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type DeleteImageInput

type DeleteImageInput struct {
	ImageIds []string

func (*DeleteImageInput) DeleteImage

type GetImageInput

type GetImageInput struct {
	Kind     string   `json:"Kind"`
	ImageIds []string `json:"ImageIds"`
	GetRaw   bool     `json:"GetRaw"`

func (*GetImageInput) GetAllImage

This function is tuned to get the details of all images present under this account in the entered region.

func (*GetImageInput) GetImage

This function is tuned to get the details of the images, who's Id will be passed to it.

func (*GetImageInput) IsImageAvailable

func (i *GetImageInput) IsImageAvailable(con aws.EstablishConnectionInput) (bool, error)

This function will check if the entered image exists in account for that particular region or not.

func (*GetImageInput) SearchImage

This particular function is tailored to find the Id's of the images, of whom's name is matched with the keyword entered.

type ImageCreateInput

type ImageCreateInput struct {
	InstanceId string
	GetRaw     bool

func (*ImageCreateInput) CreateImage

I will be responsible for capturing the image of the server when I am called

type ImageResponse

type ImageResponse struct {
	Name            string                    `json:"Name,omitempty"`
	ImageId         string                    `json:"ImageId,omitempty"`
	ImageIds        []string                  `json:"ImageIds,omitempty"`
	State           string                    `json:"State,omitempty"`
	IsPublic        bool                      `json:"IsPublic,omitempty"`
	CreationDate    string                    `json:"CreationDate,omitempty"`
	Description     string                    `json:"Description,omitempty"`
	DefaultResponse string                    `json:"DefaultResponse,omitempty"`
	DeleteResponse  string                    `json:"ImageResponse,omitempty"`
	SnapShot        SnapshotDetails           `json:"SnapShot,omitempty"`
	CreateImageRaw  *ec2.CreateImageOutput    `json:"CreateImageRaw,omitempty"`
	GetImagesRaw    *ec2.DescribeImagesOutput `json:"GetImagesRaw,omitempty"`
	GetImageRaw     *ec2.Image                `json:"GetImageRaw,omitempty"`

type SnapshotDetails

type SnapshotDetails struct {
	SnapshotId string `json:"SnapshotId,omitempty"`
	VolumeType string `json:"VolumeType,omitempty"`
	VolumeSize int64  `json:"VolumeSize,omitempty"`

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