConsumerWQConsumerNotUniqueErr error: "filtered consumer not unique on workqueue stream"

func NewJSConsumerWQMultipleUnfilteredError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerWQMultipleUnfilteredError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerWQMultipleUnfilteredError creates a new JSConsumerWQMultipleUnfilteredErr error: "multiple non-filtered consumers not allowed on workqueue stream"

func NewJSConsumerWQRequiresExplicitAckError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSConsumerWQRequiresExplicitAckError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerWQRequiresExplicitAckError creates a new JSConsumerWQRequiresExplicitAckErr error: "workqueue stream requires explicit ack"

func NewJSConsumerWithFlowControlNeedsHeartbeatsError added in v2.6.0

func NewJSConsumerWithFlowControlNeedsHeartbeatsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSConsumerWithFlowControlNeedsHeartbeatsError creates a new JSConsumerWithFlowControlNeedsHeartbeats error: "consumer with flow control also needs heartbeats"

func NewJSInsufficientResourcesError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSInsufficientResourcesError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSInsufficientResourcesError creates a new JSInsufficientResourcesErr error: "insufficient resources"

func NewJSInvalidJSONError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSInvalidJSONError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSInvalidJSONError creates a new JSInvalidJSONErr error: "invalid JSON"

func NewJSMaximumConsumersLimitError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMaximumConsumersLimitError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMaximumConsumersLimitError creates a new JSMaximumConsumersLimitErr error: "maximum consumers limit reached"

func NewJSMaximumStreamsLimitError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMaximumStreamsLimitError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMaximumStreamsLimitError creates a new JSMaximumStreamsLimitErr error: "maximum number of streams reached"

func NewJSMemoryResourcesExceededError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMemoryResourcesExceededError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMemoryResourcesExceededError creates a new JSMemoryResourcesExceededErr error: "insufficient memory resources available"

func NewJSMirrorConsumerSetupFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMirrorConsumerSetupFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorConsumerSetupFailedError creates a new JSMirrorConsumerSetupFailedErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSMirrorInvalidStreamNameError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSMirrorInvalidStreamNameError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorInvalidStreamNameError creates a new JSMirrorInvalidStreamName error: "mirrored stream name is invalid"

func NewJSMirrorInvalidSubjectFilterError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSMirrorInvalidSubjectFilterError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorInvalidSubjectFilterError creates a new JSMirrorInvalidSubjectFilter error: "mirror subject filter is invalid"

func NewJSMirrorMaxMessageSizeTooBigError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMirrorMaxMessageSizeTooBigError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorMaxMessageSizeTooBigError creates a new JSMirrorMaxMessageSizeTooBigErr error: "stream mirror must have max message size >= source"

func NewJSMirrorMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSMirrorMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError creates a new JSMirrorMultipleFiltersNotAllowed error: "mirror with multiple subject transforms cannot also have a single subject filter"

func NewJSMirrorOverlappingSubjectFiltersError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSMirrorOverlappingSubjectFiltersError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorOverlappingSubjectFiltersError creates a new JSMirrorOverlappingSubjectFilters error: "mirror subject filters can not overlap"

func NewJSMirrorWithFirstSeqError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSMirrorWithFirstSeqError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorWithFirstSeqError creates a new JSMirrorWithFirstSeqErr error: "stream mirrors can not have first sequence configured"

func NewJSMirrorWithSourcesError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMirrorWithSourcesError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorWithSourcesError creates a new JSMirrorWithSourcesErr error: "stream mirrors can not also contain other sources"

func NewJSMirrorWithStartSeqAndTimeError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMirrorWithStartSeqAndTimeError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorWithStartSeqAndTimeError creates a new JSMirrorWithStartSeqAndTimeErr error: "stream mirrors can not have both start seq and start time configured"

func NewJSMirrorWithSubjectFiltersError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMirrorWithSubjectFiltersError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorWithSubjectFiltersError creates a new JSMirrorWithSubjectFiltersErr error: "stream mirrors can not contain filtered subjects"

func NewJSMirrorWithSubjectsError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSMirrorWithSubjectsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSMirrorWithSubjectsError creates a new JSMirrorWithSubjectsErr error: "stream mirrors can not contain subjects"

func NewJSNoAccountError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSNoAccountError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSNoAccountError creates a new JSNoAccountErr error: "account not found"

func NewJSNoLimitsError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSNoLimitsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSNoLimitsError creates a new JSNoLimitsErr error: "no JetStream default or applicable tiered limit present"

func NewJSNoMessageFoundError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSNoMessageFoundError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSNoMessageFoundError creates a new JSNoMessageFoundErr error: "no message found"

func NewJSNotEmptyRequestError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSNotEmptyRequestError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSNotEmptyRequestError creates a new JSNotEmptyRequestErr error: "expected an empty request payload"

func NewJSNotEnabledError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSNotEnabledError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSNotEnabledError creates a new JSNotEnabledErr error: "JetStream not enabled"

func NewJSNotEnabledForAccountError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSNotEnabledForAccountError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSNotEnabledForAccountError creates a new JSNotEnabledForAccountErr error: "JetStream not enabled for account"

func NewJSPeerRemapError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSPeerRemapError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSPeerRemapError creates a new JSPeerRemapErr error: "peer remap failed"

func NewJSRaftGeneralError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSRaftGeneralError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSRaftGeneralError creates a new JSRaftGeneralErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSReplicasCountCannotBeNegativeError added in v2.9.3

func NewJSReplicasCountCannotBeNegativeError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSReplicasCountCannotBeNegativeError creates a new JSReplicasCountCannotBeNegative error: "replicas count cannot be negative"

func NewJSRestoreSubscribeFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSRestoreSubscribeFailedError(err error, subject interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSRestoreSubscribeFailedError creates a new JSRestoreSubscribeFailedErrF error: "JetStream unable to subscribe to restore snapshot {subject}: {err}"

func NewJSSequenceNotFoundError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSSequenceNotFoundError(seq uint64, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSequenceNotFoundError creates a new JSSequenceNotFoundErrF error: "sequence {seq} not found"

func NewJSSnapshotDeliverSubjectInvalidError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSSnapshotDeliverSubjectInvalidError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSnapshotDeliverSubjectInvalidError creates a new JSSnapshotDeliverSubjectInvalidErr error: "deliver subject not valid"

func NewJSSourceConsumerSetupFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSSourceConsumerSetupFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceConsumerSetupFailedError creates a new JSSourceConsumerSetupFailedErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSSourceDuplicateDetectedError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSSourceDuplicateDetectedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceDuplicateDetectedError creates a new JSSourceDuplicateDetected error: "duplicate source configuration detected"

func NewJSSourceInvalidStreamNameError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSSourceInvalidStreamNameError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceInvalidStreamNameError creates a new JSSourceInvalidStreamName error: "sourced stream name is invalid"

func NewJSSourceInvalidSubjectFilterError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSSourceInvalidSubjectFilterError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceInvalidSubjectFilterError creates a new JSSourceInvalidSubjectFilter error: "source subject filter is invalid"

func NewJSSourceInvalidTransformDestinationError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSSourceInvalidTransformDestinationError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceInvalidTransformDestinationError creates a new JSSourceInvalidTransformDestination error: "source transform destination is invalid"

func NewJSSourceMaxMessageSizeTooBigError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSSourceMaxMessageSizeTooBigError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceMaxMessageSizeTooBigError creates a new JSSourceMaxMessageSizeTooBigErr error: "stream source must have max message size >= target"

func NewJSSourceMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSSourceMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceMultipleFiltersNotAllowedError creates a new JSSourceMultipleFiltersNotAllowed error: "source with multiple subject transforms cannot also have a single subject filter"

func NewJSSourceOverlappingSubjectFiltersError added in v2.10.0

func NewJSSourceOverlappingSubjectFiltersError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSSourceOverlappingSubjectFiltersError creates a new JSSourceOverlappingSubjectFilters error: "source filters can not overlap"

func NewJSStorageResourcesExceededError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStorageResourcesExceededError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStorageResourcesExceededError creates a new JSStorageResourcesExceededErr error: "insufficient storage resources available"

func NewJSStreamAssignmentError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamAssignmentError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamAssignmentError creates a new JSStreamAssignmentErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamCreateError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamCreateError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamCreateError creates a new JSStreamCreateErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamDeleteError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamDeleteError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamDeleteError creates a new JSStreamDeleteErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamExternalApiOverlapError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamExternalApiOverlapError(prefix interface{}, subject interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamExternalApiOverlapError creates a new JSStreamExternalApiOverlapErrF error: "stream external api prefix {prefix} must not overlap with {subject}"

func NewJSStreamExternalDelPrefixOverlapsError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamExternalDelPrefixOverlapsError(prefix interface{}, subject interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamExternalDelPrefixOverlapsError creates a new JSStreamExternalDelPrefixOverlapsErrF error: "stream external delivery prefix {prefix} overlaps with stream subject {subject}"

func NewJSStreamGeneralError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamGeneralError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamGeneralError creates a new JSStreamGeneralErrorF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamHeaderExceedsMaximumError added in v2.6.0

func NewJSStreamHeaderExceedsMaximumError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamHeaderExceedsMaximumError creates a new JSStreamHeaderExceedsMaximumErr error: "header size exceeds maximum allowed of 64k"

func NewJSStreamInfoMaxSubjectsError added in v2.7.2

func NewJSStreamInfoMaxSubjectsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamInfoMaxSubjectsError creates a new JSStreamInfoMaxSubjectsErr error: "subject details would exceed maximum allowed"

func NewJSStreamInvalidConfigError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamInvalidConfigError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamInvalidConfigError creates a new JSStreamInvalidConfigF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamInvalidError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamInvalidError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamInvalidError creates a new JSStreamInvalidErr error: "stream not valid"

func NewJSStreamInvalidExternalDeliverySubjError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamInvalidExternalDeliverySubjError(prefix interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamInvalidExternalDeliverySubjError creates a new JSStreamInvalidExternalDeliverySubjErrF error: "stream external delivery prefix {prefix} must not contain wildcards"

func NewJSStreamLimitsError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamLimitsError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamLimitsError creates a new JSStreamLimitsErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamMaxBytesRequiredError added in v2.7.0

func NewJSStreamMaxBytesRequiredError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMaxBytesRequiredError creates a new JSStreamMaxBytesRequired error: "account requires a stream config to have max bytes set"

func NewJSStreamMaxStreamBytesExceededError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSStreamMaxStreamBytesExceededError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMaxStreamBytesExceededError creates a new JSStreamMaxStreamBytesExceeded error: "stream max bytes exceeds account limit max stream bytes"

func NewJSStreamMessageExceedsMaximumError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamMessageExceedsMaximumError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMessageExceedsMaximumError creates a new JSStreamMessageExceedsMaximumErr error: "message size exceeds maximum allowed"

func NewJSStreamMirrorNotUpdatableError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamMirrorNotUpdatableError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMirrorNotUpdatableError creates a new JSStreamMirrorNotUpdatableErr error: "stream mirror configuration can not be updated"

func NewJSStreamMismatchError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamMismatchError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMismatchError creates a new JSStreamMismatchErr error: "stream name in subject does not match request"

func NewJSStreamMoveAndScaleError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSStreamMoveAndScaleError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMoveAndScaleError creates a new JSStreamMoveAndScaleErr error: "can not move and scale a stream in a single update"

func NewJSStreamMoveInProgressError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSStreamMoveInProgressError(msg interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMoveInProgressError creates a new JSStreamMoveInProgressF error: "stream move already in progress: {msg}"

func NewJSStreamMoveNotInProgressError added in v2.9.0

func NewJSStreamMoveNotInProgressError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMoveNotInProgressError creates a new JSStreamMoveNotInProgress error: "stream move not in progress"

func NewJSStreamMsgDeleteFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamMsgDeleteFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamMsgDeleteFailedError creates a new JSStreamMsgDeleteFailedF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamNameContainsPathSeparatorsError added in v2.9.0

func NewJSStreamNameContainsPathSeparatorsError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamNameContainsPathSeparatorsError creates a new JSStreamNameContainsPathSeparatorsErr error: "Stream name can not contain path separators"

func NewJSStreamNameExistError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamNameExistError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamNameExistError creates a new JSStreamNameExistErr error: "stream name already in use with a different configuration"

func NewJSStreamNameExistRestoreFailedError added in v2.9.0

func NewJSStreamNameExistRestoreFailedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamNameExistRestoreFailedError creates a new JSStreamNameExistRestoreFailedErr error: "stream name already in use, cannot restore"

func NewJSStreamNotFoundError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamNotFoundError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamNotFoundError creates a new JSStreamNotFoundErr error: "stream not found"

func NewJSStreamNotMatchError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamNotMatchError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamNotMatchError creates a new JSStreamNotMatchErr error: "expected stream does not match"

func NewJSStreamOfflineError added in v2.8.0

func NewJSStreamOfflineError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamOfflineError creates a new JSStreamOfflineErr error: "stream is offline"

func NewJSStreamPurgeFailedError added in v2.6.2

func NewJSStreamPurgeFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamPurgeFailedError creates a new JSStreamPurgeFailedF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamReplicasNotSupportedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamReplicasNotSupportedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamReplicasNotSupportedError creates a new JSStreamReplicasNotSupportedErr error: "replicas > 1 not supported in non-clustered mode"

func NewJSStreamReplicasNotUpdatableError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamReplicasNotUpdatableError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamReplicasNotUpdatableError creates a new JSStreamReplicasNotUpdatableErr error: "Replicas configuration can not be updated"

func NewJSStreamRestoreError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamRestoreError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamRestoreError creates a new JSStreamRestoreErrF error: "restore failed: {err}"

func NewJSStreamRollupFailedError added in v2.6.2

func NewJSStreamRollupFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamRollupFailedError creates a new JSStreamRollupFailedF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamSealedError added in v2.6.2

func NewJSStreamSealedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamSealedError creates a new JSStreamSealedErr error: "invalid operation on sealed stream"

func NewJSStreamSequenceNotMatchError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamSequenceNotMatchError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamSequenceNotMatchError creates a new JSStreamSequenceNotMatchErr error: "expected stream sequence does not match"

func NewJSStreamSnapshotError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamSnapshotError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamSnapshotError creates a new JSStreamSnapshotErrF error: "snapshot failed: {err}"

func NewJSStreamStoreFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamStoreFailedError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamStoreFailedError creates a new JSStreamStoreFailedF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamSubjectOverlapError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamSubjectOverlapError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamSubjectOverlapError creates a new JSStreamSubjectOverlapErr error: "subjects overlap with an existing stream"

func NewJSStreamTemplateCreateError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamTemplateCreateError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamTemplateCreateError creates a new JSStreamTemplateCreateErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamTemplateDeleteError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamTemplateDeleteError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamTemplateDeleteError creates a new JSStreamTemplateDeleteErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamTemplateNotFoundError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamTemplateNotFoundError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamTemplateNotFoundError creates a new JSStreamTemplateNotFoundErr error: "template not found"

func NewJSStreamUpdateError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamUpdateError(err error, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamUpdateError creates a new JSStreamUpdateErrF error: "{err}"

func NewJSStreamWrongLastMsgIDError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamWrongLastMsgIDError(id interface{}, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamWrongLastMsgIDError creates a new JSStreamWrongLastMsgIDErrF error: "wrong last msg ID: {id}"

func NewJSStreamWrongLastSequenceError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSStreamWrongLastSequenceError(seq uint64, opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSStreamWrongLastSequenceError creates a new JSStreamWrongLastSequenceErrF error: "wrong last sequence: {seq}"

func NewJSTempStorageFailedError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSTempStorageFailedError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSTempStorageFailedError creates a new JSTempStorageFailedErr error: "JetStream unable to open temp storage for restore"

func NewJSTemplateNameNotMatchSubjectError added in v2.4.0

func NewJSTemplateNameNotMatchSubjectError(opts ...ErrorOption) *ApiError

NewJSTemplateNameNotMatchSubjectError creates a new JSTemplateNameNotMatchSubjectErr error: "template name in subject does not match request"

func (*ApiError) Error added in v2.3.0

func (e *ApiError) Error() string

type ApiPaged added in v2.2.0

type ApiPaged struct {
	Total  int `json:"total"`
	Offset int `json:"offset"`
	Limit  int `json:"limit"`

ApiPaged includes variables used to create paged responses from the JSON API

type ApiPagedRequest added in v2.2.0

type ApiPagedRequest struct {
	Offset int `json:"offset"`

ApiPagedRequest includes parameters allowing specific pages to be requests from APIs responding with ApiPaged

type ApiResponse added in v2.2.0

type ApiResponse struct {
	Type  string    `json:"type"`
	Error *ApiError `json:"error,omitempty"`

ApiResponse is a standard response from the JetStream JSON API

func (*ApiResponse) ToError added in v2.3.0

func (r *ApiResponse) ToError() error

ToError checks if the response has a error and if it does converts it to an error avoiding the pitfalls described by

type AuthCallout added in v2.10.0

type AuthCallout struct {
	// Must be a public account Nkey.
	Issuer string
	// Account to be used for sending requests.
	Account string
	// Users that will bypass auth_callout and be used for the auth service itself.
	AuthUsers []string
	// XKey is a public xkey for the authorization service.
	// This will enable encryption for server requests and the authorization service responses.
	XKey string

AuthCallout option used to map external AuthN to NATS based AuthZ.

type Authentication

type Authentication interface {
	// Check if a client is authorized to connect
	Check(c ClientAuthentication) bool

Authentication is an interface for implementing authentication

type CacheDirAccResolver added in v2.2.0

type CacheDirAccResolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Caching resolver using nats for lookups and making use of a directory for storage

func NewCacheDirAccResolver added in v2.2.0

func NewCacheDirAccResolver(path string, limit int64, ttl time.Duration, opts ...DirResOption) (*CacheDirAccResolver, error)

func (*CacheDirAccResolver) Reload added in v2.2.0

func (dr *CacheDirAccResolver) Reload() error

func (*CacheDirAccResolver) Start added in v2.2.0

func (dr *CacheDirAccResolver) Start(s *Server) error

type ClientAuthentication

type ClientAuthentication interface {
	// GetOpts gets options associated with a client
	GetOpts() *ClientOpts
	// GetTLSConnectionState if TLS is enabled, TLS ConnectionState, nil otherwise
	GetTLSConnectionState() *tls.ConnectionState
	// RegisterUser optionally map a user after auth.
	// RemoteAddress expose the connection information of the client
	RemoteAddress() net.Addr
	// GetNonce is the nonce presented to the user in the INFO line
	GetNonce() []byte
	// Kind indicates what type of connection this is matching defined constants like CLIENT, ROUTER, GATEWAY, LEAF etc
	Kind() int

ClientAuthentication is an interface for client authentication

type ClientInfo

type ClientInfo struct {
	Start      *time.Time    `json:"start,omitempty"`
	Host       string        `json:"host,omitempty"`
	ID         uint64        `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Account    string        `json:"acc,omitempty"`
	Service    string        `json:"svc,omitempty"`
	User       string        `json:"user,omitempty"`
	Name       string        `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Lang       string        `json:"lang,omitempty"`
	Version    string        `json:"ver,omitempty"`
	RTT        time.Duration `json:"rtt,omitempty"`
	Server     string        `json:"server,omitempty"`
	Cluster    string        `json:"cluster,omitempty"`
	Alternates []string      `json:"alts,omitempty"`
	Stop       *time.Time    `json:"stop,omitempty"`
	Jwt        string        `json:"jwt,omitempty"`
	IssuerKey  string        `json:"issuer_key,omitempty"`
	NameTag    string        `json:"name_tag,omitempty"`
	Tags       jwt.TagList   `json:"tags,omitempty"`
	Kind       string        `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	ClientType string        `json:"client_type,omitempty"`
	MQTTClient string        `json:"client_id,omitempty"` // This is the MQTT client ID
	Nonce      string        `json:"nonce,omitempty"`

ClientInfo is detailed information about the client forming a connection.

type ClientOpts added in v2.2.4

type ClientOpts struct {
	Echo         bool   `json:"echo"`
	Verbose      bool   `json:"verbose"`
	Pedantic     bool   `json:"pedantic"`
	TLSRequired  bool   `json:"tls_required"`
	Nkey         string `json:"nkey,omitempty"`
	JWT          string `json:"jwt,omitempty"`
	Sig          string `json:"sig,omitempty"`
	Token        string `json:"auth_token,omitempty"`
	Username     string `json:"user,omitempty"`
	Password     string `json:"pass,omitempty"`
	Name         string `json:"name"`
	Lang         string `json:"lang"`
	Version      string `json:"version"`
	Protocol     int    `json:"protocol"`
	Account      string `json:"account,omitempty"`
	AccountNew   bool   `json:"new_account,omitempty"`
	Headers      bool   `json:"headers,omitempty"`
	NoResponders bool   `json:"no_responders,omitempty"`

	// Routes and Leafnodes only
	Import *SubjectPermission `json:"import,omitempty"`
	Export *SubjectPermission `json:"export,omitempty"`

	// Leafnodes
	RemoteAccount string `json:"remote_account,omitempty"`

type ClosedState

type ClosedState int

ClosedState is the reason client was closed. This will be passed into calls to clearConnection, but will only be stored in ConnInfo for monitoring.

func (ClosedState) String

func (reason ClosedState) String() string

type ClusterInfo added in v2.2.0

type ClusterInfo struct {
	Name      string      `json:"name,omitempty"`
	RaftGroup string      `json:"raft_group,omitempty"`
	Leader    string      `json:"leader,omitempty"`
	Replicas  []*PeerInfo `json:"replicas,omitempty"`

ClusterInfo shows information about the underlying set of servers that make up the stream or consumer.

type ClusterOpts

type ClusterOpts struct {
	Name              string            `json:"-"`
	Host              string            `json:"addr,omitempty"`
	Port              int               `json:"cluster_port,omitempty"`
	Username          string            `json:"-"`
	Password          string            `json:"-"`
	AuthTimeout       float64           `json:"auth_timeout,omitempty"`
	Permissions       *RoutePermissions `json:"-"`
	TLSTimeout        float64           `json:"-"`
	TLSConfig         *tls.Config       `json:"-"`
	TLSMap            bool              `json:"-"`
	TLSCheckKnownURLs bool              `json:"-"`
	TLSPinnedCerts    PinnedCertSet     `json:"-"`
	ListenStr         string            `json:"-"`
	Advertise         string            `json:"-"`
	NoAdvertise       bool              `json:"-"`
	ConnectRetries    int               `json:"-"`
	PoolSize          int               `json:"-"`
	PinnedAccounts    []string          `json:"-"`
	Compression       CompressionOpts   `json:"-"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ClusterOpts are options for clusters. NOTE: This structure is no longer used for monitoring endpoints and json tags are deprecated and may be removed in the future.

type ClusterOptsVarz

type ClusterOptsVarz struct {
	Name        string   `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Host        string   `json:"addr,omitempty"`
	Port        int      `json:"cluster_port,omitempty"`
	AuthTimeout float64  `json:"auth_timeout,omitempty"`
	URLs        []string `json:"urls,omitempty"`
	TLSTimeout  float64  `json:"tls_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSRequired bool     `json:"tls_required,omitempty"`
	TLSVerify   bool     `json:"tls_verify,omitempty"`
	PoolSize    int      `json:"pool_size,omitempty"`

ClusterOptsVarz contains monitoring cluster information

type Command

type Command string

Command is a signal used to control a running nats-server process.

type CommittedEntry added in v2.2.0

type CommittedEntry struct {
	Index   uint64
	Entries []*Entry

CommittedEntry is handed back to the user to apply a commit to their upper layer.

func (*CommittedEntry) ReturnToPool added in v2.9.16

func (ce *CommittedEntry) ReturnToPool()

ReturnToPool returns the CommittedEntry to the pool, after which point it is no longer safe to reuse.

type CompressionInfo added in v2.10.0

type CompressionInfo struct {
	Algorithm    StoreCompression
	OriginalSize uint64

func (*CompressionInfo) MarshalMetadata added in v2.10.0

func (c *CompressionInfo) MarshalMetadata() []byte

func (*CompressionInfo) UnmarshalMetadata added in v2.10.0

func (c *CompressionInfo) UnmarshalMetadata(b []byte) (int, error)

type CompressionOpts added in v2.10.0

type CompressionOpts struct {
	Mode string
	// If `Mode` is set to CompressionS2Auto, RTTThresholds provides the
	// thresholds at which the compression level will go from
	// CompressionS2Uncompressed to CompressionS2Fast, CompressionS2Better
	// or CompressionS2Best. If a given level is not desired, specify 0
	// for this slot. For instance, the slice []{0, 10ms, 20ms} means that
	// for any RTT up to 10ms included the compression level will be
	// CompressionS2Fast, then from ]10ms..20ms], the level will be selected
	// as CompressionS2Better. Anything above 20ms will result in picking
	// the CompressionS2Best compression level.
	RTTThresholds []time.Duration

CompressionOpts defines the compression mode and optional configuration.

type ConnInfo

type ConnInfo struct {
	Cid            uint64         `json:"cid"`
	Kind           string         `json:"kind,omitempty"`
	Type           string         `json:"type,omitempty"`
	IP             string         `json:"ip"`
	Port           int            `json:"port"`
	Start          time.Time      `json:"start"`
	LastActivity   time.Time      `json:"last_activity"`
	Stop           *time.Time     `json:"stop,omitempty"`
	Reason         string         `json:"reason,omitempty"`
	RTT            string         `json:"rtt,omitempty"`
	Uptime         string         `json:"uptime"`
	Idle           string         `json:"idle"`
	Pending        int            `json:"pending_bytes"`
	InMsgs         int64          `json:"in_msgs"`
	OutMsgs        int64          `json:"out_msgs"`
	InBytes        int64          `json:"in_bytes"`
	OutBytes       int64          `json:"out_bytes"`
	NumSubs        uint32         `json:"subscriptions"`
	Name           string         `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Lang           string         `json:"lang,omitempty"`
	Version        string         `json:"version,omitempty"`
	TLSVersion     string         `json:"tls_version,omitempty"`
	TLSCipher      string         `json:"tls_cipher_suite,omitempty"`
	TLSPeerCerts   []*TLSPeerCert `json:"tls_peer_certs,omitempty"`
	TLSFirst       bool           `json:"tls_first,omitempty"`
	AuthorizedUser string         `json:"authorized_user,omitempty"`
	Account        string         `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Subs           []string       `json:"subscriptions_list,omitempty"`
	SubsDetail     []SubDetail    `json:"subscriptions_list_detail,omitempty"`
	JWT            string         `json:"jwt,omitempty"`
	IssuerKey      string         `json:"issuer_key,omitempty"`
	NameTag        string         `json:"name_tag,omitempty"`
	Tags           jwt.TagList    `json:"tags,omitempty"`
	MQTTClient     string         `json:"mqtt_client,omitempty"` // This is the MQTT client id
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConnInfo has detailed information on a per connection basis.

type ConnInfos

type ConnInfos []*ConnInfo

ConnInfos represents a connection info list. We use pointers since it will be sorted.

func (ConnInfos) Len

func (cl ConnInfos) Len() int

For sorting Len returns length for sorting.

func (ConnInfos) Swap

func (cl ConnInfos) Swap(i, j int)

Swap will sawap the elements.

type ConnState

type ConnState int

ConnState is for filtering states of connections. We will only have two, open and closed.

type ConnectEventMsg

type ConnectEventMsg struct {
	Server ServerInfo `json:"server"`
	Client ClientInfo `json:"client"`

ConnectEventMsg is sent when a new connection is made that is part of an account.

type Connz

type Connz struct {
	ID       string      `json:"server_id"`
	Now      time.Time   `json:"now"`
	NumConns int         `json:"num_connections"`
	Total    int         `json:"total"`
	Offset   int         `json:"offset"`
	Limit    int         `json:"limit"`
	Conns    []*ConnInfo `json:"connections"`

Connz represents detailed information on current client connections.

type ConnzEventOptions added in v2.2.0

type ConnzEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, ConnzEventOptions are options passed to Connz

type ConnzOptions

type ConnzOptions struct {
	// Sort indicates how the results will be sorted. Check SortOpt for possible values.
	// Only the sort by connection ID (ByCid) is ascending, all others are descending.
	Sort SortOpt `json:"sort"`

	// Username indicates if user names should be included in the results.
	Username bool `json:"auth"`

	// Subscriptions indicates if subscriptions should be included in the results.
	Subscriptions bool `json:"subscriptions"`

	// SubscriptionsDetail indicates if subscription details should be included in the results
	SubscriptionsDetail bool `json:"subscriptions_detail"`

	// Offset is used for pagination. Connz() only returns connections starting at this
	// offset from the global results.
	Offset int `json:"offset"`

	// Limit is the maximum number of connections that should be returned by Connz().
	Limit int `json:"limit"`

	// Filter for this explicit client connection.
	CID uint64 `json:"cid"`

	// Filter for this explicit client connection based on the MQTT client ID
	MQTTClient string `json:"mqtt_client"`

	// Filter by connection state.
	State ConnState `json:"state"`

	// Filter by username.
	User string `json:"user"`

	// Filter by account.
	Account string `json:"acc"`

	// Filter by subject interest
	FilterSubject string `json:"filter_subject"`

ConnzOptions are the options passed to Connz()

type ConsumerAction added in v2.10.0

type ConsumerAction int
const (
	ActionCreateOrUpdate ConsumerAction = iota

func (ConsumerAction) MarshalJSON added in v2.10.0

func (a ConsumerAction) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (ConsumerAction) String added in v2.10.0

func (a ConsumerAction) String() string

func (*ConsumerAction) UnmarshalJSON added in v2.10.0

func (a *ConsumerAction) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type ConsumerConfig added in v2.2.0

type ConsumerConfig struct {
	// Durable is deprecated. All consumers should have names, picked by clients.
	Durable         string          `json:"durable_name,omitempty"`
	Name            string          `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Description     string          `json:"description,omitempty"`
	DeliverPolicy   DeliverPolicy   `json:"deliver_policy"`
	OptStartSeq     uint64          `json:"opt_start_seq,omitempty"`
	OptStartTime    *time.Time      `json:"opt_start_time,omitempty"`
	AckPolicy       AckPolicy       `json:"ack_policy"`
	AckWait         time.Duration   `json:"ack_wait,omitempty"`
	MaxDeliver      int             `json:"max_deliver,omitempty"`
	BackOff         []time.Duration `json:"backoff,omitempty"`
	FilterSubject   string          `json:"filter_subject,omitempty"`
	FilterSubjects  []string        `json:"filter_subjects,omitempty"`
	ReplayPolicy    ReplayPolicy    `json:"replay_policy"`
	RateLimit       uint64          `json:"rate_limit_bps,omitempty"` // Bits per sec
	SampleFrequency string          `json:"sample_freq,omitempty"`
	MaxWaiting      int             `json:"max_waiting,omitempty"`
	MaxAckPending   int             `json:"max_ack_pending,omitempty"`
	Heartbeat       time.Duration   `json:"idle_heartbeat,omitempty"`
	FlowControl     bool            `json:"flow_control,omitempty"`
	HeadersOnly     bool            `json:"headers_only,omitempty"`

	// Pull based options.
	MaxRequestBatch    int           `json:"max_batch,omitempty"`
	MaxRequestExpires  time.Duration `json:"max_expires,omitempty"`
	MaxRequestMaxBytes int           `json:"max_bytes,omitempty"`

	// Push based consumers.
	DeliverSubject string `json:"deliver_subject,omitempty"`
	DeliverGroup   string `json:"deliver_group,omitempty"`

	// Ephemeral inactivity threshold.
	InactiveThreshold time.Duration `json:"inactive_threshold,omitempty"`

	// Generally inherited by parent stream and other markers, now can be configured directly.
	Replicas int `json:"num_replicas"`
	// Force memory storage.
	MemoryStorage bool `json:"mem_storage,omitempty"`

	// Don't add to general clients.
	Direct bool `json:"direct,omitempty"`

	// Metadata is additional metadata for the Consumer.
	Metadata map[string]string `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

type ConsumerInfo added in v2.2.0

type ConsumerInfo struct {
	Stream         string          `json:"stream_name"`
	Name           string          `json:"name"`
	Created        time.Time       `json:"created"`
	Config         *ConsumerConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
	Delivered      SequenceInfo    `json:"delivered"`
	AckFloor       SequenceInfo    `json:"ack_floor"`
	NumAckPending  int             `json:"num_ack_pending"`
	NumRedelivered int             `json:"num_redelivered"`
	NumWaiting     int             `json:"num_waiting"`
	NumPending     uint64          `json:"num_pending"`
	Cluster        *ClusterInfo    `json:"cluster,omitempty"`
	PushBound      bool            `json:"push_bound,omitempty"`
	// TimeStamp indicates when the info was gathered
	TimeStamp time.Time `json:"ts"`

type ConsumerNakOptions added in v2.7.1

type ConsumerNakOptions struct {
	Delay time.Duration `json:"delay"`

ConsumerNakOptions is for optional NAK values, e.g. delay.

type ConsumerState added in v2.2.0

type ConsumerState struct {
	// Delivered keeps track of last delivered sequence numbers for both the stream and the consumer.
	Delivered SequencePair `json:"delivered"`
	// AckFloor keeps track of the ack floors for both the stream and the consumer.
	AckFloor SequencePair `json:"ack_floor"`
	// These are both in stream sequence context.
	// Pending is for all messages pending and the timestamp for the delivered time.
	// This will only be present when the AckPolicy is ExplicitAck.
	Pending map[uint64]*Pending `json:"pending,omitempty"`
	// This is for messages that have been redelivered, so count > 1.
	Redelivered map[uint64]uint64 `json:"redelivered,omitempty"`

ConsumerState represents a stored state for a consumer.

type ConsumerStore added in v2.2.0

type ConsumerStore interface {
	SetStarting(sseq uint64) error
	HasState() bool
	UpdateDelivered(dseq, sseq, dc uint64, ts int64) error
	UpdateAcks(dseq, sseq uint64) error
	UpdateConfig(cfg *ConsumerConfig) error
	Update(*ConsumerState) error
	State() (*ConsumerState, error)
	BorrowState() (*ConsumerState, error)
	EncodedState() ([]byte, error)
	Type() StorageType
	Stop() error
	Delete() error
	StreamDelete() error

ConsumerStore stores state on consumers for streams.

type CreateConsumerRequest added in v2.2.0

type CreateConsumerRequest struct {
	Stream string         `json:"stream_name"`
	Config ConsumerConfig `json:"config"`
	Action ConsumerAction `json:"action"`

type DataStats

type DataStats struct {
	Msgs  int64 `json:"msgs"`
	Bytes int64 `json:"bytes"`

DataStats reports how may msg and bytes. Applicable for both sent and received.

type DeleteBlock added in v2.10.0

type DeleteBlock interface {
	State() (first, last, num uint64)
	Range(f func(uint64) bool)

Interface for DeleteBlock. These will be of three types: 1. AVL seqsets. 2. Run length encoding of a deleted range. 3. Legacy []uint64

type DeleteBlocks added in v2.10.0

type DeleteBlocks []DeleteBlock

func (DeleteBlocks) NumDeleted added in v2.10.0

func (dbs DeleteBlocks) NumDeleted() (total uint64)

type DeleteRange added in v2.10.0

type DeleteRange struct {
	First uint64
	Num   uint64

DeleteRange is a run length encoded delete range.

func (*DeleteRange) Range added in v2.10.0

func (dr *DeleteRange) Range(f func(uint64) bool)

Range will range over all the deleted sequences represented by this block.

func (*DeleteRange) State added in v2.10.0

func (dr *DeleteRange) State() (first, last, num uint64)

type DeleteSlice added in v2.10.0

type DeleteSlice []uint64

Legacy []uint64

func (DeleteSlice) Range added in v2.10.0

func (ds DeleteSlice) Range(f func(uint64) bool)

Range will range over all the deleted sequences represented by this []uint64.

func (DeleteSlice) State added in v2.10.0

func (ds DeleteSlice) State() (first, last, num uint64)

type DeliverPolicy added in v2.2.0

type DeliverPolicy int

DeliverPolicy determines how the consumer should select the first message to deliver.

const (
	// DeliverAll will be the default so can be omitted from the request.
	DeliverAll DeliverPolicy = iota
	// DeliverLast will start the consumer with the last sequence received.
	// DeliverNew will only deliver new messages that are sent after the consumer is created.
	// DeliverByStartSequence will look for a defined starting sequence to start.
	// DeliverByStartTime will select the first messsage with a timestamp >= to StartTime.
	// DeliverLastPerSubject will start the consumer with the last message for all subjects received.

func (DeliverPolicy) MarshalJSON added in v2.2.0

func (p DeliverPolicy) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (DeliverPolicy) String added in v2.2.0

func (dp DeliverPolicy) String() string

func (*DeliverPolicy) UnmarshalJSON added in v2.2.0

func (p *DeliverPolicy) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type DenyRules added in v2.2.3

type DenyRules struct {
	Exports []string `json:"exports,omitempty"`
	Imports []string `json:"imports,omitempty"`

DenyRules Contains lists of subjects not allowed to be imported/exported

type DirAccResolver added in v2.2.0

type DirAccResolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Resolver based on nats for synchronization and backing directory for storage.

func NewDirAccResolver added in v2.2.0

func NewDirAccResolver(path string, limit int64, syncInterval time.Duration, delete deleteType, opts ...DirResOption) (*DirAccResolver, error)

func (*DirAccResolver) Fetch added in v2.2.0

func (dr *DirAccResolver) Fetch(name string) (string, error)

func (*DirAccResolver) IsTrackingUpdate added in v2.2.0

func (dr *DirAccResolver) IsTrackingUpdate() bool

func (*DirAccResolver) Reload added in v2.2.0

func (dr *DirAccResolver) Reload() error

func (*DirAccResolver) Start added in v2.2.0

func (dr *DirAccResolver) Start(s *Server) error

func (*DirAccResolver) Store added in v2.2.0

func (dr *DirAccResolver) Store(name, jwt string) error

type DirJWTStore added in v2.2.0

type DirJWTStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DirJWTStore implements the JWT Store interface, keeping JWTs in an optionally sharded directory structure

func NewDirJWTStore added in v2.2.0

func NewDirJWTStore(dirPath string, shard bool, create bool, _ ...dirJWTStoreOption) (*DirJWTStore, error)

Creates a directory based jwt store. Operates on files only, does NOT watch directories and files.

func NewExpiringDirJWTStore added in v2.2.0

func NewExpiringDirJWTStore(dirPath string, shard bool, create bool, delete deleteType, expireCheck time.Duration, limit int64,
	evictOnLimit bool, ttl time.Duration, changeNotification JWTChanged, _ ...dirJWTStoreOption) (*DirJWTStore, error)

Creates a directory based jwt store.

When ttl is set deletion of file is based on it and not on the jwt expiration To completely disable expiration (including expiration in jwt) set ttl to max duration time.Duration(math.MaxInt64)

limit defines how many files are allowed at any given time. Set to math.MaxInt64 to disable. evictOnLimit determines the behavior once limit is reached. * true - Evict based on lru strategy * false - return an error

func NewImmutableDirJWTStore added in v2.2.0

func NewImmutableDirJWTStore(dirPath string, shard bool, _ ...dirJWTStoreOption) (*DirJWTStore, error)

Creates a directory based jwt store. Reads files only, does NOT watch directories and files.

func (*DirJWTStore) Close added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) Close()

func (*DirJWTStore) Hash added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) Hash() [sha256.Size]byte

returns a hash representing all indexed jwt

func (*DirJWTStore) IsReadOnly added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) IsReadOnly() bool

func (*DirJWTStore) LoadAcc added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) LoadAcc(publicKey string) (string, error)

func (*DirJWTStore) LoadAct added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) LoadAct(hash string) (string, error)

func (*DirJWTStore) Merge added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) Merge(pack string) error

Merge takes the JWTs from package and adds them to the store Merge is destructive in the sense that it doesn't check if the JWT is newer or anything like that.

func (*DirJWTStore) Pack added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) Pack(maxJWTs int) (string, error)

Pack up to maxJWTs into a package

func (*DirJWTStore) PackWalk added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) PackWalk(maxJWTs int, cb func(partialPackMsg string)) error

Pack up to maxJWTs into a message and invoke callback with it

func (*DirJWTStore) Reload added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) Reload() error

func (*DirJWTStore) SaveAcc added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) SaveAcc(publicKey string, theJWT string) error

func (*DirJWTStore) SaveAct added in v2.2.0

func (store *DirJWTStore) SaveAct(hash string, theJWT string) error

type DirResOption added in v2.2.1

type DirResOption func(s *DirAccResolver) error

func FetchTimeout added in v2.2.1

func FetchTimeout(to time.Duration) DirResOption

limits the amount of time spent waiting for an account fetch to complete

type DiscardPolicy added in v2.2.0

type DiscardPolicy int

Discard Policy determines how we proceed when limits of messages or bytes are hit. The default, DicscardOld will remove older messages. DiscardNew will fail to store the new message.

func (DiscardPolicy) MarshalJSON added in v2.2.0

func (dp DiscardPolicy) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (DiscardPolicy) String added in v2.2.0

func (dp DiscardPolicy) String() string

func (*DiscardPolicy) UnmarshalJSON added in v2.2.0

func (dp *DiscardPolicy) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type DisconnectEventMsg

type DisconnectEventMsg struct {
	Server   ServerInfo `json:"server"`
	Client   ClientInfo `json:"client"`
	Sent     DataStats  `json:"sent"`
	Received DataStats  `json:"received"`
	Reason   string     `json:"reason"`

DisconnectEventMsg is sent when a new connection previously defined from a ConnectEventMsg is closed.

type Entry added in v2.2.0

type Entry struct {
	Type EntryType
	Data []byte

type EntryType added in v2.2.0

type EntryType uint8
const (
	EntryNormal EntryType = iota

func (EntryType) String added in v2.2.0

func (t EntryType) String() string

type ErrorIdentifier added in v2.3.0

type ErrorIdentifier uint16
const (
	// JSAccountResourcesExceededErr resource limits exceeded for account
	JSAccountResourcesExceededErr ErrorIdentifier = 10002

	// JSBadRequestErr bad request
	JSBadRequestErr ErrorIdentifier = 10003

	// JSClusterIncompleteErr incomplete results
	JSClusterIncompleteErr ErrorIdentifier = 10004

	// JSClusterNoPeersErrF Error causing no peers to be available ({err})
	JSClusterNoPeersErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10005

	// JSClusterNotActiveErr JetStream not in clustered mode
	JSClusterNotActiveErr ErrorIdentifier = 10006

	// JSClusterNotAssignedErr JetStream cluster not assigned to this server
	JSClusterNotAssignedErr ErrorIdentifier = 10007

	// JSClusterNotAvailErr JetStream system temporarily unavailable
	JSClusterNotAvailErr ErrorIdentifier = 10008

	// JSClusterNotLeaderErr JetStream cluster can not handle request
	JSClusterNotLeaderErr ErrorIdentifier = 10009

	// JSClusterPeerNotMemberErr peer not a member
	JSClusterPeerNotMemberErr ErrorIdentifier = 10040

	// JSClusterRequiredErr JetStream clustering support required
	JSClusterRequiredErr ErrorIdentifier = 10010

	// JSClusterServerNotMemberErr server is not a member of the cluster
	JSClusterServerNotMemberErr ErrorIdentifier = 10044

	// JSClusterTagsErr tags placement not supported for operation
	JSClusterTagsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10011

	// JSClusterUnSupportFeatureErr not currently supported in clustered mode
	JSClusterUnSupportFeatureErr ErrorIdentifier = 10036

	// JSConsumerAlreadyExists action CREATE is used for a existing consumer with a different config (consumer already exists)
	JSConsumerAlreadyExists ErrorIdentifier = 10148

	// JSConsumerBadDurableNameErr durable name can not contain '.', '*', '>'
	JSConsumerBadDurableNameErr ErrorIdentifier = 10103

	// JSConsumerConfigRequiredErr consumer config required
	JSConsumerConfigRequiredErr ErrorIdentifier = 10078

	// JSConsumerCreateDurableAndNameMismatch Consumer Durable and Name have to be equal if both are provided
	JSConsumerCreateDurableAndNameMismatch ErrorIdentifier = 10132

	// JSConsumerCreateErrF General consumer creation failure string ({err})
	JSConsumerCreateErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10012

	// JSConsumerCreateFilterSubjectMismatchErr Consumer create request did not match filtered subject from create subject
	JSConsumerCreateFilterSubjectMismatchErr ErrorIdentifier = 10131

	// JSConsumerDeliverCycleErr consumer deliver subject forms a cycle
	JSConsumerDeliverCycleErr ErrorIdentifier = 10081

	// JSConsumerDeliverToWildcardsErr consumer deliver subject has wildcards
	JSConsumerDeliverToWildcardsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10079

	// JSConsumerDescriptionTooLongErrF consumer description is too long, maximum allowed is {max}
	JSConsumerDescriptionTooLongErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10107

	// JSConsumerDirectRequiresEphemeralErr consumer direct requires an ephemeral consumer
	JSConsumerDirectRequiresEphemeralErr ErrorIdentifier = 10091

	// JSConsumerDirectRequiresPushErr consumer direct requires a push based consumer
	JSConsumerDirectRequiresPushErr ErrorIdentifier = 10090

	// JSConsumerDoesNotExist action UPDATE is used for a nonexisting consumer (consumer does not exist)
	JSConsumerDoesNotExist ErrorIdentifier = 10149

	// JSConsumerDuplicateFilterSubjects consumer cannot have both FilterSubject and FilterSubjects specified
	JSConsumerDuplicateFilterSubjects ErrorIdentifier = 10136

	// JSConsumerDurableNameNotInSubjectErr consumer expected to be durable but no durable name set in subject
	JSConsumerDurableNameNotInSubjectErr ErrorIdentifier = 10016

	// JSConsumerDurableNameNotMatchSubjectErr consumer name in subject does not match durable name in request
	JSConsumerDurableNameNotMatchSubjectErr ErrorIdentifier = 10017

	// JSConsumerDurableNameNotSetErr consumer expected to be durable but a durable name was not set
	JSConsumerDurableNameNotSetErr ErrorIdentifier = 10018

	// JSConsumerEmptyFilter consumer filter in FilterSubjects cannot be empty
	JSConsumerEmptyFilter ErrorIdentifier = 10139

	// JSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableInSubjectErr consumer expected to be ephemeral but detected a durable name set in subject
	JSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableInSubjectErr ErrorIdentifier = 10019

	// JSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableNameErr consumer expected to be ephemeral but a durable name was set in request
	JSConsumerEphemeralWithDurableNameErr ErrorIdentifier = 10020

	// JSConsumerExistingActiveErr consumer already exists and is still active
	JSConsumerExistingActiveErr ErrorIdentifier = 10105

	// JSConsumerFCRequiresPushErr consumer flow control requires a push based consumer
	JSConsumerFCRequiresPushErr ErrorIdentifier = 10089

	// JSConsumerFilterNotSubsetErr consumer filter subject is not a valid subset of the interest subjects
	JSConsumerFilterNotSubsetErr ErrorIdentifier = 10093

	// JSConsumerHBRequiresPushErr consumer idle heartbeat requires a push based consumer
	JSConsumerHBRequiresPushErr ErrorIdentifier = 10088

	// JSConsumerInactiveThresholdExcess consumer inactive threshold exceeds system limit of {limit}
	JSConsumerInactiveThresholdExcess ErrorIdentifier = 10153

	// JSConsumerInvalidDeliverSubject invalid push consumer deliver subject
	JSConsumerInvalidDeliverSubject ErrorIdentifier = 10112

	// JSConsumerInvalidPolicyErrF Generic delivery policy error ({err})
	JSConsumerInvalidPolicyErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10094

	// JSConsumerInvalidSamplingErrF failed to parse consumer sampling configuration: {err}
	JSConsumerInvalidSamplingErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10095

	// JSConsumerMaxDeliverBackoffErr max deliver is required to be > length of backoff values
	JSConsumerMaxDeliverBackoffErr ErrorIdentifier = 10116

	// JSConsumerMaxPendingAckExcessErrF consumer max ack pending exceeds system limit of {limit}
	JSConsumerMaxPendingAckExcessErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10121

	// JSConsumerMaxPendingAckPolicyRequiredErr consumer requires ack policy for max ack pending
	JSConsumerMaxPendingAckPolicyRequiredErr ErrorIdentifier = 10082

	// JSConsumerMaxRequestBatchExceededF consumer max request batch exceeds server limit of {limit}
	JSConsumerMaxRequestBatchExceededF ErrorIdentifier = 10125

	// JSConsumerMaxRequestBatchNegativeErr consumer max request batch needs to be > 0
	JSConsumerMaxRequestBatchNegativeErr ErrorIdentifier = 10114

	// JSConsumerMaxRequestExpiresToSmall consumer max request expires needs to be >= 1ms
	JSConsumerMaxRequestExpiresToSmall ErrorIdentifier = 10115

	// JSConsumerMaxWaitingNegativeErr consumer max waiting needs to be positive
	JSConsumerMaxWaitingNegativeErr ErrorIdentifier = 10087

	// JSConsumerMetadataLengthErrF consumer metadata exceeds maximum size of {limit}
	JSConsumerMetadataLengthErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10135

	// JSConsumerMultipleFiltersNotAllowed consumer with multiple subject filters cannot use subject based API
	JSConsumerMultipleFiltersNotAllowed ErrorIdentifier = 10137

	// JSConsumerNameContainsPathSeparatorsErr Consumer name can not contain path separators
	JSConsumerNameContainsPathSeparatorsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10127

	// JSConsumerNameExistErr consumer name already in use
	JSConsumerNameExistErr ErrorIdentifier = 10013

	// JSConsumerNameTooLongErrF consumer name is too long, maximum allowed is {max}
	JSConsumerNameTooLongErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10102

	// JSConsumerNotFoundErr consumer not found
	JSConsumerNotFoundErr ErrorIdentifier = 10014

	// JSConsumerOfflineErr consumer is offline
	JSConsumerOfflineErr ErrorIdentifier = 10119

	// JSConsumerOnMappedErr consumer direct on a mapped consumer
	JSConsumerOnMappedErr ErrorIdentifier = 10092

	// JSConsumerOverlappingSubjectFilters consumer subject filters cannot overlap
	JSConsumerOverlappingSubjectFilters ErrorIdentifier = 10138

	// JSConsumerPullNotDurableErr consumer in pull mode requires a durable name
	JSConsumerPullNotDurableErr ErrorIdentifier = 10085

	// JSConsumerPullRequiresAckErr consumer in pull mode requires ack policy
	JSConsumerPullRequiresAckErr ErrorIdentifier = 10084

	// JSConsumerPullWithRateLimitErr consumer in pull mode can not have rate limit set
	JSConsumerPullWithRateLimitErr ErrorIdentifier = 10086

	// JSConsumerPushMaxWaitingErr consumer in push mode can not set max waiting
	JSConsumerPushMaxWaitingErr ErrorIdentifier = 10080

	// JSConsumerReplacementWithDifferentNameErr consumer replacement durable config not the same
	JSConsumerReplacementWithDifferentNameErr ErrorIdentifier = 10106

	// JSConsumerReplicasExceedsStream consumer config replica count exceeds parent stream
	JSConsumerReplicasExceedsStream ErrorIdentifier = 10126

	// JSConsumerReplicasShouldMatchStream consumer config replicas must match interest retention stream's replicas
	JSConsumerReplicasShouldMatchStream ErrorIdentifier = 10134

	// JSConsumerSmallHeartbeatErr consumer idle heartbeat needs to be >= 100ms
	JSConsumerSmallHeartbeatErr ErrorIdentifier = 10083

	// JSConsumerStoreFailedErrF error creating store for consumer: {err}
	JSConsumerStoreFailedErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10104

	// JSConsumerWQConsumerNotDeliverAllErr consumer must be deliver all on workqueue stream
	JSConsumerWQConsumerNotDeliverAllErr ErrorIdentifier = 10101

	// JSConsumerWQConsumerNotUniqueErr filtered consumer not unique on workqueue stream
	JSConsumerWQConsumerNotUniqueErr ErrorIdentifier = 10100

	// JSConsumerWQMultipleUnfilteredErr multiple non-filtered consumers not allowed on workqueue stream
	JSConsumerWQMultipleUnfilteredErr ErrorIdentifier = 10099

	// JSConsumerWQRequiresExplicitAckErr workqueue stream requires explicit ack
	JSConsumerWQRequiresExplicitAckErr ErrorIdentifier = 10098

	// JSConsumerWithFlowControlNeedsHeartbeats consumer with flow control also needs heartbeats
	JSConsumerWithFlowControlNeedsHeartbeats ErrorIdentifier = 10108

	// JSInsufficientResourcesErr insufficient resources
	JSInsufficientResourcesErr ErrorIdentifier = 10023

	// JSInvalidJSONErr invalid JSON
	JSInvalidJSONErr ErrorIdentifier = 10025

	// JSMaximumConsumersLimitErr maximum consumers limit reached
	JSMaximumConsumersLimitErr ErrorIdentifier = 10026

	// JSMaximumStreamsLimitErr maximum number of streams reached
	JSMaximumStreamsLimitErr ErrorIdentifier = 10027

	// JSMemoryResourcesExceededErr insufficient memory resources available
	JSMemoryResourcesExceededErr ErrorIdentifier = 10028

	// JSMirrorConsumerSetupFailedErrF generic mirror consumer setup failure string ({err})
	JSMirrorConsumerSetupFailedErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10029

	// JSMirrorInvalidStreamName mirrored stream name is invalid
	JSMirrorInvalidStreamName ErrorIdentifier = 10142

	// JSMirrorInvalidSubjectFilter mirror subject filter is invalid
	JSMirrorInvalidSubjectFilter ErrorIdentifier = 10151

	// JSMirrorMaxMessageSizeTooBigErr stream mirror must have max message size >= source
	JSMirrorMaxMessageSizeTooBigErr ErrorIdentifier = 10030

	// JSMirrorMultipleFiltersNotAllowed mirror with multiple subject transforms cannot also have a single subject filter
	JSMirrorMultipleFiltersNotAllowed ErrorIdentifier = 10150

	// JSMirrorOverlappingSubjectFilters mirror subject filters can not overlap
	JSMirrorOverlappingSubjectFilters ErrorIdentifier = 10152

	// JSMirrorWithFirstSeqErr stream mirrors can not have first sequence configured
	JSMirrorWithFirstSeqErr ErrorIdentifier = 10143

	// JSMirrorWithSourcesErr stream mirrors can not also contain other sources
	JSMirrorWithSourcesErr ErrorIdentifier = 10031

	// JSMirrorWithStartSeqAndTimeErr stream mirrors can not have both start seq and start time configured
	JSMirrorWithStartSeqAndTimeErr ErrorIdentifier = 10032

	// JSMirrorWithSubjectFiltersErr stream mirrors can not contain filtered subjects
	JSMirrorWithSubjectFiltersErr ErrorIdentifier = 10033

	// JSMirrorWithSubjectsErr stream mirrors can not contain subjects
	JSMirrorWithSubjectsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10034

	// JSNoAccountErr account not found
	JSNoAccountErr ErrorIdentifier = 10035

	// JSNoLimitsErr no JetStream default or applicable tiered limit present
	JSNoLimitsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10120

	// JSNoMessageFoundErr no message found
	JSNoMessageFoundErr ErrorIdentifier = 10037

	// JSNotEmptyRequestErr expected an empty request payload
	JSNotEmptyRequestErr ErrorIdentifier = 10038

	// JSNotEnabledErr JetStream not enabled
	JSNotEnabledErr ErrorIdentifier = 10076

	// JSNotEnabledForAccountErr JetStream not enabled for account
	JSNotEnabledForAccountErr ErrorIdentifier = 10039

	// JSPeerRemapErr peer remap failed
	JSPeerRemapErr ErrorIdentifier = 10075

	// JSRaftGeneralErrF General RAFT error string ({err})
	JSRaftGeneralErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10041

	// JSReplicasCountCannotBeNegative replicas count cannot be negative
	JSReplicasCountCannotBeNegative ErrorIdentifier = 10133

	// JSRestoreSubscribeFailedErrF JetStream unable to subscribe to restore snapshot {subject}: {err}
	JSRestoreSubscribeFailedErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10042

	// JSSequenceNotFoundErrF sequence {seq} not found
	JSSequenceNotFoundErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10043

	// JSSnapshotDeliverSubjectInvalidErr deliver subject not valid
	JSSnapshotDeliverSubjectInvalidErr ErrorIdentifier = 10015

	// JSSourceConsumerSetupFailedErrF General source consumer setup failure string ({err})
	JSSourceConsumerSetupFailedErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10045

	// JSSourceDuplicateDetected source stream, filter and transform (plus external if present) must form a unique combination (duplicate source configuration detected)
	JSSourceDuplicateDetected ErrorIdentifier = 10140

	// JSSourceInvalidStreamName sourced stream name is invalid
	JSSourceInvalidStreamName ErrorIdentifier = 10141

	// JSSourceInvalidSubjectFilter source subject filter is invalid
	JSSourceInvalidSubjectFilter ErrorIdentifier = 10145

	// JSSourceInvalidTransformDestination source transform destination is invalid
	JSSourceInvalidTransformDestination ErrorIdentifier = 10146

	// JSSourceMaxMessageSizeTooBigErr stream source must have max message size >= target
	JSSourceMaxMessageSizeTooBigErr ErrorIdentifier = 10046

	// JSSourceMultipleFiltersNotAllowed source with multiple subject transforms cannot also have a single subject filter
	JSSourceMultipleFiltersNotAllowed ErrorIdentifier = 10144

	// JSSourceOverlappingSubjectFilters source filters can not overlap
	JSSourceOverlappingSubjectFilters ErrorIdentifier = 10147

	// JSStorageResourcesExceededErr insufficient storage resources available
	JSStorageResourcesExceededErr ErrorIdentifier = 10047

	// JSStreamAssignmentErrF Generic stream assignment error string ({err})
	JSStreamAssignmentErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10048

	// JSStreamCreateErrF Generic stream creation error string ({err})
	JSStreamCreateErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10049

	// JSStreamDeleteErrF General stream deletion error string ({err})
	JSStreamDeleteErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10050

	// JSStreamExternalApiOverlapErrF stream external api prefix {prefix} must not overlap with {subject}
	JSStreamExternalApiOverlapErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10021

	// JSStreamExternalDelPrefixOverlapsErrF stream external delivery prefix {prefix} overlaps with stream subject {subject}
	JSStreamExternalDelPrefixOverlapsErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10022

	// JSStreamGeneralErrorF General stream failure string ({err})
	JSStreamGeneralErrorF ErrorIdentifier = 10051

	// JSStreamHeaderExceedsMaximumErr header size exceeds maximum allowed of 64k
	JSStreamHeaderExceedsMaximumErr ErrorIdentifier = 10097

	// JSStreamInfoMaxSubjectsErr subject details would exceed maximum allowed
	JSStreamInfoMaxSubjectsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10117

	// JSStreamInvalidConfigF Stream configuration validation error string ({err})
	JSStreamInvalidConfigF ErrorIdentifier = 10052

	// JSStreamInvalidErr stream not valid
	JSStreamInvalidErr ErrorIdentifier = 10096

	// JSStreamInvalidExternalDeliverySubjErrF stream external delivery prefix {prefix} must not contain wildcards
	JSStreamInvalidExternalDeliverySubjErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10024

	// JSStreamLimitsErrF General stream limits exceeded error string ({err})
	JSStreamLimitsErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10053

	// JSStreamMaxBytesRequired account requires a stream config to have max bytes set
	JSStreamMaxBytesRequired ErrorIdentifier = 10113

	// JSStreamMaxStreamBytesExceeded stream max bytes exceeds account limit max stream bytes
	JSStreamMaxStreamBytesExceeded ErrorIdentifier = 10122

	// JSStreamMessageExceedsMaximumErr message size exceeds maximum allowed
	JSStreamMessageExceedsMaximumErr ErrorIdentifier = 10054

	// JSStreamMirrorNotUpdatableErr stream mirror configuration can not be updated
	JSStreamMirrorNotUpdatableErr ErrorIdentifier = 10055

	// JSStreamMismatchErr stream name in subject does not match request
	JSStreamMismatchErr ErrorIdentifier = 10056

	// JSStreamMoveAndScaleErr can not move and scale a stream in a single update
	JSStreamMoveAndScaleErr ErrorIdentifier = 10123

	// JSStreamMoveInProgressF stream move already in progress: {msg}
	JSStreamMoveInProgressF ErrorIdentifier = 10124

	// JSStreamMoveNotInProgress stream move not in progress
	JSStreamMoveNotInProgress ErrorIdentifier = 10129

	// JSStreamMsgDeleteFailedF Generic message deletion failure error string ({err})
	JSStreamMsgDeleteFailedF ErrorIdentifier = 10057

	// JSStreamNameContainsPathSeparatorsErr Stream name can not contain path separators
	JSStreamNameContainsPathSeparatorsErr ErrorIdentifier = 10128

	// JSStreamNameExistErr stream name already in use with a different configuration
	JSStreamNameExistErr ErrorIdentifier = 10058

	// JSStreamNameExistRestoreFailedErr stream name already in use, cannot restore
	JSStreamNameExistRestoreFailedErr ErrorIdentifier = 10130

	// JSStreamNotFoundErr stream not found
	JSStreamNotFoundErr ErrorIdentifier = 10059

	// JSStreamNotMatchErr expected stream does not match
	JSStreamNotMatchErr ErrorIdentifier = 10060

	// JSStreamOfflineErr stream is offline
	JSStreamOfflineErr ErrorIdentifier = 10118

	// JSStreamPurgeFailedF Generic stream purge failure error string ({err})
	JSStreamPurgeFailedF ErrorIdentifier = 10110

	// JSStreamReplicasNotSupportedErr replicas > 1 not supported in non-clustered mode
	JSStreamReplicasNotSupportedErr ErrorIdentifier = 10074

	// JSStreamReplicasNotUpdatableErr Replicas configuration can not be updated
	JSStreamReplicasNotUpdatableErr ErrorIdentifier = 10061

	// JSStreamRestoreErrF restore failed: {err}
	JSStreamRestoreErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10062

	// JSStreamRollupFailedF Generic stream rollup failure error string ({err})
	JSStreamRollupFailedF ErrorIdentifier = 10111

	// JSStreamSealedErr invalid operation on sealed stream
	JSStreamSealedErr ErrorIdentifier = 10109

	// JSStreamSequenceNotMatchErr expected stream sequence does not match
	JSStreamSequenceNotMatchErr ErrorIdentifier = 10063

	// JSStreamSnapshotErrF snapshot failed: {err}
	JSStreamSnapshotErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10064

	// JSStreamStoreFailedF Generic error when storing a message failed ({err})
	JSStreamStoreFailedF ErrorIdentifier = 10077

	// JSStreamSubjectOverlapErr subjects overlap with an existing stream
	JSStreamSubjectOverlapErr ErrorIdentifier = 10065

	// JSStreamTemplateCreateErrF Generic template creation failed string ({err})
	JSStreamTemplateCreateErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10066

	// JSStreamTemplateDeleteErrF Generic stream template deletion failed error string ({err})
	JSStreamTemplateDeleteErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10067

	// JSStreamTemplateNotFoundErr template not found
	JSStreamTemplateNotFoundErr ErrorIdentifier = 10068

	// JSStreamUpdateErrF Generic stream update error string ({err})
	JSStreamUpdateErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10069

	// JSStreamWrongLastMsgIDErrF wrong last msg ID: {id}
	JSStreamWrongLastMsgIDErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10070

	// JSStreamWrongLastSequenceErrF wrong last sequence: {seq}
	JSStreamWrongLastSequenceErrF ErrorIdentifier = 10071

	// JSTempStorageFailedErr JetStream unable to open temp storage for restore
	JSTempStorageFailedErr ErrorIdentifier = 10072

	// JSTemplateNameNotMatchSubjectErr template name in subject does not match request
	JSTemplateNameNotMatchSubjectErr ErrorIdentifier = 10073

type ErrorOption added in v2.4.0

type ErrorOption func(*errOpts)

ErrorOption configures a NATS Error helper

func Unless added in v2.4.0

func Unless(err error) ErrorOption

Unless ensures that if err is a ApiErr that err will be returned rather than the one being created via the helper

type ErrorsData added in v2.3.0

type ErrorsData struct {
	Constant    string `json:"constant"`
	Code        int    `json:"code"`
	ErrCode     uint16 `json:"error_code"`
	Description string `json:"description"`
	Comment     string `json:"comment"`
	Help        string `json:"help"`
	URL         string `json:"url"`
	Deprecates  string `json:"deprecates"`

ErrorsData is the source data for generated errors as found in errors.json

type EventFilterOptions added in v2.2.0

type EventFilterOptions struct {
	Name    string   `json:"server_name,omitempty"` // filter by server name
	Cluster string   `json:"cluster,omitempty"`     // filter by cluster name
	Host    string   `json:"host,omitempty"`        // filter by host name
	Tags    []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`        // filter by tags (must match all tags)
	Domain  string   `json:"domain,omitempty"`      // filter by JS domain

Common filter options for system requests STATSZ VARZ SUBSZ CONNZ ROUTEZ GATEWAYZ LEAFZ

type ExtExport added in v2.2.0

type ExtExport struct {
	ApprovedAccounts []string             `json:"approved_accounts,omitempty"`
	RevokedAct       map[string]time.Time `json:"revoked_activations,omitempty"`

type ExtImport added in v2.2.0

type ExtImport struct {
	Invalid     bool                `json:"invalid"`
	Share       bool                `json:"share"`
	Tracking    bool                `json:"tracking"`
	TrackingHdr http.Header         `json:"tracking_header,omitempty"`
	Latency     *jwt.ServiceLatency `json:"latency,omitempty"`
	M1          *ServiceLatency     `json:"m1,omitempty"`

type ExtMap added in v2.2.0

type ExtMap map[string][]*MapDest

type ExtVrIssues added in v2.2.0

type ExtVrIssues struct {
	Description string `json:"description"`
	Blocking    bool   `json:"blocking"`
	Time        bool   `json:"time_check"`

type ExternalStream added in v2.2.0

type ExternalStream struct {
	ApiPrefix     string `json:"api"`
	DeliverPrefix string `json:"deliver"`

ExternalStream allows you to qualify access to a stream source in another account.

type FileConsumerInfo added in v2.2.0

type FileConsumerInfo struct {
	Created time.Time
	Name    string

File ConsumerInfo is used for creating consumer stores.

type FileStoreConfig added in v2.2.0

type FileStoreConfig struct {
	// Where the parent directory for all storage will be located.
	StoreDir string
	// BlockSize is the file block size. This also represents the maximum overhead size.
	BlockSize uint64
	// CacheExpire is how long with no activity until we expire the cache.
	CacheExpire time.Duration
	// SyncInterval is how often we sync to disk in the background.
	SyncInterval time.Duration
	// SyncAlways is when the stream should sync all data writes.
	SyncAlways bool
	// AsyncFlush allows async flush to batch write operations.
	AsyncFlush bool
	// Cipher is the cipher to use when encrypting.
	Cipher StoreCipher
	// Compression is the algorithm to use when compressing.
	Compression StoreCompression
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type FileStreamInfo added in v2.2.0

type FileStreamInfo struct {
	Created time.Time

FileStreamInfo allows us to remember created time.

type GatewayInterestMode

type GatewayInterestMode byte

GatewayInterestMode represents an account interest mode for a gateway connection

const (
	// optimistic is the default mode where a cluster will send
	// to a gateway unless it is been told that there is no interest
	// (this is for plain subscribers only).
	Optimistic GatewayInterestMode = iota
	// transitioning is when a gateway has to send too many
	// no interest on subjects to the remote and decides that it is
	// now time to move to modeInterestOnly (this is on a per account
	// basis).
	// interestOnly means that a cluster sends all it subscriptions
	// interest to the gateway, which in return does not send a message
	// unless it knows that there is explicit interest.

GatewayInterestMode values

func (GatewayInterestMode) String

func (im GatewayInterestMode) String() string

type GatewayOpts

type GatewayOpts struct {
	Name              string               `json:"name"`
	Host              string               `json:"addr,omitempty"`
	Port              int                  `json:"port,omitempty"`
	Username          string               `json:"-"`
	Password          string               `json:"-"`
	AuthTimeout       float64              `json:"auth_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSConfig         *tls.Config          `json:"-"`
	TLSTimeout        float64              `json:"tls_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSMap            bool                 `json:"-"`
	TLSCheckKnownURLs bool                 `json:"-"`
	TLSPinnedCerts    PinnedCertSet        `json:"-"`
	Advertise         string               `json:"advertise,omitempty"`
	ConnectRetries    int                  `json:"connect_retries,omitempty"`
	Gateways          []*RemoteGatewayOpts `json:"gateways,omitempty"`
	RejectUnknown     bool                 `json:"reject_unknown,omitempty"` // config got renamed to reject_unknown_cluster
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GatewayOpts are options for gateways. NOTE: This structure is no longer used for monitoring endpoints and json tags are deprecated and may be removed in the future.

type GatewayOptsVarz

type GatewayOptsVarz struct {
	Name           string                  `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Host           string                  `json:"host,omitempty"`
	Port           int                     `json:"port,omitempty"`
	AuthTimeout    float64                 `json:"auth_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSTimeout     float64                 `json:"tls_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSRequired    bool                    `json:"tls_required,omitempty"`
	TLSVerify      bool                    `json:"tls_verify,omitempty"`
	Advertise      string                  `json:"advertise,omitempty"`
	ConnectRetries int                     `json:"connect_retries,omitempty"`
	Gateways       []RemoteGatewayOptsVarz `json:"gateways,omitempty"`
	RejectUnknown  bool                    `json:"reject_unknown,omitempty"` // config got renamed to reject_unknown_cluster

GatewayOptsVarz contains monitoring gateway information

type GatewayStat

type GatewayStat struct {
	ID         uint64    `json:"gwid"`
	Name       string    `json:"name"`
	Sent       DataStats `json:"sent"`
	Received   DataStats `json:"received"`
	NumInbound int       `json:"inbound_connections"`

GatewayStat holds gateway statistics.

type Gatewayz

type Gatewayz struct {
	ID               string                       `json:"server_id"`
	Now              time.Time                    `json:"now"`
	Name             string                       `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Host             string                       `json:"host,omitempty"`
	Port             int                          `json:"port,omitempty"`
	OutboundGateways map[string]*RemoteGatewayz   `json:"outbound_gateways"`
	InboundGateways  map[string][]*RemoteGatewayz `json:"inbound_gateways"`

Gatewayz represents detailed information on Gateways

type GatewayzEventOptions added in v2.2.0

type GatewayzEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, GatewayzEventOptions are options passed to Gatewayz

type GatewayzOptions

type GatewayzOptions struct {
	// Name will output only remote gateways with this name
	Name string `json:"name"`

	// Accounts indicates if accounts with its interest should be included in the results.
	Accounts bool `json:"accounts"`

	// AccountName will limit the list of accounts to that account name (makes Accounts implicit)
	AccountName string `json:"account_name"`

GatewayzOptions are the options passed to Gatewayz()

type HealthStatus added in v2.7.1

type HealthStatus struct {
	Status     string         `json:"status"`
	StatusCode int            `json:"status_code,omitempty"`
	Error      string         `json:"error,omitempty"`
	Errors     []HealthzError `json:"errors,omitempty"`

type HealthZErrorType added in v2.10.0

type HealthZErrorType int
const (
	HealthzErrorConn HealthZErrorType = iota

func (HealthZErrorType) MarshalJSON added in v2.10.0

func (t HealthZErrorType) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (HealthZErrorType) String added in v2.10.0

func (t HealthZErrorType) String() string

func (*HealthZErrorType) UnmarshalJSON added in v2.10.0

func (t *HealthZErrorType) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

type HealthzError added in v2.10.0

type HealthzError struct {
	Type     HealthZErrorType `json:"type"`
	Account  string           `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Stream   string           `json:"stream,omitempty"`
	Consumer string           `json:"consumer,omitempty"`
	Error    string           `json:"error,omitempty"`

type HealthzEventOptions added in v2.9.0

type HealthzEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, HealthzEventOptions are options passed to Healthz

type HealthzOptions added in v2.9.0

type HealthzOptions struct {
	// Deprecated: Use JSEnabledOnly instead
	JSEnabled     bool   `json:"js-enabled,omitempty"`
	JSEnabledOnly bool   `json:"js-enabled-only,omitempty"`
	JSServerOnly  bool   `json:"js-server-only,omitempty"`
	Account       string `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Stream        string `json:"stream,omitempty"`
	Consumer      string `json:"consumer,omitempty"`
	Details       bool   `json:"details,omitempty"`

HealthzOptions are options passed to Healthz

type Info

type Info struct {
	ID                string   `json:"server_id"`
	Name              string   `json:"server_name"`
	Version           string   `json:"version"`
	Proto             int      `json:"proto"`
	GitCommit         string   `json:"git_commit,omitempty"`
	GoVersion         string   `json:"go"`
	Host              string   `json:"host"`
	Port              int      `json:"port"`
	Headers           bool     `json:"headers"`
	AuthRequired      bool     `json:"auth_required,omitempty"`
	TLSRequired       bool     `json:"tls_required,omitempty"`
	TLSVerify         bool     `json:"tls_verify,omitempty"`
	TLSAvailable      bool     `json:"tls_available,omitempty"`
	MaxPayload        int32    `json:"max_payload"`
	JetStream         bool     `json:"jetstream,omitempty"`
	IP                string   `json:"ip,omitempty"`
	CID               uint64   `json:"client_id,omitempty"`
	ClientIP          string   `json:"client_ip,omitempty"`
	Nonce             string   `json:"nonce,omitempty"`
	Cluster           string   `json:"cluster,omitempty"`
	Dynamic           bool     `json:"cluster_dynamic,omitempty"`
	Domain            string   `json:"domain,omitempty"`
	ClientConnectURLs []string `json:"connect_urls,omitempty"`    // Contains URLs a client can connect to.
	WSConnectURLs     []string `json:"ws_connect_urls,omitempty"` // Contains URLs a ws client can connect to.
	LameDuckMode      bool     `json:"ldm,omitempty"`
	Compression       string   `json:"compression,omitempty"`

	// Route Specific
	Import        *SubjectPermission `json:"import,omitempty"`
	Export        *SubjectPermission `json:"export,omitempty"`
	LNOC          bool               `json:"lnoc,omitempty"`
	InfoOnConnect bool               `json:"info_on_connect,omitempty"` // When true the server will respond to CONNECT with an INFO
	ConnectInfo   bool               `json:"connect_info,omitempty"`    // When true this is the server INFO response to CONNECT
	RoutePoolSize int                `json:"route_pool_size,omitempty"`
	RoutePoolIdx  int                `json:"route_pool_idx,omitempty"`
	RouteAccount  string             `json:"route_account,omitempty"`
	RouteAccReqID string             `json:"route_acc_add_reqid,omitempty"`

	// Gateways Specific
	Gateway           string   `json:"gateway,omitempty"`             // Name of the origin Gateway (sent by gateway's INFO)
	GatewayURLs       []string `json:"gateway_urls,omitempty"`        // Gateway URLs in the originating cluster (sent by gateway's INFO)
	GatewayURL        string   `json:"gateway_url,omitempty"`         // Gateway URL on that server (sent by route's INFO)
	GatewayCmd        byte     `json:"gateway_cmd,omitempty"`         // Command code for the receiving server to know what to do
	GatewayCmdPayload []byte   `json:"gateway_cmd_payload,omitempty"` // Command payload when needed
	GatewayNRP        bool     `json:"gateway_nrp,omitempty"`         // Uses new $GNR. prefix for mapped replies
	GatewayIOM        bool     `json:"gateway_iom,omitempty"`         // Indicate that all accounts will be switched to InterestOnly mode "right away"

	// LeafNode Specific
	LeafNodeURLs  []string `json:"leafnode_urls,omitempty"`  // LeafNode URLs that the server can reconnect to.
	RemoteAccount string   `json:"remote_account,omitempty"` // Lets the other side know the remote account that they bind to.

	XKey string `json:"xkey,omitempty"` // Public server's x25519 key.

Info is the information sent to clients, routes, gateways, and leaf nodes, to help them understand information about this server.

type JSAPIAudit added in v2.2.0

type JSAPIAudit struct {
	Server   string      `json:"server"`
	Client   *ClientInfo `json:"client"`
	Subject  string      `json:"subject"`
	Request  string      `json:"request,omitempty"`
	Response string      `json:"response"`
	Domain   string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSAPIAudit is an advisory about administrative actions taken on JetStream

type JSApiAccountInfoResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiAccountInfoResponse struct {

JSApiAccountInfoResponse reports back information on jetstream for this account.

type JSApiAccountPurgeResponse added in v2.9.0

type JSApiAccountPurgeResponse struct {
	Initiated bool `json:"initiated,omitempty"`

JSApiAccountPurgeResponse is the response to a purge request in the meta group.

type JSApiConsumerCreateResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerCreateResponse struct {

type JSApiConsumerDeleteResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerDeleteResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

type JSApiConsumerGetNextRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerGetNextRequest struct {
	Expires   time.Duration `json:"expires,omitempty"`
	Batch     int           `json:"batch,omitempty"`
	MaxBytes  int           `json:"max_bytes,omitempty"`
	NoWait    bool          `json:"no_wait,omitempty"`
	Heartbeat time.Duration `json:"idle_heartbeat,omitempty"`

JSApiConsumerGetNextRequest is for getting next messages for pull based consumers.

type JSApiConsumerInfoResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerInfoResponse struct {

type JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDownResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDownResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

JSApiConsumerLeaderStepDownResponse is the response to a consumer leader stepdown request.

type JSApiConsumerListResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerListResponse struct {
	Consumers []*ConsumerInfo `json:"consumers"`
	Missing   []string        `json:"missing,omitempty"`

type JSApiConsumerNamesResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumerNamesResponse struct {
	Consumers []string `json:"consumers"`

type JSApiConsumersRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiConsumersRequest struct {

type JSApiLeaderStepDownResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiLeaderStepDownResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

JSApiLeaderStepDownResponse is the response to a meta leader stepdown request.

type JSApiLeaderStepdownRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiLeaderStepdownRequest struct {
	Placement *Placement `json:"placement,omitempty"`

JSApiLeaderStepdownRequest allows placement control over the meta leader placement.

type JSApiMetaServerRemoveRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiMetaServerRemoveRequest struct {
	// Server name of the peer to be removed.
	Server string `json:"peer"`
	// Peer ID of the peer to be removed. If specified this is used
	// instead of the server name.
	Peer string `json:"peer_id,omitempty"`

JSApiMetaServerRemoveRequest will remove a peer from the meta group.

type JSApiMetaServerRemoveResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiMetaServerRemoveResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

JSApiMetaServerRemoveResponse is the response to a peer removal request in the meta group.

type JSApiMetaServerStreamMoveRequest added in v2.9.0

type JSApiMetaServerStreamMoveRequest struct {
	// Server name of the peer to be evacuated.
	Server string `json:"server,omitempty"`
	// Cluster the server is in
	Cluster string `json:"cluster,omitempty"`
	// Domain the sever is in
	Domain string `json:"domain,omitempty"`
	// Ephemeral placement tags for the move
	Tags []string `json:"tags,omitempty"`

JSApiMetaServerStreamMoveRequest will move a stream on a server to another response to this will come as JSApiStreamUpdateResponse/JSApiStreamUpdateResponseType

type JSApiMsgDeleteRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiMsgDeleteRequest struct {
	Seq     uint64 `json:"seq"`
	NoErase bool   `json:"no_erase,omitempty"`

JSApiMsgDeleteRequest delete message request.

type JSApiMsgDeleteResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiMsgDeleteResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

type JSApiMsgGetRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiMsgGetRequest struct {
	Seq     uint64 `json:"seq,omitempty"`
	LastFor string `json:"last_by_subj,omitempty"`
	NextFor string `json:"next_by_subj,omitempty"`

JSApiMsgGetRequest get a message request.

type JSApiMsgGetResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiMsgGetResponse struct {
	Message *StoredMsg `json:"message,omitempty"`

type JSApiStreamCreateResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamCreateResponse struct {
	DidCreate bool `json:"did_create,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamCreateResponse stream creation.

type JSApiStreamDeleteResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamDeleteResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamDeleteResponse stream removal.

type JSApiStreamInfoRequest added in v2.2.2

type JSApiStreamInfoRequest struct {
	DeletedDetails bool   `json:"deleted_details,omitempty"`
	SubjectsFilter string `json:"subjects_filter,omitempty"`

type JSApiStreamInfoResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamInfoResponse struct {

type JSApiStreamLeaderStepDownResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamLeaderStepDownResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamLeaderStepDownResponse is the response to a leader stepdown request.

type JSApiStreamListRequest added in v2.6.5

type JSApiStreamListRequest struct {
	// These are filters that can be applied to the list.
	Subject string `json:"subject,omitempty"`

type JSApiStreamListResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamListResponse struct {
	Streams []*StreamInfo `json:"streams"`
	Missing []string      `json:"missing,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamListResponse list of detailed stream information. A nil request is valid and means all streams.

type JSApiStreamNamesRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamNamesRequest struct {
	// These are filters that can be applied to the list.
	Subject string `json:"subject,omitempty"`

type JSApiStreamNamesResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamNamesResponse struct {
	Streams []string `json:"streams"`

JSApiStreamNamesResponse list of streams. A nil request is valid and means all streams.

type JSApiStreamPurgeRequest added in v2.3.0

type JSApiStreamPurgeRequest struct {
	// Purge up to but not including sequence.
	Sequence uint64 `json:"seq,omitempty"`
	// Subject to match against messages for the purge command.
	Subject string `json:"filter,omitempty"`
	// Number of messages to keep.
	Keep uint64 `json:"keep,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamPurgeRequest is optional request information to the purge API. Subject will filter the purge request to only messages that match the subject, which can have wildcards. Sequence will purge up to but not including this sequence and can be combined with subject filtering. Keep will specify how many messages to keep. This can also be combined with subject filtering. Note that Sequence and Keep are mutually exclusive, so both can not be set at the same time.

type JSApiStreamPurgeResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamPurgeResponse struct {
	Success bool   `json:"success,omitempty"`
	Purged  uint64 `json:"purged"`

type JSApiStreamRemovePeerRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamRemovePeerRequest struct {
	// Server name of the peer to be removed.
	Peer string `json:"peer"`

JSApiStreamRemovePeerRequest is the required remove peer request.

type JSApiStreamRemovePeerResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamRemovePeerResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamRemovePeerResponse is the response to a remove peer request.

type JSApiStreamRestoreRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamRestoreRequest struct {
	// Configuration of the given stream.
	Config StreamConfig `json:"config"`
	// Current State for the given stream.
	State StreamState `json:"state"`

JSApiStreamRestoreRequest is the required restore request.

type JSApiStreamRestoreResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamRestoreResponse struct {
	// Subject to deliver the chunks to for the snapshot restore.
	DeliverSubject string `json:"deliver_subject"`

JSApiStreamRestoreResponse is the direct response to the restore request.

type JSApiStreamSnapshotRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamSnapshotRequest struct {
	// Subject to deliver the chunks to for the snapshot.
	DeliverSubject string `json:"deliver_subject"`
	// Do not include consumers in the snapshot.
	NoConsumers bool `json:"no_consumers,omitempty"`
	// Optional chunk size preference.
	// Best to just let server select.
	ChunkSize int `json:"chunk_size,omitempty"`
	// Check all message's checksums prior to snapshot.
	CheckMsgs bool `json:"jsck,omitempty"`

type JSApiStreamSnapshotResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamSnapshotResponse struct {
	// Configuration of the given stream.
	Config *StreamConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
	// Current State for the given stream.
	State *StreamState `json:"state,omitempty"`

JSApiStreamSnapshotResponse is the direct response to the snapshot request.

type JSApiStreamTemplateCreateResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamTemplateCreateResponse struct {

JSApiStreamTemplateCreateResponse for creating templates.

type JSApiStreamTemplateDeleteResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamTemplateDeleteResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success,omitempty"`

type JSApiStreamTemplateInfoResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamTemplateInfoResponse struct {

JSApiStreamTemplateInfoResponse for information about stream templates.

type JSApiStreamTemplateNamesResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamTemplateNamesResponse struct {
	Templates []string `json:"streams"`

JSApiStreamTemplateNamesResponse list of templates

type JSApiStreamTemplatesRequest added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamTemplatesRequest struct {

type JSApiStreamUpdateResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSApiStreamUpdateResponse struct {

JSApiStreamUpdateResponse for updating a stream.

type JSConsumerAckMetric added in v2.2.0

type JSConsumerAckMetric struct {
	Stream      string `json:"stream"`
	Consumer    string `json:"consumer"`
	ConsumerSeq uint64 `json:"consumer_seq"`
	StreamSeq   uint64 `json:"stream_seq"`
	Delay       int64  `json:"ack_time"`
	Deliveries  uint64 `json:"deliveries"`
	Domain      string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerAckMetric is a metric published when a user acknowledges a message, the number of these that will be published is dependent on SampleFrequency

type JSConsumerActionAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSConsumerActionAdvisory struct {
	Stream   string             `json:"stream"`
	Consumer string             `json:"consumer"`
	Action   ActionAdvisoryType `json:"action"`
	Domain   string             `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerActionAdvisory indicates that a consumer was created or deleted

type JSConsumerDeliveryExceededAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSConsumerDeliveryExceededAdvisory struct {
	Stream     string `json:"stream"`
	Consumer   string `json:"consumer"`
	StreamSeq  uint64 `json:"stream_seq"`
	Deliveries uint64 `json:"deliveries"`
	Domain     string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerDeliveryExceededAdvisory is an advisory informing that a message hit its MaxDeliver threshold and so might be a candidate for DLQ handling

type JSConsumerDeliveryNakAdvisory added in v2.8.2

type JSConsumerDeliveryNakAdvisory struct {
	Stream      string `json:"stream"`
	Consumer    string `json:"consumer"`
	ConsumerSeq uint64 `json:"consumer_seq"`
	StreamSeq   uint64 `json:"stream_seq"`
	Deliveries  uint64 `json:"deliveries"`
	Domain      string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerDeliveryNakAdvisory is an advisory informing that a message was naked by the consumer

type JSConsumerDeliveryTerminatedAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSConsumerDeliveryTerminatedAdvisory struct {
	Stream      string `json:"stream"`
	Consumer    string `json:"consumer"`
	ConsumerSeq uint64 `json:"consumer_seq"`
	StreamSeq   uint64 `json:"stream_seq"`
	Deliveries  uint64 `json:"deliveries"`
	Reason      string `json:"reason,omitempty"`
	Domain      string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerDeliveryTerminatedAdvisory is an advisory informing that a message was terminated by the consumer, so might be a candidate for DLQ handling

type JSConsumerLeaderElectedAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSConsumerLeaderElectedAdvisory struct {
	Account  string      `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Stream   string      `json:"stream"`
	Consumer string      `json:"consumer"`
	Leader   string      `json:"leader"`
	Replicas []*PeerInfo `json:"replicas"`
	Domain   string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerLeaderElectedAdvisory indicates that a stream has lost quorum and is stalled.

type JSConsumerQuorumLostAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSConsumerQuorumLostAdvisory struct {
	Account  string      `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Stream   string      `json:"stream"`
	Consumer string      `json:"consumer"`
	Replicas []*PeerInfo `json:"replicas"`
	Domain   string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSConsumerQuorumLostAdvisory indicates that a consumer has lost quorum and is stalled.

type JSInfo added in v2.2.0

type JSInfo struct {
	ID       string          `json:"server_id"`
	Now      time.Time       `json:"now"`
	Disabled bool            `json:"disabled,omitempty"`
	Config   JetStreamConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
	Streams   int              `json:"streams"`
	Consumers int              `json:"consumers"`
	Messages  uint64           `json:"messages"`
	Bytes     uint64           `json:"bytes"`
	Meta      *MetaClusterInfo `json:"meta_cluster,omitempty"`

	// aggregate raft info
	AccountDetails []*AccountDetail `json:"account_details,omitempty"`

JSInfo has detailed information on JetStream.

type JSLimitOpts added in v2.8.0

type JSLimitOpts struct {
	MaxRequestBatch int
	MaxAckPending   int
	MaxHAAssets     int
	Duplicates      time.Duration

type JSPubAckResponse added in v2.2.0

type JSPubAckResponse struct {
	Error *ApiError `json:"error,omitempty"`

JSPubAckResponse is a formal response to a publish operation.

func (*JSPubAckResponse) ToError added in v2.3.0

func (r *JSPubAckResponse) ToError() error

ToError checks if the response has a error and if it does converts it to an error avoiding the pitfalls described by

type JSRestoreCompleteAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSRestoreCompleteAdvisory struct {
	Stream string      `json:"stream"`
	Start  time.Time   `json:"start"`
	End    time.Time   `json:"end"`
	Bytes  int64       `json:"bytes"`
	Client *ClientInfo `json:"client"`
	Domain string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSRestoreCompleteAdvisory is an advisory sent after a snapshot is successfully started

type JSRestoreCreateAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSRestoreCreateAdvisory struct {
	Stream string      `json:"stream"`
	Client *ClientInfo `json:"client"`
	Domain string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSRestoreCreateAdvisory is an advisory sent after a snapshot is successfully started

type JSServerOutOfSpaceAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSServerOutOfSpaceAdvisory struct {
	Server   string `json:"server"`
	ServerID string `json:"server_id"`
	Stream   string `json:"stream,omitempty"`
	Cluster  string `json:"cluster"`
	Domain   string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSServerOutOfSpaceAdvisory indicates that a stream has lost quorum and is stalled.

type JSServerRemovedAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSServerRemovedAdvisory struct {
	Server   string `json:"server"`
	ServerID string `json:"server_id"`
	Cluster  string `json:"cluster"`
	Domain   string `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSServerRemovedAdvisory indicates that a stream has lost quorum and is stalled.

type JSSnapshotCompleteAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSSnapshotCompleteAdvisory struct {
	Stream string      `json:"stream"`
	Start  time.Time   `json:"start"`
	End    time.Time   `json:"end"`
	Client *ClientInfo `json:"client"`
	Domain string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSSnapshotCompleteAdvisory is an advisory sent after a snapshot is successfully started

type JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory struct {
	Stream string      `json:"stream"`
	State  StreamState `json:"state"`
	Client *ClientInfo `json:"client"`
	Domain string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSSnapshotCreateAdvisory is an advisory sent after a snapshot is successfully started

type JSStreamActionAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSStreamActionAdvisory struct {
	Stream   string             `json:"stream"`
	Action   ActionAdvisoryType `json:"action"`
	Template string             `json:"template,omitempty"`
	Domain   string             `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSStreamActionAdvisory indicates that a stream was created, edited or deleted

type JSStreamLeaderElectedAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSStreamLeaderElectedAdvisory struct {
	Account  string      `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Stream   string      `json:"stream"`
	Leader   string      `json:"leader"`
	Replicas []*PeerInfo `json:"replicas"`
	Domain   string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSStreamLeaderElectedAdvisory indicates that a stream has lost quorum and is stalled.

type JSStreamQuorumLostAdvisory added in v2.2.0

type JSStreamQuorumLostAdvisory struct {
	Account  string      `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Stream   string      `json:"stream"`
	Replicas []*PeerInfo `json:"replicas"`
	Domain   string      `json:"domain,omitempty"`

JSStreamQuorumLostAdvisory indicates that a stream has lost quorum and is stalled.

type JSzOptions added in v2.2.0

type JSzOptions struct {
	Account    string `json:"account,omitempty"`
	Accounts   bool   `json:"accounts,omitempty"`
	Streams    bool   `json:"streams,omitempty"`
	Consumer   bool   `json:"consumer,omitempty"`
	Config     bool   `json:"config,omitempty"`
	LeaderOnly bool   `json:"leader_only,omitempty"`
	Offset     int    `json:"offset,omitempty"`
	Limit      int    `json:"limit,omitempty"`
	RaftGroups bool   `json:"raft,omitempty"`

JSzOptions are options passed to Jsz

type JWTChanged added in v2.2.0

type JWTChanged func(publicKey string)

JWTChanged functions are called when the store file watcher notices a JWT changed

type JetStreamAPIStats added in v2.2.0

type JetStreamAPIStats struct {
	Total    uint64 `json:"total"`
	Errors   uint64 `json:"errors"`
	Inflight uint64 `json:"inflight,omitempty"`

type JetStreamAccountLimits added in v2.2.0

type JetStreamAccountLimits struct {
	MaxMemory            int64 `json:"max_memory"`
	MaxStore             int64 `json:"max_storage"`
	MaxStreams           int   `json:"max_streams"`
	MaxConsumers         int   `json:"max_consumers"`
	MaxAckPending        int   `json:"max_ack_pending"`
	MemoryMaxStreamBytes int64 `json:"memory_max_stream_bytes"`
	StoreMaxStreamBytes  int64 `json:"storage_max_stream_bytes"`
	MaxBytesRequired     bool  `json:"max_bytes_required"`

type JetStreamAccountStats added in v2.2.0

type JetStreamAccountStats struct {
	JetStreamTier                          // in case tiers are used, reflects totals with limits not set
	Domain        string                   `json:"domain,omitempty"`
	API           JetStreamAPIStats        `json:"api"`
	Tiers         map[string]JetStreamTier `json:"tiers,omitempty"` // indexed by tier name

JetStreamAccountStats returns current statistics about the account's JetStream usage.

type JetStreamConfig added in v2.2.0

type JetStreamConfig struct {
	MaxMemory    int64         `json:"max_memory"`
	MaxStore     int64         `json:"max_storage"`
	StoreDir     string        `json:"store_dir,omitempty"`
	SyncInterval time.Duration `json:"sync_interval,omitempty"`
	SyncAlways   bool          `json:"sync_always,omitempty"`
	Domain       string        `json:"domain,omitempty"`
	CompressOK   bool          `json:"compress_ok,omitempty"`
	UniqueTag    string        `json:"unique_tag,omitempty"`

JetStreamConfig determines this server's configuration. MaxMemory and MaxStore are in bytes.

type JetStreamStats added in v2.2.0

type JetStreamStats struct {
	Memory         uint64            `json:"memory"`
	Store          uint64            `json:"storage"`
	ReservedMemory uint64            `json:"reserved_memory"`
	ReservedStore  uint64            `json:"reserved_storage"`
	Accounts       int               `json:"accounts"`
	HAAssets       int               `json:"ha_assets"`
	API            JetStreamAPIStats `json:"api"`

Statistics about JetStream for this server.

type JetStreamTier added in v2.8.0

type JetStreamTier struct {
	Memory    uint64                 `json:"memory"`
	Store     uint64                 `json:"storage"`
	Streams   int                    `json:"streams"`
	Consumers int                    `json:"consumers"`
	Limits    JetStreamAccountLimits `json:"limits"`

type JetStreamVarz added in v2.2.0

type JetStreamVarz struct {
	Config *JetStreamConfig `json:"config,omitempty"`
	Stats  *JetStreamStats  `json:"stats,omitempty"`
	Meta   *MetaClusterInfo `json:"meta,omitempty"`

JetStreamVarz contains basic runtime information about jetstream

type JszEventOptions added in v2.2.0

type JszEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, JszEventOptions are options passed to Jsz

type KickClientReq added in v2.10.0

type KickClientReq struct {
	CID uint64 `json:"cid"`

type LDMClientReq added in v2.10.0

type LDMClientReq struct {
	CID uint64 `json:"cid"`

type LeafInfo added in v2.1.0

type LeafInfo struct {
	Name        string   `json:"name"`
	IsSpoke     bool     `json:"is_spoke"`
	Account     string   `json:"account"`
	IP          string   `json:"ip"`
	Port        int      `json:"port"`
	RTT         string   `json:"rtt,omitempty"`
	InMsgs      int64    `json:"in_msgs"`
	OutMsgs     int64    `json:"out_msgs"`
	InBytes     int64    `json:"in_bytes"`
	OutBytes    int64    `json:"out_bytes"`
	NumSubs     uint32   `json:"subscriptions"`
	Subs        []string `json:"subscriptions_list,omitempty"`
	Compression string   `json:"compression,omitempty"`

LeafInfo has detailed information on each remote leafnode connection.

type LeafNodeOpts

type LeafNodeOpts struct {
	Host              string        `json:"addr,omitempty"`
	Port              int           `json:"port,omitempty"`
	Username          string        `json:"-"`
	Password          string        `json:"-"`
	Account           string        `json:"-"`
	Users             []*User       `json:"-"`
	AuthTimeout       float64       `json:"auth_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSConfig         *tls.Config   `json:"-"`
	TLSTimeout        float64       `json:"tls_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSMap            bool          `json:"-"`
	TLSPinnedCerts    PinnedCertSet `json:"-"`
	TLSHandshakeFirst bool          `json:"-"`
	Advertise         string        `json:"-"`
	NoAdvertise       bool          `json:"-"`
	ReconnectInterval time.Duration `json:"-"`

	// Compression options
	Compression CompressionOpts `json:"-"`

	// For solicited connections to other clusters/superclusters.
	Remotes []*RemoteLeafOpts `json:"remotes,omitempty"`

	// This is the minimum version that is accepted for remote connections.
	// Note that since the server version in the CONNECT protocol was added
	// only starting at v2.8.0, any version below that will be rejected
	// (since empty version string in CONNECT would fail the "version at
	// least" test).
	MinVersion string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LeafNodeOpts are options for a given server to accept leaf node connections and/or connect to a remote cluster.

type LeafNodeOptsVarz

type LeafNodeOptsVarz struct {
	Host              string               `json:"host,omitempty"`
	Port              int                  `json:"port,omitempty"`
	AuthTimeout       float64              `json:"auth_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSTimeout        float64              `json:"tls_timeout,omitempty"`
	TLSRequired       bool                 `json:"tls_required,omitempty"`
	TLSVerify         bool                 `json:"tls_verify,omitempty"`
	Remotes           []RemoteLeafOptsVarz `json:"remotes,omitempty"`
	TLSOCSPPeerVerify bool                 `json:"tls_ocsp_peer_verify,omitempty"`

LeafNodeOptsVarz contains monitoring leaf node information

type Leafz added in v2.1.0

type Leafz struct {
	ID       string      `json:"server_id"`
	Now      time.Time   `json:"now"`
	NumLeafs int         `json:"leafnodes"`
	Leafs    []*LeafInfo `json:"leafs"`

Leafz represents detailed information on Leafnodes.

type LeafzEventOptions added in v2.2.0

type LeafzEventOptions struct {

In the context of system events, LeafzEventOptions are options passed to Leafz

type LeafzOptions added in v2.1.0

type LeafzOptions struct {
	// Subscriptions indicates that Leafz will return a leafnode's subscriptions
	Subscriptions bool   `json:"subscriptions"`
	Account       string `json:"account"`

LeafzOptions are options passed to Leafz

type LocalCache added in v2.9.21

type LocalCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LocalCache is a local file implementation of OCSPResponseCache

func (*LocalCache) Compress added in v2.9.21

func (c *LocalCache) Compress(buf []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*LocalCache) Config added in v2.9.21

func (c *LocalCache) Config() *OCSPResponseCacheConfig

func (*LocalCache) Decompress added in v2.9.21

func (c *LocalCache) Decompress(buf []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*LocalCache) Delete added in v2.9.21

func (c *LocalCache) Delete(key string, wasMiss bool, log *certidp.Log)

Delete removes a CA OCSP response from the OCSP peer cache matching the response fingerprint (a hash)

func (*LocalCache) Get added in v2.9.21

func (c *LocalCache) Get(key string