Nexmo Server SDK For Go

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This is the community-supported Golang library for Nexmo. It has support for most of our APIs, but is still under active development. Issues, pull requests and other input is very welcome.

If you don't already know Nexmo: We make telephony APIs. If you need to make a call, check a phone number, or send an SMS then you are in the right place! If you don't have a Nexmo yet, you can sign up for a Nexmo account and get some free credit to get you started.


Find current and past releases on the releases page.

Import the package and use it:

import ("")

Older versions of Go (<= 1.12)

To install the package, use go get:

go get

Or import the package into your project and then do go get ..


Here are some simple examples to get you started. If there's anything else you'd like to see here, please open an issue and let us know! Be aware that this library is still at an alpha stage so things may change between versions.

Number Insight
package main

import (



func main() {
	auth := nexmo.NewAuthSet()
	client := nexmo.New(http.DefaultClient, auth)
	insight, _, err := client.Insight.GetBasicInsight(nexmo.BasicInsightRequest{
	if err != nil {
	fmt.Println("Country Name:", insight.CountryName)
	fmt.Println("Local Formatting:", insight.NationalFormatNumber)
	fmt.Println("International Formatting:", insight.InternationalFormatNumber)
Sending SMS
package main

import (


func main() {
	auth := nexmo.NewAuthSet()

	client := nexmo.NewClient(http.DefaultClient, auth)
	smsReq := nexmo.SendSMSRequest {
	    From: FROM_NUMBER,
	    To: TO_NUMBER,
	    Text: "This message comes to you from Nexmo via Golang",

	callR, _, err := client.SMS.SendSMS(smsReq)

	if err != nil {

	fmt.Println("Status:", callR.Messages[0].Status)
Receiving SMS
package main

import (

func main() {

	http.HandleFunc("/webhooks/inbound-sms", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
		params := r.URL.Query()
		fmt.Println("SMS from " + params["msisdn"][0] + ": " + string(params["text"][0]))

	http.ListenAndServe(":8080", nil)
Starting a Verify Request
    package main

    import (

    func verify_start() {
        auth := nexmo.NewAuthSet()
        auth.SetAPISecret(API_KEY, API_SECRET)
        client := nexmo.NewClient(http.DefaultClient, auth)
        verification, _, err := client.Verify.Start(nexmo.StartVerificationRequest{
            Number: PHONE_NUMBER,
            Brand:  "Golang Docs",
        if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Request ID:", verification.RequestID)

    func main() {
Confirming a Verify Code
    package main

    import (

    func verify_check() {
        auth := nexmo.NewAuthSet()
        auth.SetAPISecret(API_KEY, API_SECRET)
        client := nexmo.NewClient(http.DefaultClient, auth)
        response, _, err := client.Verify.Check(nexmo.CheckVerificationRequest{
            RequestID: REQUEST_ID,
            Code:      CODE,
        if err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Status:", response.Status)
        fmt.Println("Cost:", response.Price)

    func main() {
Make a Phone Call

The Voice API uses applications and private keys for authentication. To use this snippet you will need a Nexmo number (for the "from" field), and an application with an ID and a private key. You can learn more about creating applications on the Developer Portal.

	// get the private key ready, assume file name private.key
	file, file_err := os.Open("private.key")
	if file_err != nil {
	defer file.Close()

	key, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(file)

	auth := nexmo.NewAuthSet()
	auth.SetApplicationAuth(APPLICATION_ID, key)
	client := nexmo.NewClient(http.DefaultClient, auth)

	to := make([]interface{}, 1)
	to[0] = nexmo.PhoneCallEndpoint{
		Type:   "phone",
		Number: TO_NUMBER,

	response, _, err := client.Call.CreateCall(nexmo.CreateCallRequest{
		From:      nexmo.PhoneCallEndpoint{"phone", NEXMO_NUMBER, ""},
		To:        to,
		AnswerURL: []string{ANSWER_URL},
		EventURL:  []string{EVENT_URL},

	if err != nil {
	fmt.Println("Status:", response.Status)

Getting Help

We love to hear from you so if you have questions, comments or find a bug in the project, let us know! You can either:

Further Reading

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    Simple client for using Nexmo's communication APIs. See for more information about the APIs.



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    const (
    	PortedStatusUnknown          PortedStatus = "unknown"
    	PortedStatusPorted           PortedStatus = "ported"
    	PortedStatusNotPorted        PortedStatus = "not_ported"
    	PortedStatusAssumedPorted    PortedStatus = "assumed_ported"
    	PortedStatusAssumedNotPorted PortedStatus = "assumed_not_ported"
    	CallerTypeBusiness CallerType = "business"
    	CallerTypeConsumer CallerType = "consumer"
    	CallerTypeUnknown  CallerType = "unknown"
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    const (
    	RoamingStatusRoaming    RoamingStatus = "roaming"
    	RoamingStatusUnknown    RoamingStatus = "unkown"
    	RoamingStatusNotRoaming RoamingStatus = "not_roaming"
    	ValidNumberStatusValid    ValidNumberStatus = "valid"
    	ValidNumberStatusUnknown  ValidNumberStatus = "unknown"
    	ValidNumberStatusNotValid ValidNumberStatus = "not_valid"
    	ReachableStatusUnknown       ReachableStatus = "unknown"
    	ReachableStatusReachable     ReachableStatus = "reachable"
    	ReachableStatusUndeliverable ReachableStatus = "undeliverable"
    	ReachableStatusAbsent        ReachableStatus = "absent"
    	ReachableStatusBadNumber     ReachableStatus = "bad_number"
    	ReachableStatusBlacklisted   ReachableStatus = "blacklisted"
    	IPMatchLevelCountry  IPMatchLevel = "country"
    	IPMatchLevelMismatch IPMatchLevel = "mismatch"
    	IPWarningsUnknown   IPWarnings = "unknown"
    	IPWarningsNoWarning IPWarnings = "no_warning"
    	LookupOutcomeSuccess LookupOutcome = iota


    This section is empty.


    This section is empty.


    type APIError

    type APIError struct {
    	Status       int64
    	ErrorMessage string

    func (APIError) Error

    func (a APIError) Error() string

    type AdvancedInsightRequest

    type AdvancedInsightRequest struct {
    	Number  string `json:"number,omitempty"`
    	Country string `json:"country,omitempty"`
    	CNAM    bool   `json:"cnam,omitempty"`
    	IP      string `json:"ip,omitempty"`

    type AdvancedInsightResponse

    type AdvancedInsightResponse struct {
    	ValidNumber ValidNumberStatus `json:"valid_number"`
    	Reachable   ReachableStatus   `json:"reachable"`
    	Ported      string            `json:"ported"`
    	Roaming     struct {
    		Status             RoamingStatus `json:"status"`
    		RoamingCountryCode string        `json:"roaming_country_code"`
    		RoamingNetworkCode string        `json:"roaming_network_code"`
    		RoamingNetworkName string        `json:"roaming_network_name"`
    	} `json:"roaming"`
    	LookupOutcome        LookupOutcome `json:"lookup_outcome"`
    	LookupOutcomeMessage string        `json:"lookup_outcome_message"`
    	IP                   string        `json:"ip"`
    	IPWarnings           IPWarnings    `json:"ip_warnings"`
    	IPMatchLevel         IPMatchLevel  `json:"ip_match_level"`
    	IPCountry            string        `json:"ip_country"`

    type ApplicationConfiguration

    type ApplicationConfiguration struct {
    	ID    string `json:"id"`
    	Name  string `json:"name"`
    	Voice struct {
    		Webhooks []struct {
    			EndpointType string `json:"endpoint_type"`
    			Endpoint     string `json:"endpoint"`
    			HTTPMethod   string `json:"http_method"`
    		} `json:"webhooks"`
    	Keys struct {
    		PublicKey  string `json:"public_key"`
    		PrivateKey string `json:"private_key"`
    	} `json:"keys"`
    	Links Links `json:"_links"`

    type ApplicationService

    type ApplicationService struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Use the Application API to create and manage your applications. More info:

      func (*ApplicationService) CreateApplication

        Create a new application in your Nexmo account

        func (*ApplicationService) DeleteApplication

        func (s *ApplicationService) DeleteApplication(id string) (*http.Response, error)

          Destroy an application

          func (*ApplicationService) GetApplication

          func (s *ApplicationService) GetApplication(id string) (*GetApplicationResponse, *http.Response, error)

            Fetch a specific application's details

            func (*ApplicationService) ListApplications

              List the applications on the Nexmo account

              func (*ApplicationService) ModifyApplication

                Update an existing application by applying changed config to it

                func (*ApplicationService) SetBaseURL

                func (c *ApplicationService) SetBaseURL(baseURL string)

                  Set the base URL for the API calls. Useful for testing.

                  type AuthSet

                  type AuthSet struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    API credentials to access the Nexmo APIs

                    func NewAuthSet

                    func NewAuthSet() *AuthSet

                    func (*AuthSet) ApplyAPICredentials

                    func (a *AuthSet) ApplyAPICredentials(request apiSecretRequest)

                    func (*AuthSet) ApplyJWT

                    func (a *AuthSet) ApplyJWT(sling *sling.Sling) error

                    func (*AuthSet) GenerateToken

                    func (a *AuthSet) GenerateToken() (string, error)

                    func (*AuthSet) SetAPISecret

                    func (a *AuthSet) SetAPISecret(apiKey, apiSecret string)

                    func (*AuthSet) SetApplicationAuth

                    func (a *AuthSet) SetApplicationAuth(appID string, key []byte) error

                    type AuthType

                    type AuthType uint8
                    const (
                    	ApiSecretAuth AuthType = iota + 1

                    type BasicInsightRequest

                    type BasicInsightRequest struct {
                    	Number  string `json:"number,omitempty"`
                    	Country string `json:"country,omitempty"`

                    type BasicInsightResponse

                    type BasicInsightResponse struct {
                    	Status                    int64  `json:"status,omitempty"`
                    	StatusMessage             string `json:"status_message,omitempty"`
                    	ErrorText                 string `json:"error_text,omitempty"`
                    	RequestID                 string `json:"request_id,omitempty"`
                    	InternationalFormatNumber string `json:"international_format_number,omitempty"`
                    	NationalFormatNumber      string `json:"national_format_number,omitempty"`
                    	CountryCode               string `json:"country_code,omitempty"`
                    	CountryCodeIso3           string `json:"country_code_iso3,omitempty"`
                    	CountryName               string `json:"country_name,omitempty"`
                    	CountryPrefix             string `json:"country_prefix,omitempty"`

                    type CallErrorResponse

                    type CallErrorResponse struct {
                    	Type       string `json:"type,omitempty"`
                    	ErrorTitle string `json:"error_title,omitempty"`

                    func (*CallErrorResponse) Error

                    func (c *CallErrorResponse) Error() string

                    type CallInfo

                    type CallInfo struct {
                    	UUID             string      `json:"uuid,omitempty"`
                    	ConversationUUID string      `json:"conversation_uuid,omitempty"`
                    	To               interface{} `json:"to,omitempty"`
                    	From             interface{} `json:"from,omitempty"`
                    	Status           string      `json:"status,omitempty"`
                    	Direction        string      `json:"direction,omitempty"`
                    	Rate             string      `json:"rate,omitempty"`
                    	Price            string      `json:"price,omitempty"`
                    	Duration         string      `json:"duration,omitempty"`
                    	Network          string      `json:"network,omitempty"`
                    	StartTime        string      `json:"start_time,omitempty"`
                    	EndTime          string      `json:"end_time,omitempty"`

                    type CallService

                    type CallService struct {
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      For working with the Voice API. More information about Voice:

                      func (*CallService) CreateCall

                      func (c *CallService) CreateCall(request CreateCallRequest) (*CreateCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                        CreateCall starts a voice call, configured using the provided CreateCallRequest.

                        func (*CallService) GetCallInfo

                        func (c *CallService) GetCallInfo(uuid string) (*CallInfo, *http.Response, error)

                          Get information about a current or past call by call ID

                          func (*CallService) ModifyCall

                          func (c *CallService) ModifyCall(uuid string, request interface{}) (*ModifyCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                            Change the in-progress call by performing an action, such as hangup, transfer, mute, etc. See the API reference:

                            func (*CallService) SearchCalls

                            func (c *CallService) SearchCalls(request SearchCallsRequest) (*SearchCallsResponse, *http.Response, error)

                              SearchCalls returns information about calls matching the filter in the provided SearchCallsRequest

                              func (*CallService) SendDTMF

                              func (c *CallService) SendDTMF(uuid string, request DTMFRequest) (*ModifyCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                Play DTMF tones into a call

                                func (*CallService) SetBaseURL

                                func (c *CallService) SetBaseURL(baseURL string)

                                  Set the base URL for the API requests. Mostly useful for testing.

                                  func (*CallService) StopStream

                                  func (c *CallService) StopStream(uuid string) (*ModifyCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                    Stop the audio stream from playing in a call

                                    func (*CallService) StopTalk

                                    func (c *CallService) StopTalk(uuid string) (*ModifyCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                      Stop the text-to-speech that is currently being sent into a call

                                      func (*CallService) Stream

                                      func (c *CallService) Stream(uuid string, request StreamRequest) (*ModifyCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                        Start playing an audio file into a call

                                        func (*CallService) Talk

                                        func (c *CallService) Talk(uuid string, request TalkRequest) (*ModifyCallResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                          Send text-to-speech into a call

                                          type CallerType

                                          type CallerType string

                                          type CarrierRecord

                                          type CarrierRecord struct {
                                          	NetworkCode string      `json:"network_code"`
                                          	Name        string      `json:"name"`
                                          	Country     string      `json:"country"`
                                          	NetworkType NetworkType `json:"network_type"`

                                          type CheckVerificationRequest

                                          type CheckVerificationRequest struct {
                                          	RequestID string `json:"request_id"`
                                          	Code      string `json:"code"`
                                          	IPAddress string `json:"ip_address,omitempty"`

                                          type CheckVerificationResponse

                                          type CheckVerificationResponse struct {
                                          	RequestID string `json:"event_id"`
                                          	Status    string `json:"status"`
                                          	Price     string `json:"price"`
                                          	Currency  string `json:"currency"`
                                          	ErrorText string `json:"error_text"`

                                          type Client

                                          type Client struct {
                                          	Insight     *InsightService
                                          	SMS         *SMSService
                                          	Call        *CallService
                                          	Verify      *VerifyService
                                          	Developer   *DeveloperService
                                          	Application *ApplicationService
                                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                            The main client object

                                            func New

                                            func New(httpClient *http.Client, authSet *AuthSet) *Client

                                            func NewClient

                                            func NewClient(httpClient *http.Client, authSet *AuthSet) *Client

                                              Get a new Client object with the auth configured

                                              type ControlVerificationRequest

                                              type ControlVerificationRequest struct {
                                              	RequestID string `json:"request_id"`
                                              	Command   string `json:"cmd"`

                                              type ControlVerificationResponse

                                              type ControlVerificationResponse struct {
                                              	Status    string `json:"status"`
                                              	Command   string `json:"command"`
                                              	ErrorText string `json:"error_text"`

                                              type CountryPrices

                                              type CountryPrices struct {
                                              	MT       string         `json:"mt"`
                                              	Country  string         `json:"country"`
                                              	Prefix   string         `json:"prefix"`
                                              	Name     string         `json:"name"`
                                              	Networks []NetworkPrice `json:"networks"`

                                              type CreateApplicationRequest

                                              type CreateApplicationRequest struct {
                                              	Name         string `json:"name"`
                                              	Type         string `json:"type"`
                                              	AnswerURL    string `json:"answer_url"`
                                              	AnswerMethod string `json:"answer_method,omitempty"`
                                              	EventURL     string `json:"event_url"`
                                              	EventMethod  string `json:"event_method,omitempty"`

                                              type CreateApplicationResponse

                                              type CreateApplicationResponse ApplicationConfiguration

                                              type CreateCallRequest

                                              type CreateCallRequest struct {
                                              	To               []interface{} `json:"to"`
                                              	From             interface{}   `json:"from"`
                                              	AnswerURL        []string      `json:"answer_url"`
                                              	AnswerMethod     string        `json:"answer_method,omitempty"`
                                              	EventURL         []string      `json:"event_url,omitempty"`
                                              	EventMethod      string        `json:"event_method,omitempty"`
                                              	MachineDetection string        `json:"machine_detection,omitempty"`
                                              	LengthTimer      int64         `json:"length_timer,omitempty"`
                                              	RingingTimer     int64         `json:"ringing_timer,omitempty"`

                                              type CreateCallResponse

                                              type CreateCallResponse struct {
                                              	UUID             string `json:"uuid"`
                                              	ConversationUUID string `json:"conversation_uuid"`
                                              	Direction        string `json:"direction"`
                                              	Status           string `json:"status"`

                                              type Credentials

                                              type Credentials struct {
                                              	APIKey    string `json:"api_key" url:"api_key"`
                                              	APISecret string `json:"api_secret" url:"api_secret"`

                                              type DTMFRequest

                                              type DTMFRequest struct {
                                              	Digits string `json:"digits"`

                                              type DeveloperService

                                              type DeveloperService struct {
                                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                Developer API allows configuration of account and balance checking. See also:

                                                func (*DeveloperService) GetBalance

                                                func (s *DeveloperService) GetBalance() (*GetBalanceResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                                  Get the current balance of your account

                                                  func (*DeveloperService) GetOutboundPricingForCountry

                                                  func (s *DeveloperService) GetOutboundPricingForCountry(request GetOutboundPricingForCountryRequest) (*CountryPrices, *http.Response, error)

                                                    GetOutboundPricingForCountry requests pricing for a given country

                                                    func (*DeveloperService) GetOutboundProductPricing

                                                      GetOutboundProductPricing requests prices for a product in a given country

                                                      func (*DeveloperService) GetPhoneOutboundPricing

                                                        GetPhoneOutboundPricing requests outbound pricing for a given phone number

                                                        func (*DeveloperService) GetPrefixOutboundPricing

                                                          GetPrefixOutboundPricing requests outbound pricing for a given international prefix

                                                          func (*DeveloperService) SetBaseURL

                                                          func (c *DeveloperService) SetBaseURL(baseURL string)

                                                            Set the base URL for the API request, useful for testing

                                                            type EmbeddedCalls

                                                            type EmbeddedCalls struct {
                                                            	Calls []CallInfo `json:"calls,omitempty"`

                                                            type GetApplicationRequest

                                                            type GetApplicationRequest struct {
                                                            	// Created with embedded Credentials, so this will support setApiCredentials
                                                            	// (if we alias to Credentials, we lose the implementation)

                                                            type GetApplicationResponse

                                                            type GetApplicationResponse ApplicationConfiguration

                                                            type GetBalanceResponse

                                                            type GetBalanceResponse struct {
                                                            	Value float64 `json:"value,omitempty"`

                                                            type GetOutboundPricingForCountryRequest

                                                            type GetOutboundPricingForCountryRequest struct {
                                                            	Country string `url:"country"`

                                                            type GetOutboundProductPricingRequest

                                                            type GetOutboundProductPricingRequest struct {
                                                            	Product string `url:"-"`
                                                            	Country string `url:"country"`

                                                            type GetOutboundProductPricingResponse

                                                            type GetOutboundProductPricingResponse struct {
                                                            	DialingPrefix      string           `json:"dialingPrefix"`
                                                            	DefaultPrice       string           `json:"defaultPrice"`
                                                            	Currency           string           `json:"currency"`
                                                            	CountryDisplayName string           `json:"countryDisplayName"`
                                                            	CountryCode        string           `json:"countryCode"`
                                                            	CountryName        string           `json:"countryName"`
                                                            	Networks           []NetworkDetails `json:"networks"`

                                                            type GetPhoneOutboundPricingRequest

                                                            type GetPhoneOutboundPricingRequest struct {
                                                            	// This is defined here because Product must not be serialized, and I haven't implemented that in the json-schema
                                                            	Phone   string `url:"phone"`
                                                            	Product string `url:"-"`

                                                              GetPhoneOutboundPricingRequest is the request object for DeveloperService.GetPhoneOutboundPricing

                                                              type GetPhoneOutboundPricingResponse

                                                              type GetPhoneOutboundPricingResponse struct {
                                                              	Network     string `json:"network,omitempty"`
                                                              	Phone       string `json:"phone,omitempty"`
                                                              	CountryCode string `json:"country-code,omitempty"`
                                                              	Price       string `json:"price,omitempty"`

                                                              type GetPrefixOutboundPricingRequest

                                                              type GetPrefixOutboundPricingRequest struct {
                                                              	Prefix string `url:"prefix"`

                                                              type GetPrefixOutboundPricingResponse

                                                              type GetPrefixOutboundPricingResponse struct {
                                                              	Count  int64           `json:"count"`
                                                              	Prices []CountryPrices `json:"prices"`

                                                              type IPMatchLevel

                                                              type IPMatchLevel string

                                                              type IPWarnings

                                                              type IPWarnings string

                                                              type InsightService

                                                              type InsightService struct {
                                                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                Number Insights provides information at varying levels of detail (basic/standard/advanced) about a phone number. For more information, visit the developer documentation

                                                                func (*InsightService) GetAdvancedInsight

                                                                  Perform a Number Insight request at an advanced level of detail

                                                                  func (*InsightService) GetBasicInsight

                                                                  func (c *InsightService) GetBasicInsight(request BasicInsightRequest) (BasicInsightResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                                                    Perform a Number Insight request at a basic level of detail

                                                                    func (*InsightService) GetStandardInsight

                                                                      Perform a Number Insight request at a standard level of detail

                                                                      func (*InsightService) SetBaseURL

                                                                      func (c *InsightService) SetBaseURL(baseURL string)

                                                                        Set the base URL for the API request. This is mostly useful for testing.

                                                                        type Link struct {
                                                                        	Href string `json:"href,omitempty"`
                                                                        type Links struct {
                                                                        	Self  Link `json:"self,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Next  Link `json:"next,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Prev  Link `json:"prev,omitempty"`
                                                                        	First Link `json:"first,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Last  Link `json:"last,omitempty"`

                                                                        type ListApplicationsRequest

                                                                        type ListApplicationsRequest struct {
                                                                        	PageSize  int64 `url:"page_size,omitempty"`
                                                                        	PageIndex int64 `url:"page_index,omitempty"`

                                                                        type ListApplicationsResponse

                                                                        type ListApplicationsResponse struct {
                                                                        	Count    int64 `json:"count,omitempty"`
                                                                        	PageSize int64 `json:"page_size,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Embedded struct {
                                                                        		Applications []ApplicationConfiguration `json:"applications"`
                                                                        	} `json:"_embedded"`
                                                                        	Links Links `json:"_links"`

                                                                        type LookupOutcome

                                                                        type LookupOutcome int8

                                                                        type MessageType

                                                                        type MessageType string
                                                                        const (
                                                                        	MessageTypeText    MessageType = "text"
                                                                        	MessageTypeBinary  MessageType = "binary"
                                                                        	MessageTypeWAPPush MessageType = "wappush"
                                                                        	MessageTypeUnicode MessageType = "unicode"

                                                                        type ModifyApplicationRequest

                                                                        type ModifyApplicationRequest CreateApplicationRequest

                                                                        type ModifyApplicationResponse

                                                                        type ModifyApplicationResponse ApplicationConfiguration

                                                                        type ModifyCallResponse

                                                                        type ModifyCallResponse struct {
                                                                        	Message string `json:"message,omitempty"`
                                                                        	UUID    string `json:"uuid,omitempty"`

                                                                        type NetworkDetails

                                                                        type NetworkDetails struct {
                                                                        	Type        string  `json:"type"`
                                                                        	Price       string  `json:"price"`
                                                                        	Currency    string  `json:"currency"`
                                                                        	Ranges      []int64 `json:"ranges"`
                                                                        	MNC         string  `json:"mnc"`
                                                                        	MCC         string  `json:"mcc"`
                                                                        	NetworkCode string  `json:"networkCode"`
                                                                        	NetworkName string  `json:"networkName"`

                                                                        type NetworkPrice

                                                                        type NetworkPrice struct {
                                                                        	Network string `json:"network"`
                                                                        	Code    string `json:"code"`
                                                                        	MTPrice string `json:"mtPrice"`

                                                                        type NetworkType

                                                                        type NetworkType string
                                                                        const (
                                                                        	NetworkTypeMobile           NetworkType = "mobile"
                                                                        	NetworkTypeLandline         NetworkType = "landline"
                                                                        	NetworkTypeLandlinePremium  NetworkType = "landline_premium"
                                                                        	NetworkTypeLandlineTollFree NetworkType = "landline_tollfree"
                                                                        	NetworkTypeVirtual          NetworkType = "virtual"
                                                                        	NetworkTypeUnknown          NetworkType = "unknown"
                                                                        	NetworkTypePager            NetworkType = "pager"

                                                                        type PhoneCallEndpoint

                                                                        type PhoneCallEndpoint struct {
                                                                        	Type       string `json:"type"`
                                                                        	Number     string `json:"number"`
                                                                        	Dtmfanswer string `json:"dtmfAnswer,omitempty"`

                                                                        type PortedStatus

                                                                        type PortedStatus string

                                                                        type RandomProvider

                                                                        type RandomProvider interface {
                                                                        	Int31() int32

                                                                        type ReachableStatus

                                                                        type ReachableStatus string

                                                                        type RoamingStatus

                                                                        type RoamingStatus string

                                                                        type SIPCallEndpoint

                                                                        type SIPCallEndpoint struct {
                                                                        	Type string `json:"type"`
                                                                        	URI  string `json:"uri"`

                                                                        type SMSService

                                                                        type SMSService struct {
                                                                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                          Work with the SMS API to send SMS messges. More information about this API:

                                                                          func (*SMSService) SendSMS

                                                                          func (c *SMSService) SendSMS(request SendSMSRequest) (*SendSMSResponse, *http.Response, error)

                                                                            Send an SMS message

                                                                            func (*SMSService) SetBaseURL

                                                                            func (c *SMSService) SetBaseURL(baseURL string)

                                                                            type SearchCallsRequest

                                                                            type SearchCallsRequest struct {
                                                                            	Status           string `url:"status,omitempty"`
                                                                            	DateStart        string `url:"date_start,omitempty"`
                                                                            	DateEnd          string `url:"date_end,omitempty"`
                                                                            	PageSize         int64  `url:"page_size,omitempty"`
                                                                            	RecordIndex      int64  `url:"record_index,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Order            string `url:"order,omitempty"`
                                                                            	ConversationUUID string `url:"conversation_uuid,omitempty"`

                                                                            type SearchCallsResponse

                                                                            type SearchCallsResponse struct {
                                                                            	Count       int64         `json:"count,omitempty"`
                                                                            	PageSize    int64         `json:"page_size,omitempty"`
                                                                            	RecordIndex int64         `json:"record_index,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Links       Links         `json:"_links,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Embedded    EmbeddedCalls `json:"_embedded,omitempty"`

                                                                            type SearchVerificationRequest

                                                                            type SearchVerificationRequest struct {
                                                                            	RequestIDs []string `json:"request_ids" url:"request_ids"`

                                                                            type SearchVerificationResponse

                                                                            type SearchVerificationResponse struct {
                                                                            	Status               string `json:"status"`
                                                                            	ErrorText            string `json:"error_text"`
                                                                            	VerificationRequests []struct {
                                                                            		RequestID      string `json:"request_id"`
                                                                            		AccountID      string `json:"account_id"`
                                                                            		Number         string `json:"number"`
                                                                            		SenderID       string `json:"sender_id"`
                                                                            		DateSubmitted  string `json:"date_submitted"`
                                                                            		DateFinalized  string `json:"date_finalized"`
                                                                            		FirstEventDate string `json:"first_event_date"`
                                                                            		LastEventDate  string `json:"last_event_date"`
                                                                            		Status         string `json:"status"`
                                                                            		Price          string `json:"price"`
                                                                            		Currency       string `json:"currency"`
                                                                            		Checks         []struct {
                                                                            			DateReceived string `json:"date_received"`
                                                                            			Code         string `json:"code"`
                                                                            			Status       string `json:"status"`
                                                                            			IPAddress    string `json:"ip_address"`
                                                                            		} `json:"checks"`
                                                                            	} `json:"verification_requests"`

                                                                            type SendSMSRequest

                                                                            type SendSMSRequest struct {
                                                                            	APIKey          string      `json:"api_key"`
                                                                            	APISecret       string      `json:"api_secret"`
                                                                            	From            string      `json:"from,omitempty"`
                                                                            	To              string      `json:"to,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Type            MessageType `json:"type,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Text            string      `json:"text,omitempty"`
                                                                            	StatusReportReq int64       `json:"status-report-req,omitempty"`
                                                                            	ClientRef       string      `json:"client-ref,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Vcard           string      `json:"vcard,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Vcal            string      `json:"vcal,omitempty"`
                                                                            	TTL             int64       `json:"ttl,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Callback        string      `json:"callback,omitempty"`
                                                                            	MessageClass    int64       `json:"message-class,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Udh             string      `json:"udh,omitempty"`
                                                                            	ProtocolID      int64       `json:"protocol-id,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Body            string      `json:"body,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Title           string      `json:"title,omitempty"`
                                                                            	URL             string      `json:"url,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Validity        int64       `json:"validity,omitempty"`

                                                                            type SendSMSResponse

                                                                            type SendSMSResponse struct {
                                                                            	MessageCount string                   `json:"message-count,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Messages     []SendSMSResponseMessage `json:"messages,omitempty"`

                                                                            type SendSMSResponseMessage

                                                                            type SendSMSResponseMessage struct {
                                                                            	Status           string `json:"status,omitempty"`
                                                                            	MessageID        string `json:"message-id,omitempty"`
                                                                            	To               string `json:"to,omitempty"`
                                                                            	ClientRef        string `json:"client-ref,omitempty"`
                                                                            	RemainingBalance string `json:"remaining-balance,omitempty"`
                                                                            	MessagePrice     string `json:"message-price,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Network          string `json:"network,omitempty"`
                                                                            	ErrorText        string `json:"error-text,omitempty"`

                                                                            type SimpleModifyCallRequest

                                                                            type SimpleModifyCallRequest struct {
                                                                            	Action string `json:"action,omitempty"`

                                                                            type StandardInsightRequest

                                                                            type StandardInsightRequest struct {
                                                                            	Number  string `json:"number,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Country string `json:"country,omitempty"`
                                                                            	CNAM    bool   `json:"cnam,omitempty"`

                                                                            type StandardInsightResponse

                                                                            type StandardInsightResponse struct {
                                                                            	RequestPrice     string         `json:"request_price"`
                                                                            	RefundPrice      string         `json:"refund_price"`
                                                                            	RemainingBalance string         `json:"remaining_balance"`
                                                                            	Ported           PortedStatus   `json:"ported"`
                                                                            	CurrentCarrier   *CarrierRecord `json:"current_carrier,omitempty"`
                                                                            	OriginalCarrier  *CarrierRecord `json:"original_carrier,omitempty"`
                                                                            	// CNAM fields:
                                                                            	CallerName string     `json:"caller_name"`
                                                                            	LastName   string     `json:"last_name"`
                                                                            	FirstName  string     `json:"first_name"`
                                                                            	CallerType CallerType `json:"caller_type"`

                                                                            type StartVerificationRequest

                                                                            type StartVerificationRequest struct {
                                                                            	Number        string `json:"number"`
                                                                            	Brand         string `json:"brand"`
                                                                            	Country       string `json:"country,omitempty"`
                                                                            	SenderID      string `json:"sender_id,omitempty"`
                                                                            	CodeLength    int8   `json:"code_length,omitempty"`
                                                                            	LG            string `json:"lg,omitempty"`
                                                                            	RequireType   string `json:"require_type,omitempty"`
                                                                            	PINExpiry     int16  `json:"pin_expiry,omitempty"`
                                                                            	NextEventWait int16  `json:"next_event_wait,omitempty"`
                                                                            	WorkflowID    int8   `json:"workflow_id,omitempty"`

                                                                            type StartVerificationResponse

                                                                            type StartVerificationResponse struct {
                                                                            	RequestID string `json:"request_id"`
                                                                            	Status    string `json:"status"`
                                                                            	ErrorText string `json:"error_text"`

                                                                            type StreamRequest

                                                                            type StreamRequest struct {
                                                                            	StreamURL []string `json:"stream_url"`
                                                                            	Loop      int64    `json:"loop,omitempty"`

                                                                            type TalkRequest

                                                                            type TalkRequest struct {
                                                                            	Text      string `json:"text"`
                                                                            	VoiceName string `json:"voice_name,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Loop      int64  `json:"loop,omitempty"`

                                                                            type TransferCallRequest

                                                                            type TransferCallRequest struct {
                                                                            	Action      string              `json:"action,omitempty"`
                                                                            	Destination TransferDestination `json:"destination,omitempty"`

                                                                            type TransferDestination

                                                                            type TransferDestination struct {
                                                                            	Type string   `json:"type,omitempty"`
                                                                            	URL  []string `json:"url,omitempty"`

                                                                            type ValidNumberStatus

                                                                            type ValidNumberStatus string

                                                                            type VerifyService

                                                                            type VerifyService struct {
                                                                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                              Use Verify API for 2FA, passwordless login, or confirming that a user has given a correct phone number. More information:

                                                                              func (*VerifyService) Check

                                                                                Check if the code the user supplied is correct for this request

                                                                                func (*VerifyService) Control

                                                                                  The control endpoint allows cancellation of a request or moving to the next verification stage

                                                                                  func (*VerifyService) Search

                                                                                    Search for current or past verify requests, their costs and statuses

                                                                                    func (*VerifyService) SetBaseURL

                                                                                    func (s *VerifyService) SetBaseURL(baseURL string)

                                                                                    func (*VerifyService) Start

                                                                                      Begin the process of verifying a phone number, you probably want to capture the request_id

                                                                                      type WebSocketCallEndpoint

                                                                                      type WebSocketCallEndpoint struct {
                                                                                      	Type        string      `json:"type"`
                                                                                      	URI         string      `json:"uri"`
                                                                                      	ContentType string      `json:"content-type,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Headers     interface{} `json:"headers,omitempty"`