const GenesisHeight = int64(1)

GenesisHeight is the height of the genesis block.

const GrpcAddrEnvVar = "OASIS_NODE_GRPC_ADDR"

GrpcAddrEnvVar is the name of the environment variable that specifies the gRPC host address of the Oasis node that the client should connect to.

const LatestHeight = consensus.HeightLatest

LatestHeight can be used as the height in queries to specify the latest height.


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type OasisBlock

type OasisBlock struct {
	Height       int64  // Block height.
	Hash         string // Block hash.
	Timestamp    int64  // UNIX time, converted to milliseconds.
	ParentHeight int64  // Height of parent block.
	ParentHash   string // Hash of parent block.

OasisBlock is a representation of the Oasis block metadata, converted to be more compatible with the Rosetta API.

type OasisClient

type OasisClient interface {
	// GetChainID returns the network chain context, derived from the
	// genesis document.
	GetChainID(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

	// GetBlock returns the Oasis block at given height.
	GetBlock(ctx context.Context, height int64) (*OasisBlock, error)

	// GetLatestBlock returns latest Oasis block.
	GetLatestBlock(ctx context.Context) (*OasisBlock, error)

	// GetGenesisBlock returns the Oasis genesis block.
	GetGenesisBlock(ctx context.Context) (*OasisBlock, error)

	// GetAccount returns the Oasis staking account for given owner
	// at given height.
	GetAccount(ctx context.Context, height int64, owner signature.PublicKey) (*staking.Account, error)

	// GetStakingEvents returns Oasis staking events at given height.
	GetStakingEvents(ctx context.Context, height int64) ([]staking.Event, error)

	// SubmitTx submits the given JSON-encoded transaction to the node.
	SubmitTx(ctx context.Context, txRaw string) error

	// GetNextNonce returns the nonce that should be used when signing the
	// next transaction for the given account ID at given height.
	GetNextNonce(ctx context.Context, id signature.PublicKey, height int64) (uint64, error)

	// GetStatus returns the status overview of the node.
	GetStatus(ctx context.Context) (*control.Status, error)

OasisClient can be used to query an Oasis node for information and to submit transactions.

func New

func New() (OasisClient, error)

New creates a new Oasis gRPC client.

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