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Telegraf plugin: Jolokia

Plugin arguments:
  • context string: Context root used of jolokia url
  • servers []Server: List of servers
    • name string: Server's logical name
    • host string: Server's ip address or hostname
    • port string: Server's listening port
  • metrics []Metric
    • name string: Name of the measure
    • jmx string: Jmx path that identifies mbeans attributes
    • pass []string: Attributes to retain when collecting values
    • drop []string: Attributes to drop when collecting values

The Jolokia plugin collects JVM metrics exposed as MBean's attributes through jolokia REST endpoint. All metrics are collected for each server configured.



Jolokia plugin produces one measure for each metric configured, adding Server's name, host and port as tags.

Given a configuration like:


  name = "as-service-1"
  host = ""
  port = "8080"

  name = "as-service-2"
  host = ""
  port = "8180"

  name = "heap_memory_usage"
  jmx  = "/java.lang:type=Memory/HeapMemoryUsage"
  pass = ["used", "max"]

The collected metrics will be:

jolokia_heap_memory_usage name=as-service-1,host=,port=8080 used=xxx,max=yyy
jolokia_heap_memory_usage name=as-service-2,host=,port=8180 used=vvv,max=zzz




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type Jolokia

type Jolokia struct {
	Context string
	Servers []Server
	Metrics []Metric
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Jolokia) Description

func (j *Jolokia) Description() string

func (*Jolokia) Gather

func (j *Jolokia) Gather(acc inputs.Accumulator) error

func (*Jolokia) SampleConfig

func (j *Jolokia) SampleConfig() string

type JolokiaClient

type JolokiaClient interface {
	MakeRequest(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

type JolokiaClientImpl

type JolokiaClientImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (JolokiaClientImpl) MakeRequest

func (c JolokiaClientImpl) MakeRequest(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

type Metric

type Metric struct {
	Name string
	Jmx  string

type Server

type Server struct {
	Name     string
	Host     string
	Username string
	Password string
	Port     string

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