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Published: Jun 13, 2022 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 4 Imported by: 16



Frontend tool-kit for Gopher


  • No dependencies on other packages.
  • Minimal function set.
  • Distributable as static files(etc.: S3 or GitHub-Pages).
  • Navigation by Location Hash.
  • Mount/Unmount hook.
  • Update WASM when reload on browser.
  • TinyGo supported.
  • Commandline tool included.
  • HTML-like DSL translate to Go-Code.



go env -w GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm
go get
go env -u GOOS GOARCH

Command-line tool

go get

Getting Started

Getting Started




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var PROPS = []string{"value", "selected", "checked", "data"}


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var (

	// VerboseMode ...
	VerboseMode bool


func AddMeta

func AddMeta(name, content string)

AddMeta add meta tag

func AddStylesheet

func AddStylesheet(url string)

AddStylesheet adds an external stylesheet to the document.

func LoadModule

func LoadModule(names []string, url string) []js.Value

LoadModule equivalent `import {'name1', 'name2', ...} from 'url'`

func LoadModuleAs added in v1.0.4

func LoadModuleAs(name string, url string) js.Value

LoadModuleAs equivalent `import * as 'name' from 'url'`

func LoadScript

func LoadScript(url string)

LoadScript synchronous javascript loader

func Render

func Render(q string, c Component)

Render ...

func RenderBody

func RenderBody(c Component)

RenderBody ...

func Rerender

func Rerender(c Component)

Rerender ...

func S

func S(s ...interface{}) string

S make string from Stringer objects

func SetTitle

func SetTitle(title string)

SetTitle sets the title of the document.


type AttrMap

type AttrMap map[string]interface{}

AttrMap map sttyle attribute markup

type ClassMap

type ClassMap map[string]bool

ClassMap ...

type Component

type Component interface {
	Render() HTML
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Component ...

type ComponentOrHTML

type ComponentOrHTML interface{}

ComponentOrHTML ...

type Core

type Core struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Core ...

type HTML

type HTML interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

HTML ...

type Markup

type Markup interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Markup ...

func A

func A(k string, v interface{}) Markup

A attribute markup

func C

func C(c ...Component) Markup

C make Components

func Event

func Event(name string, fn func(ev js.Value)) Markup

Event event markup

func If

func If(cond bool, m Markup) Markup

If ...

func T

func T(s ...interface{}) Markup

T is

func UnsafeHTML added in v1.0.8

func UnsafeHTML(s string) Markup

UnsafeHTML make DOM-Elements from HTML string

type Markups added in v1.0.5

type Markups []Markup

Markups List of Markup type

type Mounter

type Mounter interface {

Mounter ...

type Node

type Node struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Node ...

func Tag

func Tag(tag string, markups ...Markup) *Node

Tag markup

func TagNS

func TagNS(namespace, tag string, markups ...Markup) *Node

TagNS markup

type Patches

type Patches []patch

Patches ...

func Diff

func Diff(a, b js.Value) Patches

Diff ...

func (Patches) Do

func (p Patches) Do()

Do ...

type Unmounter

type Unmounter interface {

Unmounter ...

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