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Published: Jan 10, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type CFSMExtract

type CFSMExtract struct {
	SSA   *ssabuilder.SSAInfo
	Time  time.Duration
	Done  chan struct{}
	Error chan error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(ssainfo *ssabuilder.SSAInfo, prefix, outdir string) *CFSMExtract

func (*CFSMExtract) Run

func (extract *CFSMExtract) Run()

Run function analyses main.main() then all the goroutines collected, and finally output the analysis results.

func (*CFSMExtract) Session

func (extract *CFSMExtract) Session() *sesstype.Session

Session returns the session after extraction.

func (*CFSMExtract) WriteOutput

func (extract *CFSMExtract) WriteOutput()

type Captures

type Captures []*utils.Definition

Captures are lists of VarDefs for closure captures

type Elems

type Elems map[ssa.Value]*utils.Definition

Elems are maps from array indices (variable) to VarDefs

type Fields

type Fields map[int]*utils.Definition

Fields are maps from struct fields (integer) to VarDefs

type Tuples

type Tuples []*utils.Definition

Tuples are lists of VarDefs from multiple return values

type VarKind

type VarKind int

VarKind specifies the type of utils.VarDef used in frame.local[]

const (
	Nothing     VarKind = iota // Not in frame.local[]
	Array                      // Array in heap
	Chan                       // Channel
	Struct                     // Struct in heap
	LocalArray                 // Array in frame
	LocalStruct                // Struct in frame
	Untracked                  // Not a tracked VarKind but in frame.local[]

VarKind definitions

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