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var GraphMap = make(map[string]Graph)

GraphMap is a map of all graphs


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type Graph

type Graph struct {
	Graph map[string][]string

	Name string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Graph holds information about different graphs

func BuildDvorak

func BuildDvorak() Graph

BuildDvorak builds the Dvorak Graph

func BuildKeypad

func BuildKeypad() Graph

BuildKeypad builds the Keypad Graph

func BuildLeet

func BuildLeet() Graph

BuildLeet builds the L33T Graph

func BuildMacKeypad

func BuildMacKeypad() Graph

BuildMacKeypad builds the Mac Keypad Graph

func BuildQwerty

func BuildQwerty() Graph

BuildQwerty builds the Qwerty Graph

func (Graph) CalculateAvgDegree

func (adjGrp Graph) CalculateAvgDegree() float64

CalculateAvgDegree calclates the average degree between nodes in the graph on qwerty, 'g' has degree 6, being adjacent to 'ftyhbv'. '\' has degree 1. this calculates the average over all keys. TODO double check that i ported this correctly ln 5

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