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func MatchMayChangeInTheFuture added in v1.15.0

func MatchMayChangeInTheFuture(matcher GomegaMatcher, value interface{}) bool


type Assertion added in v1.15.0

type Assertion interface {
	Should(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool
	ShouldNot(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool

	To(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool
	ToNot(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool
	NotTo(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool

	WithOffset(offset int) Assertion

	Error() Assertion

Assertions are returned by Ω and Expect and enable assertions against Gomega matchers

type AsyncAssertion added in v1.15.0

type AsyncAssertion interface {
	Should(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool
	ShouldNot(matcher GomegaMatcher, optionalDescription ...interface{}) bool

	WithOffset(offset int) AsyncAssertion
	WithTimeout(interval time.Duration) AsyncAssertion
	WithPolling(interval time.Duration) AsyncAssertion
	Within(timeout time.Duration) AsyncAssertion
	ProbeEvery(interval time.Duration) AsyncAssertion
	WithContext(ctx context.Context) AsyncAssertion
	WithArguments(argsToForward ...interface{}) AsyncAssertion
	MustPassRepeatedly(count int) AsyncAssertion

AsyncAssertions are returned by Eventually and Consistently and enable matchers to be polled repeatedly to ensure they are eventually satisfied

type Gomega added in v1.15.0

type Gomega interface {
	Ω(actual interface{}, extra ...interface{}) Assertion
	Expect(actual interface{}, extra ...interface{}) Assertion
	ExpectWithOffset(offset int, actual interface{}, extra ...interface{}) Assertion

	Eventually(actualOrCtx interface{}, args ...interface{}) AsyncAssertion
	EventuallyWithOffset(offset int, actualOrCtx interface{}, args ...interface{}) AsyncAssertion

	Consistently(actualOrCtx interface{}, args ...interface{}) AsyncAssertion
	ConsistentlyWithOffset(offset int, actualOrCtx interface{}, args ...interface{}) AsyncAssertion


Gomega represents an object that can perform synchronous and assynchronous assertions with Gomega matchers

type GomegaFailHandler

type GomegaFailHandler func(message string, callerSkip ...int)

type GomegaMatcher

type GomegaMatcher interface {
	Match(actual interface{}) (success bool, err error)
	FailureMessage(actual interface{}) (message string)
	NegatedFailureMessage(actual interface{}) (message string)

All Gomega matchers must implement the GomegaMatcher interface

For details on writing custom matchers, check out: http://onsi.github.io/gomega/#adding-your-own-matchers

type GomegaTestingT

type GomegaTestingT interface {
	Fatalf(format string, args ...interface{})

A simple *testing.T interface wrapper

type OracleMatcher added in v1.15.0

type OracleMatcher interface {
	MatchMayChangeInTheFuture(actual interface{}) bool

GomegaMatchers that also match the OracleMatcher interface can convey information about whether or not their result will change upon future attempts.

This allows `Eventually` and `Consistently` to short circuit if success becomes impossible.

For example, a process' exit code can never change. So, gexec's Exit matcher returns `true` for `MatchMayChangeInTheFuture` until the process exits, at which point it returns `false` forevermore.

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