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Package jsonconfig defines a helper type for JSON objects to be used for configuration.



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type ConfigParser

type ConfigParser struct {

	// Open optionally specifies an opener function.
	Open func(filename string) (File, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigParser specifies the environment for parsing a config file and evaluating expressions.

func (*ConfigParser) ReadFile

func (c *ConfigParser) ReadFile(path string) (m map[string]interface{}, err error)

type File

type File interface {
	Name() string

A File is the type returned by ConfigParser.Open.

type Obj

type Obj map[string]interface{}

Obj is a JSON configuration map.

func ReadFile

func ReadFile(configPath string) (Obj, error)

Reads json config data from the specified open file, expanding all expressions

func (Obj) OptionalBool

func (jc Obj) OptionalBool(key string, def bool) bool

func (Obj) OptionalInt

func (jc Obj) OptionalInt(key string, def int) int

func (Obj) OptionalList

func (jc Obj) OptionalList(key string) []string

func (Obj) OptionalObject

func (jc Obj) OptionalObject(key string) Obj

func (Obj) OptionalString

func (jc Obj) OptionalString(key, def string) string

func (Obj) OptionalStringOrObject

func (jc Obj) OptionalStringOrObject(key string) interface{}

func (Obj) RequiredBool

func (jc Obj) RequiredBool(key string) bool

func (Obj) RequiredInt

func (jc Obj) RequiredInt(key string) int

func (Obj) RequiredList

func (jc Obj) RequiredList(key string) []string

func (Obj) RequiredObject

func (jc Obj) RequiredObject(key string) Obj

func (Obj) RequiredString

func (jc Obj) RequiredString(key string) string

func (Obj) RequiredStringOrObject

func (jc Obj) RequiredStringOrObject(key string) interface{}

func (Obj) Validate

func (jc Obj) Validate() error

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