Package client provides a playback api client for ff command line. Example:

    import (
    // The playback API address.
    url = "http://localhost:7001/v1"
    // Define arguments for load balancer.
    args = &openstack.Args{provisioning.ExtraVars{HostName: "localhost", RouterID: "51", State: "Master", Priority: "50"}}
    // Deploy load balancer for OpenStack HA.
    err := client.LoadBalancer(args)
    if err != nil {



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    func AddCephMon

    func AddCephMon(args *openstack.Args) error

      AddCephMon add the Ceph monitors.

      Args: {"Node": string}

      func AddOSD

      func AddOSD(args *openstack.Args) error

        AddOSD add the Ceph OSDs.

        Args: {"NodeSlice[0]": string, "NodeSlice[1]": string}

        func AutoStart

        func AutoStart(args *openstack.Args) error

          AutoStart fix the service can not auto start when sys booting.

          func CephAdmin

          func CephAdmin(args *openstack.Args) error

            CephAdmin deploy the Ceph admin node.

            func CephClient

            func CephClient(args *openstack.Args) error

              CephClient deploy the Ceph client.

              Args: {"ClientName": string}

              func CephInitMon

              func CephInitMon(args *openstack.Args) error

                CephInitMon deploy the Ceph initial monitor.

                func CephUserPool

                func CephUserPool(args *openstack.Args) error

                  CephUserPool creates the cinder ceph user and pool name.

                  func CinderAPI

                  func CinderAPI(args *openstack.Args) error

                    CinderAPI deploy cinder-api.

                    Args: {"HostName": string}

                    func CinderVolume

                    func CinderVolume(args *openstack.Args) error

                      CinderVolume deploy cinder-volume on controller node(ceph backend).

                      Args: {"HostName": string}

                      func ConfigureStorageNetwork

                      func ConfigureStorageNetwork(args *openstack.Args) error

                        ConfigureStorageNetwork takes playback-nic to set up the storage network.

                        Args: {"PlaybackNic.Purge": bool, "PlaybackNic.Public": bool, "PlaybackNic.Private": bool, "PlaybackNic.Host": string, "PlaybackNic.User": string, "PlaybackNic.Address": string, "PlaybackNic.NIC": string, "PlaybackNic.Netmask": string, "PlaybackNic.Gateway": string}

                        func Dashboard

                        func Dashboard(args *openstack.Args) error

                          Dashboard deploy Horizon.

                          func Designate

                          func Designate(args *openstack.Args) error

                            Designate deploy DNS as a Service.

                            func DistSwiftRingConf

                            func DistSwiftRingConf(args *openstack.Args) error

                              DistSwiftRingConf destribute Swift ring configuration files.

                              func Do

                              func Do(url, method string, args *openstack.Args) error

                                Do holds a JSON-RPC request.

                                func FinalizeSwift

                                func FinalizeSwift(args *openstack.Args) error

                                  FinalizeSwift finalize Swift installation.

                                  Args: {"Hosts": string}

                                  func FormatDiskForSwift

                                  func FormatDiskForSwift(args *openstack.Args) error

                                    FormatDiskForSwift formats devices for Swift Storage (sdb1 and sdc1).

                                    Args: {"HostName": string}

                                    func GetCephKey

                                    func GetCephKey(args *openstack.Args) error

                                      GetCephKey add Ceph initial monitors and gather the keys.

                                      func Glance

                                      func Glance(args *openstack.Args) error

                                        Glance deploy Glance HA. Args: {"HostName": string}

                                        func Heat

                                        func Heat(args *openstack.Args) error

                                          Heat deploy orchestration components(heat).

                                          Args: {"HostName": string}

                                          func InitSwiftRings

                                          func InitSwiftRings(args *openstack.Args) error

                                            InitSwiftRings initial Swift rings.

                                            Args: {"SwiftStorageStorageIP[0]": string, "SwiftStorageStorageIP[1]": string}

                                            func Keystone

                                            func Keystone(args *openstack.Args) error

                                              Keystone method deploy the Keystone components.

                                              Args: {"HostName": string, }

                                              func KvmToDocker

                                              func KvmToDocker(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                KvmToDocker converts kvm to docker(OPTIONAL).

                                                func LBOptimize

                                                func LBOptimize(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                  LBOptimize optimizing load balancer.

                                                  func LoadBalancer

                                                  func LoadBalancer(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                    LoadBalancer deploy a HAProxy and Keepalived for OpenStack HA.

                                                    Args: {"HostName": string, "RouterID": string, "State": string, "Priority": int}

                                                    func MariadbCluster

                                                    func MariadbCluster(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                      MariadbCluster deploy MariaDB Cluster.

                                                      Args: {"HostName": string, "MyIP": string}

                                                      func NovaComputes

                                                      func NovaComputes(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                        NovaComputes deploy Nova computes.

                                                        Args: {"HostName": string, "MyIP": string}

                                                        func NovaController

                                                        func NovaController(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                          NovaController deploy Nova controller.

                                                          Args: {"HostName": string}

                                                          func NovaNetwork

                                                          func NovaNetwork(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                            NovaNetwork deploy legacy networking nova-network(FLATdhcp Only).

                                                            Args: {"HostName": string, "MyIP": string}

                                                            func PrepareBasicEnvirionment

                                                            func PrepareBasicEnvirionment(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                              PrepareBasicEnvirionment prepares OpenStack basic environment.

                                                              func RabbtmqCluster

                                                              func RabbtmqCluster(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                                RabbtmqCluster deploy RabbitMQ Cluster.

                                                                Args: {"HostName": string}

                                                                func RestartCephDeps

                                                                func RestartCephDeps(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                                  RestartCephDeps restart volume service dependency to take effect for ceph backend.

                                                                  func SwiftProxy

                                                                  func SwiftProxy(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                                    SwiftProxy deploy Swift proxy HA.

                                                                    Args: {"HostName": string}

                                                                    func SwiftStorage

                                                                    func SwiftStorage(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                                      SwiftStorage deploy Swift storage.

                                                                      Args: {"HostName": string}

                                                                      func SyncCephKey

                                                                      func SyncCephKey(args *openstack.Args) error

                                                                        SyncCephKey copy the Ceph keys to nodes.

                                                                        Args: {"Node": string}


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