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func RegisterValidatingHandler

func RegisterValidatingHandler(mgr manager.Manager, args controller.Args)

    RegisterValidatingHandler will register TraitDefinition validation to webhook

    func ValidateDefinitionReference

    func ValidateDefinitionReference(_ context.Context, td v1beta1.TraitDefinition) error

      ValidateDefinitionReference validates whether the trait definition is valid if its `.spec.reference` field is unset. It's valid if it has at least one output, and all outputs must have GVK or it has no output but has a patch or it has a patch and outputs, and all outputs must have GVK TODO(roywang) currently we only validate whether it contains CUE template. Further validation, e.g., output with GVK, valid patch, etc, remains to be done.


      type TraitDefValidator

      type TraitDefValidator interface {
      	Validate(context.Context, v1beta1.TraitDefinition) error

        TraitDefValidator validate trait definition

        type TraitDefValidatorFn

        type TraitDefValidatorFn func(context.Context, v1beta1.TraitDefinition) error

          TraitDefValidatorFn implements TraitDefValidator

          func (TraitDefValidatorFn) Validate

            Validate implements TraitDefValidator method

            type ValidatingHandler

            type ValidatingHandler struct {
            	Client client.Client
            	Mapper discoverymapper.DiscoveryMapper
            	// Decoder decodes object
            	Decoder *admission.Decoder
            	// Validators validate objects
            	Validators []TraitDefValidator

              ValidatingHandler handles validation of trait definition

              func (*ValidatingHandler) Handle

                Handle validate trait definition

                func (*ValidatingHandler) InjectClient

                func (h *ValidatingHandler) InjectClient(c client.Client) error

                  InjectClient injects the client into the ValidatingHandler

                  func (*ValidatingHandler) InjectDecoder

                  func (h *ValidatingHandler) InjectDecoder(d *admission.Decoder) error

                    InjectDecoder injects the decoder into the ValidatingHandler