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func MakeExpiredTLSCert

func MakeExpiredTLSCert() tls.Certificate

func MakeSelfSignedTLSCert

func MakeSelfSignedTLSCert() tls.Certificate

func MakeTLSCertWithInvalidHost

func MakeTLSCertWithInvalidHost() tls.Certificate

func MakeUnauthorizedTLSCert

func MakeUnauthorizedTLSCert() tls.Certificate

func RemoveWhiteSpaceFromBody

func RemoveWhiteSpaceFromBody(body string) string


type JSONArrayRequest

type JSONArrayRequest []interface{}

func (*JSONArrayRequest) String

func (json *JSONArrayRequest) String() string

type JSONMapRequest

type JSONMapRequest map[string]interface{}

func (*JSONMapRequest) String

func (json *JSONMapRequest) String() string

type RequestMatcher

type RequestMatcher func(*http.Request)

func EmptyQueryParamMatcher

func EmptyQueryParamMatcher() RequestMatcher

func RequestBodyMatcher

func RequestBodyMatcher(expectedBodyString string) RequestMatcher

func RequestBodyMatcherWithContentType

func RequestBodyMatcherWithContentType(expectedBody, expectedContentType string) RequestMatcher

type TestHandler

type TestHandler struct {
	Requests  []TestRequest
	CallCount int

func NewServer

func NewServer(requests []TestRequest) (*httptest.Server, *TestHandler)

func NewTLSServer

func NewTLSServer(requests []TestRequest) (*httptest.Server, *TestHandler)

func (*TestHandler) AllRequestsCalled

func (h *TestHandler) AllRequestsCalled() bool

func (*TestHandler) ServeHTTP

func (h *TestHandler) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

type TestRequest

type TestRequest struct {
	Method   string
	Path     string
	Header   http.Header
	Matcher  RequestMatcher
	Response TestResponse

type TestResponse

type TestResponse struct {
	Body   string
	Status int
	Header http.Header

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