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Telegraf plugin: procstat


The procstat plugin can be used to monitor system resource usage by an individual process using their /proc data.

The plugin will tag processes by their PID and their process name.

Processes can be specified either by pid file or by executable name. Procstat plugin will use pgrep when executable name is provided to obtain the pid. Proctstas plugin will transmit IO, memory, cpu, file descriptor related measurements for every process specified. A prefix can be set to isolate individual process specific measurements.


  exe = "influxd"
  prefix = "influxd"

  pid_file = "/var/run/lxc/"

The above configuration would result in output like:

> procstat,name="dnsmasq",pid="44979" cpu_user=0.14,cpu_system=0.07
> procstat,name="influxd",pid="34337" influxd_cpu_user=25.43,influxd_cpu_system=21.82


Note: prefix can be set by the user, per process.

File descriptor related measurement names:

  • procstat_[prefix_]num_fds value=4

Context switch related measurement names:

  • procstat_[prefix_]voluntary_context_switches value=250
  • procstat_[prefix_]involuntary_context_switches value=0

I/O related measurement names:

  • procstat_[prefix_]read_count value=396
  • procstat_[prefix_]write_count value=1
  • procstat_[prefix_]read_bytes value=1019904
  • procstat_[prefix_]write_bytes value=1

CPU related measurement names:

  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_user value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_system value=0.01
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_idle value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_nice value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_iowait value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_irq value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_soft_irq value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_soft_steal value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_soft_stolen value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_soft_guest value=0
  • procstat_[prefix_]cpu_soft_guest_nice value=0

Memory related measurement names:

  • procstat_[prefix_]memory_rss value=1777664
  • procstat_[prefix_]memory_vms value=24227840
  • procstat_[prefix_]memory_swap value=282624




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type Procstat

type Procstat struct {
	PidFile string `toml:"pid_file"`
	Exe     string
	Pattern string
	Prefix  string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewProcstat

func NewProcstat() *Procstat

func (*Procstat) Description

func (_ *Procstat) Description() string

func (*Procstat) Gather

func (p *Procstat) Gather(acc inputs.Accumulator) error

func (*Procstat) SampleConfig

func (_ *Procstat) SampleConfig() string

type SpecProcessor

type SpecProcessor struct {
	Prefix string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewSpecProcessor

func NewSpecProcessor(
	prefix string,
	acc inputs.Accumulator,
	p *process.Process,
) *SpecProcessor

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