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type Box

type Box interface {
	ApplyDecorator(WidgetDecorator) Box

type CSS

type CSS map[string]WidgetDecorator

func (CSS) Apply

func (css CSS) Apply(key string, box Box) Box

type Stylable

type Stylable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Apply

func Apply(sty Stylable, style string, theme Theme) Stylable

func (Stylable) ApplyDecorator

func (sty Stylable) ApplyDecorator(ws WidgetDecorator) Box

Apply widget style: wrap any existing styler into a new styler

func (Stylable) Styled

func (sty Stylable) Styled(w layout.Widget) layout.Widget

type Styles

type Styles struct {
	Fg          color.NRGBA
	Bg          color.NRGBA
	BorderColor color.NRGBA
	Border      int
	Rounded     bool
	Shaded      bool

func StylesFromTheme

func StylesFromTheme(theme Theme) Styles

type Theme

type Theme struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTheme

func NewTheme(th *material.Theme, css CSS) Theme

func (Theme) CSS

func (theme Theme) CSS() CSS

func (Theme) Material

func (theme Theme) Material() *material.Theme

type WidgetDecorator

type WidgetDecorator func(layout.Widget) layout.Widget

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