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MySQL Storage for OAuth 2.0

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$ go get -u -v

MySQL drivers

The store accepts an sqlx.DB which interacts with the DB. sqlx.DB is a specific implementations from

Usage example

package main

import (
	_ ""
	mysql ""

func main() {
	db, err := sqlx.Connect("mysql", "user:password@tcp(")
	if err != nil {

	clientStore, _ := mysql.NewClientStore(db, mysql.WithClientStoreTableName("custom_table_name"))
	tokenStore, _ := mysql.NewTokenStore(db)

How to run tests

You will need running MySQL instance. E.g. the one running in docker and exposing a port to a host system

$ docker run -it  -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=oauth2 -d mysql
$ docker exec -it <container_id> bash
$ mysql -u root -poauth2
> create database oauth_db
$ MYSQL_URI=root:oauth2@tcp( go test .

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019 Imre Nagi





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type ClientStore

type ClientStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClientStore

func NewClientStore(db *sqlx.DB, options ...ClientStoreOption) (*ClientStore, error)

NewClientStore creates PostgreSQL store instance

func (*ClientStore) Create

func (s *ClientStore) Create(info oauth2.ClientInfo) error

Create creates and stores the new client information

func (*ClientStore) GetByID

func (s *ClientStore) GetByID(ctx context.Context, id string) (oauth2.ClientInfo, error)

GetByID retrieves and returns client information by id

type ClientStoreItem

type ClientStoreItem struct {
	ID     string `db:"id"`
	Secret string `db:"secret"`
	Domain string `db:"domain"`
	Data   string `db:"data"`

ClientStoreItem data item

type ClientStoreOption

type ClientStoreOption func(s *ClientStore)

ClientStoreOption is the configuration options type for client store

func WithClientStoreInitTableDisabled

func WithClientStoreInitTableDisabled() ClientStoreOption

WithClientStoreInitTableDisabled returns option that disables table creation on client store instantiation

func WithClientStoreTableName

func WithClientStoreTableName(tableName string) ClientStoreOption

WithClientStoreTableName returns option that sets client store table name

type TokenStore

type TokenStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTokenStore

func NewTokenStore(db *sqlx.DB, options ...TokenStoreOption) (*TokenStore, error)

NewTokenStore creates PostgreSQL store instance

func (*TokenStore) Close

func (s *TokenStore) Close() error

Close close the store

func (*TokenStore) Create

func (s *TokenStore) Create(ctx context.Context, info oauth2.TokenInfo) error

Create create and store the new token information

func (*TokenStore) GetByAccess

func (s *TokenStore) GetByAccess(ctx context.Context, access string) (oauth2.TokenInfo, error)

GetByAccess use the access token for token information data

func (*TokenStore) GetByCode

func (s *TokenStore) GetByCode(ctx context.Context, code string) (oauth2.TokenInfo, error)

GetByCode use the authorization code for token information data

func (*TokenStore) GetByRefresh

func (s *TokenStore) GetByRefresh(ctx context.Context, refresh string) (oauth2.TokenInfo, error)

GetByRefresh use the refresh token for token information data

func (*TokenStore) RemoveByAccess

func (s *TokenStore) RemoveByAccess(ctx context.Context, access string) error

RemoveByAccess use the access token to delete the token information

func (*TokenStore) RemoveByCode

func (s *TokenStore) RemoveByCode(ctx context.Context, code string) error

RemoveByCode delete the authorization code

func (*TokenStore) RemoveByRefresh

func (s *TokenStore) RemoveByRefresh(ctx context.Context, refresh string) error

RemoveByRefresh use the refresh token to delete the token information

type TokenStoreItem

type TokenStoreItem struct {
	ID        int64     `db:"id"`
	CreatedAt time.Time `db:"created_at"`
	ExpiredAt time.Time `db:"expired_at"`
	Code      string    `db:"code"`
	Access    string    `db:"access"`
	Refresh   string    `db:"refresh"`
	Data      string    `db:"data"`

TokenStoreItem data item

type TokenStoreOption

type TokenStoreOption func(s *TokenStore)

TokenStoreOption is the configuration options type for token store

func WithTokenStoreGCDisabled

func WithTokenStoreGCDisabled() TokenStoreOption

WithTokenStoreGCDisabled returns option that disables token store garbage collection

func WithTokenStoreGCInterval

func WithTokenStoreGCInterval(gcInterval time.Duration) TokenStoreOption

WithTokenStoreGCInterval returns option that sets token store garbage collection interval

func WithTokenStoreInitTableDisabled

func WithTokenStoreInitTableDisabled() TokenStoreOption

WithTokenStoreInitTableDisabled returns option that disables table creation on token store instantiation

func WithTokenStoreTableName

func WithTokenStoreTableName(tableName string) TokenStoreOption

WithTokenStoreTableName returns option that sets token store table name

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