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type AllProcessInfoReply

type AllProcessInfoReply struct {
	Value []types.ProcessInfo

type ShutdownReply

type ShutdownReply StartStopReply

type StartStopReply

type StartStopReply struct {
	Value bool

type VersionReply

type VersionReply struct {
	Value string

type XmlLeafProcessor

type XmlLeafProcessor func(value string)

type XmlNonLeafProcessor

type XmlNonLeafProcessor func()

type XmlPath

type XmlPath struct {
	ElemNames []string

func NewXmlPath

func NewXmlPath() *XmlPath

func (*XmlPath) AddChild

func (xp *XmlPath) AddChild(elemName string)

func (*XmlPath) AddChildren

func (xp *XmlPath) AddChildren(names ...string)

func (*XmlPath) Equals

func (xp *XmlPath) Equals(other *XmlPath) bool

func (*XmlPath) RemoveLast

func (xp *XmlPath) RemoveLast()

func (*XmlPath) String

func (xp *XmlPath) String() string

type XmlProcessorManager

type XmlProcessorManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewXmlProcessorManager

func NewXmlProcessorManager() *XmlProcessorManager

func (*XmlProcessorManager) AddLeafProcessor

func (xpm *XmlProcessorManager) AddLeafProcessor(path string, processor XmlLeafProcessor)

func (*XmlProcessorManager) AddNonLeafProcessor

func (xpm *XmlProcessorManager) AddNonLeafProcessor(path string, processor XmlNonLeafProcessor)

func (*XmlProcessorManager) ProcessLeafNode

func (xpm *XmlProcessorManager) ProcessLeafNode(path string, data string)

func (*XmlProcessorManager) ProcessNonLeafNode

func (xpm *XmlProcessorManager) ProcessNonLeafNode(path string)

func (*XmlProcessorManager) ProcessXml

func (xpm *XmlProcessorManager) ProcessXml(reader io.Reader)

type XmlRPCClient

type XmlRPCClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewXmlRPCClient

func NewXmlRPCClient(serverurl string, verbose bool) *XmlRPCClient

func (*XmlRPCClient) ChangeAllProcessState

func (r *XmlRPCClient) ChangeAllProcessState(change string) (reply AllProcessInfoReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) ChangeProcessState

func (r *XmlRPCClient) ChangeProcessState(change string, processName string) (reply StartStopReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) GetAllProcessInfo

func (r *XmlRPCClient) GetAllProcessInfo() (reply AllProcessInfoReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) GetProcessInfo

func (r *XmlRPCClient) GetProcessInfo(process string) (reply types.ProcessInfo, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) GetVersion

func (r *XmlRPCClient) GetVersion() (reply VersionReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) ReloadConfig

func (r *XmlRPCClient) ReloadConfig() (reply types.ReloadConfigResult, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) SetPassword

func (r *XmlRPCClient) SetPassword(password string)

func (*XmlRPCClient) SetTimeout

func (r *XmlRPCClient) SetTimeout(timeout time.Duration)

func (*XmlRPCClient) SetUser

func (r *XmlRPCClient) SetUser(user string)

func (*XmlRPCClient) Shutdown

func (r *XmlRPCClient) Shutdown() (reply ShutdownReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) SignalAll

func (r *XmlRPCClient) SignalAll(signal string) (reply AllProcessInfoReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) SignalProcess

func (r *XmlRPCClient) SignalProcess(signal string, name string) (reply types.BooleanReply, err error)

func (*XmlRPCClient) Url

func (r *XmlRPCClient) Url() string

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