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func CliFailure

func CliFailure() error

func CliNoStart

func CliNoStart() error

func ConfigDbError

func ConfigDbError() error

func ConfigNotfound

func ConfigNotfound() error

func DbNotConfiguredError

func DbNotConfiguredError() error

func DbSessionError

func DbSessionError() error

func DirCreateError

func DirCreateError() error

func EmptyStructError

func EmptyStructError() error

func FailStartError

func FailStartError() error

func ImageNotFound

func ImageNotFound() error

func InvalidCiDataFile

func InvalidCiDataFile() error

func InvalidConfig

func InvalidConfig() error

func InvalidSession

func InvalidSession() error

func InvalidUsersFile

func InvalidUsersFile() error

func JsonDecodeError

func JsonDecodeError() error

func LogCreationError

func LogCreationError() error

func LogDirError

func LogDirError() error

func LogNotFound

func LogNotFound() error

func LogOpenError

func LogOpenError() error

func NoFileFoundError

func NoFileFoundError() error

func ReadFileError

func ReadFileError() error

func ServerNotFound

func ServerNotFound() error

func SetupLogError

func SetupLogError() error

func StartNeuronError

func StartNeuronError() error

func UiLogCreationError

func UiLogCreationError() error

func UiLogOpenError

func UiLogOpenError() error

func UiNotFound

func UiNotFound() error

func UninitializedCli

func UninitializedCli() error

func UnknownDbType

func UnknownDbType() error

func UsersNotFound

func UsersNotFound() error


type NoLogFound

type NoLogFound struct {
	Message string

func (NoLogFound) Error

func (e NoLogFound) Error() string

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