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type Preparable

type Preparable struct {
	Name       string
	SourcePath string
	Cmd        string
	SysFolder  string
	Language   string
	KeepAlive  bool
	Args       []string

func (*Preparable) Identifier

func (preparable *Preparable) Identifier() string

Identifier is a function that get proc name

func (*Preparable) PrepareBin

func (preparable *Preparable) PrepareBin() ([]byte, error)

PrepareBin will compile the Golang project from SourcePath and populate Cmd with the proper command for the process to be executed. Returns the compile command output.

func (*Preparable) Start

func (preparable *Preparable) Start() (process.ProcContainer, error)

Start will execute the process based on the information presented on the preparable. This function should be called from inside the master to make sure all the watchers and process handling are done correctly. Returns a tuple with the process and an error in case there's any.

type ProcPreparable

type ProcPreparable interface {
	PrepareBin() ([]byte, error)
	Start() (process.ProcContainer, error)

	Identifier() string
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

ProcPreparable is a preparable with all the necessary informations to run a process. To actually run a process, call the Start() method.

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