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Published: Jan 22, 2019 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 14 Imported by: 0


devp2p simulation examples


ping-pong.go implements a simulation network which contains nodes running a simple "ping-pong" protocol where nodes send a ping message to all their connected peers every 10s and receive pong messages in return.

To run the simulation, run go run ping-pong.go in one terminal to start the simulation API and ./ping-pong.sh in another to start and connect the nodes:

$ go run ping-pong.go
INFO [08-15|13:53:49] using sim adapter
INFO [08-15|13:53:49] starting simulation server on
$ ./ping-pong.sh
---> 13:58:12 creating 10 nodes
Created node01
Started node01
Created node10
Started node10
---> 13:58:13 connecting node01 to all other nodes
Connected node01 to node02
Connected node01 to node10
---> 13:58:14 done

Use the --adapter flag to choose the adapter type:

$ go run ping-pong.go --adapter exec
INFO [08-15|14:01:14] using exec adapter                       tmpdir=/var/folders/k6/wpsgfg4n23ddbc6f5cnw5qg00000gn/T/p2p-example992833779
INFO [08-15|14:01:14] starting simulation server on


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