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Oasis CLI

This is the command-line interface for interacting with the Oasis Network, both the consensus layer and paratimes based on the ParaTime SDK.


To build the CLI run the following in this directory:

go build -o oasis

This will generate a binary called oasis which you are free to put somewhere in your $PATH (the rest of the README assumes as much).


You can interact with the Oasis CLI by invoking it from the command line as follows:

oasis --help

Each (sub)command has a help section that shows what commands and arguments are available.

The Oasis CLI also comes with a default set of networks and paratimes configured, you can see a list by running:

oasis network list
oasis paratime list

Initial configuration currently defaults to mainnet and the emerald paratime but this can easily be changed using the corresponding set-default subcommand as follows:

oasis network set-default testnet
oasis paratime set-default testnet emerald

To be able to sign transactions you will need to first create or import an account into your wallet. Currently, only a local file-based backend is supported. To create a new account run:

oasis wallet create myaccount

It will ask you to choose and confirm a passphrase to encrypt your account with. You can see a list of all accounts by running:

oasis wallet list

To show the account's balance on the default network/paratime, run:

oasis accounts show


All configuration is stored in the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/oasis directory (defaults to $HOME/.config/oasis).


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