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type APIError

type APIError struct {
	Status   int    `json:"status"`
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Title    string `json:"title"`
	Detail   string `json:"detail"`
	Instance string `json:"instance"`

func (APIError) Error

func (e APIError) Error() string

type Bounces

type Bounces struct {
	HardBounces  int `json:"hard_bounces"`
	SoftBounces  int `json:"soft_bounces"`
	SyntaxErrors int `json:"syntax_errors"`

type ChimpAPI

type ChimpAPI struct {
	Transport http.RoundTripper
	Debug     bool

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewChimpAPI

func NewChimpAPI(apiKey string) *ChimpAPI

func (*ChimpAPI) GetReport

func (a *ChimpAPI) GetReport(campaignID string) (Report, error)

func (*ChimpAPI) GetReports

func (a *ChimpAPI) GetReports(params ReportsParams) (ReportsResponse, error)

type Clicks

type Clicks struct {
	ClicksTotal            int     `json:"clicks_total"`
	UniqueClicks           int     `json:"unique_clicks"`
	UniqueSubscriberClicks int     `json:"unique_subscriber_clicks"`
	ClickRate              float64 `json:"click_rate"`
	LastClick              string  `json:"last_click"`

type FacebookLikes

type FacebookLikes struct {
	RecipientLikes int `json:"recipient_likes"`
	UniqueLikes    int `json:"unique_likes"`
	FacebookLikes  int `json:"facebook_likes"`

type Forwards

type Forwards struct {
	ForwardsCount int `json:"forwards_count"`
	ForwardsOpens int `json:"forwards_opens"`

type IndustryStats

type IndustryStats struct {
	Type       string  `json:"type"`
	OpenRate   float64 `json:"open_rate"`
	ClickRate  float64 `json:"click_rate"`
	BounceRate float64 `json:"bounce_rate"`
	UnopenRate float64 `json:"unopen_rate"`
	UnsubRate  float64 `json:"unsub_rate"`
	AbuseRate  float64 `json:"abuse_rate"`

type ListStats

type ListStats struct {
	SubRate   float64 `json:"sub_rate"`
	UnsubRate float64 `json:"unsub_rate"`
	OpenRate  float64 `json:"open_rate"`
	ClickRate float64 `json:"click_rate"`

type MailChimp

type MailChimp struct {
	ApiKey     string
	DaysOld    int
	CampaignId string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*MailChimp) Description

func (m *MailChimp) Description() string

func (*MailChimp) Gather

func (m *MailChimp) Gather(acc inputs.Accumulator) error

func (*MailChimp) SampleConfig

func (m *MailChimp) SampleConfig() string

type Opens

type Opens struct {
	OpensTotal  int     `json:"opens_total"`
	UniqueOpens int     `json:"unique_opens"`
	OpenRate    float64 `json:"open_rate"`
	LastOpen    string  `json:"last_open"`

type Report

type Report struct {
	ID            string `json:"id"`
	CampaignTitle string `json:"campaign_title"`
	Type          string `json:"type"`
	EmailsSent    int    `json:"emails_sent"`
	AbuseReports  int    `json:"abuse_reports"`
	Unsubscribed  int    `json:"unsubscribed"`
	SendTime      string `json:"send_time"`

	TimeSeries    []TimeSerie
	Bounces       Bounces       `json:"bounces"`
	Forwards      Forwards      `json:"forwards"`
	Opens         Opens         `json:"opens"`
	Clicks        Clicks        `json:"clicks"`
	FacebookLikes FacebookLikes `json:"facebook_likes"`
	IndustryStats IndustryStats `json:"industry_stats"`
	ListStats     ListStats     `json:"list_stats"`

type ReportsParams

type ReportsParams struct {
	Count          string
	Offset         string
	SinceSendTime  string
	BeforeSendTime string

func (*ReportsParams) String

func (p *ReportsParams) String() string

type ReportsResponse

type ReportsResponse struct {
	Reports    []Report `json:"reports"`
	TotalItems int      `json:"total_items"`

type TimeSerie

type TimeSerie struct {
	TimeStamp       string `json:"timestamp"`
	EmailsSent      int    `json:"emails_sent"`
	UniqueOpens     int    `json:"unique_opens"`
	RecipientsClick int    `json:"recipients_click"`

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